What diet should I try besides Nutrisystem...?

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Got a quick question: What diet should I try besides Nutrisystem...? Thanks for any response. Another question... Right now I see that I can get 35 days of Nutrisystem for $235 (additional $25 off until 1/31).. which seems like a fabulous! I have a few questions and wondered if any of you who have purchased the Costco plan had any information to offer up..

I just started Nutrisystem last week and I'm on the QVC 20 day "Marie's Favorites" flex plan which runs me about $175 with shipping. So my questions are:.

Do I get to chose my own foods?.

Do I have to pay extra for shipping my food?.

Do you pay tax in addition to the $235?.

How long will it take to get my food?.

And any other information would be helpful.

Thank you in advance and sorry for all the questions!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Ditto! I'm about 450 miles from NS' shipping center in PA. I get my order in two days. For example, when I got my card on a Wednesday, I placed my order via the specialNutrisystemurl on the back of the code, customized and signed up for auto delivery. After placing the order on Wednesday, it arrived on Friday..

I use the Costco plan to flex so that 35 days of food can last almost two months if you do the QVC approach of two days of flexing. That is an average of $130 a month which is definitely cheaper than the QVC program..

I always have my orders prepared on Monday to get my order during the week; I don't want it delayed by sitting in a UPS center over the weekend. I've been on the Costco plan since May and have had zero problems. Once you redeem the card and sign up for auto delivery, it is completely between you and NS...

Comment #2

Be aware that with the Costco plan, you have to order the card and wait for it to arrive (I ordered mine on Friday night of last week, and it is still on the way), and then you order the food fromNutrisystemand wait to get it. THis isn't a problem for me because I have a couple weeks ofNutrisystemfood in my cupboards that I can eat, but it is worth mentioning..

The other point worth making is that you can't order the Select (frozen) foods with the Costco plan. You can order them a la carte, but they can't be selected as part of your 35 days..

The Costco price worked out to $7.43/day for me, which is about a dollar a day less than the next best price...

Comment #3

Thank you guys for the info! I'm going to Costco tonight to see if the $25 off deal applies to the card in store.... if not then I will be ordering it tonight online. The thought of being able to choose my own food is so exciting!.

I have a question about the auto delivery...does it charge me automatically every 35 days or can I hold the auto delivery a little longer if I plan on flexing?..

Comment #4

As I posted recently elsewhere on this board under another Costco thread, the $25 off was not good in my store; the manager told me it was only online. The cards were $259.99 in my store..

As I also posted, if you are an Executive member and get 2% back on your purchases, as I am, that's another break on the price...

Comment #5

The auto delivery will likely ship every 28 days. I think it does that irrespective of whether you are on the regular 28 day plan or the Costco 35 day plan, but someone will correct me if I am wrong. You can always log into your account and change both the selections of foods as well as the delivery date of your next shipment...

Comment #6

I see a total of 3 posts prior to this one..

I didn't see the costco post only one on a PB&J bar, WeightWatchers and one about local connections. Were you using a different user name?..

Comment #7

There are Costco threads popping up all the time. I got the Costco card based upon a very long thread last Spring. I also remember a separate thread announcing a price discount, which motivated me to choose the Costco route...

Comment #8

I am in Canada doing the Costco route. In 2006 I ordered direct from the USNutrisystemsite..

I ordered the card online, but I don't wait for it in the mail. I get it in an email the next day, then order offNutrisystemwebsite (redeem now). I don't have auto-delivery, but the shipping is included in the price. There aren't the full selection as the USNutrisystemwebsite, but there is enough of what I like that it doesn't bother me. I get the BBB in about a week from redemtion, holiday''s excepted...

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Actually it.


$25 off at Costco (Until 1/30).

My receipt says "Nutrisystem $259.99 CPN/Nustrisys $25.00- Total was $234.99" and it does say "2% back or $4.69 on this purchase" but I'm not an executive member so I didn't get that discount..

I just got back and Nutrisystem just called me to offer me the "lowest price of the year" I told him that I had just purchased my card at Costco and we hung up so I don't know how low the price was.... but it was funny because I just literally had walked back in the door..

Sooo excited! Off to pick my food!..

Comment #10

Got my food all ordered and soo excited to try some new stuff! Thanks again for all the answers I feel really good about this plan vs my current QVC one...

Comment #11

My Costco card arrived yesterday (so it took about a week from the time that I ordered it from It's the most economical plan ($7.43 a day vs $8.53 for the next best price I could find), but the only drawback is that you cannot order the Select (frozen) foods as part of your plan; if you want them you have to order a la carte. I didn't mind the slight delay as I have a stock ofNutrisystemfoods in my pantry that I have been eating, but if you are thinking about making a change, that's one thing to be aware of before you decide..

Oh, and for the first time,Nutrisystemcards were on display at my local Costco this week. The is currently a better price online for the first order ($235, which will increase to $260 for subsequent deliveries), but if you don't want to wait for the card to arrive in the mail, it looks like the stores will be selling them now...

Comment #12

I use the program to flex so the 35 days lasts me two months. Yes, you can delay the shipment. You can delay it online which is what I do. If you want to delay it more than the permitted time online, you have to call a rep to have it delayed. I delay all my orders because I flex; I have had no problems...

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Now, I am curious if the Costco plan works the same as the one available at Walgreens? Or is the one at Walgreens similar to a gift card and you can pick and choose Ala Carte?.

I have tons of food because I had two family members that started, decided not to continue and sold the food to me a DEEP discount, but I was interested in adding a few supplemental items...

Comment #14

The Walgreens sells the program..28 days for nutrisystem D and the 14 day starter kit but not ala carte:.


Comment #15

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I just got back from Costco and theNutrisystemcard was still $25 off ($234.99) until 2/27... so I picked one you for my mom :O)..

Comment #16

My apologies if this has already been answered a million times (as I'm sure it has been) but I'm interested in the Costco card. I'm currently receiving the 28 day auto deliver ordered online through NS. I've since discovered the savings offered via Costco. Is it as simple as canceling my current auto delivery, purchasing a card, and re-ordering with that card? Also, do I just buy the card once and then sign up for auto delivery at that price? Thanks for your help!..

Comment #17

Abalorio, you are correct. However I would check the Rollback pricing to see which is cheeper...

Comment #18

Thanks for that confirmation. I signed up at $300 per month at the beginning of January and see that they've already dropped that price by $60 (which I can't actually see unless I log out - sneaky, sneaky)!.

Still, (if my math is correct), the costco plan is $1/day cheaper. I think I'll head in that direction. Thanks again!..

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