What cereals are good to eat on Nutrisystem?

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Got a quick question: What cereals are good to eat on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any response. My other question... Just got this email:.



We are going to start having a luncheon the first Thursday of each month..

We will not be going out to eat but instead it will be catered..

Tomorrow, the flavor of the day is Rib Crib..

I haven't finalized the menu but will go something like this:.

Ribs, sliced brisket, boneless chicken, sausage, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, onions, peppers, bread and chocolate-chip brownie..

Soda and ice tea will be available, too..

Yum, yum!!!.

All this to say, thank you for all your efforts..

Bon apptit....


I freakin LOVE Rib Crib...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Dude, where I work was featured on Food Networks Diner's Drive-In's and Dives. I have to see the worst possible food every day...

Comment #2

It's all poision dude. You know better than to eat that crap..

Comment #3

I freakin LOVE Rib Crib..

Marty loves Rib Crib, too. Be strong, Rob. You can do it, Kitten...

Comment #4

+100!!! Don't even taste it. Remember, we are no different from alcoholics...all it takes is one taste to relapse. (Oh, and EFF your office for making THAT the reward food without also including a healthy alternative, not just for you but also others in your office who might not need that crap either.)..

Comment #5

If you do...chicken not pork or beef. NO slaw, potato salad etc...

Comment #6

Oh hey - I'm skippin the whole works and staying 100%..

Just sucks is all..

Wish they'd give me 10 bucks toward my little packs of heaven...

Comment #7

And whoever gave my sad thread 1 star....

By golly, I cancelled out yer vote..

You cur dawg...

Comment #8

I've been to RC once. I got a grilled chicken salad. Maybe you could inquire about them ordering one (some). Just a thought......

Comment #9

That sucks, who doesn't love the Rib Crib!.

Here's my "argh!" moment this week. The wife and I had our second baby this last weekend and my mother-in-law, who is trying to lose weight and knows we eat healthier now, comes to help out with cooking and such. She comes and fills the house with potato chips, coke, candy, she bakes cinnamon rolls and cookies, makes crap loaded with cheese and potatoes and when she's not cooking she's trying to take us out for dinner. It's ridiculous! ARRGGHH!..

Comment #10

Your MIL should know better!.

Congrats on the new baby!..

Comment #11

Your MIL is not succeeding in her own weight loss and is trying (either consciously or subconsciously) to take you down with her. I PROMISE YOU this is what's happening...there is nothing "innocent" about this. Again remember this is my second time through...I saw how people complimented me out of one side of their mouths and then really didn't wish me well out of the other when I lost 100+ lbs the first time. Your commitment and then visible results are a constant reminder of their own failings. (Think about how YOU felt before you were ready to make the commitment, when you saw others around you making progress - felt like crap, didn'tcha?).

I know I'm being a bit of a hard-a$$ on the boards here lately about subjects like this but I'm just keeping it real...I'm consistently amazed by the LACK of support that comes from fat friends/family who aren't ready to make their own commitment. Your only real advocates are YOU, and folks here like us who are truly here with you on the journey...

Comment #12

Excellent post, hits the problem right on the head..

Uncommitted people want you to fail, my own brother (gotta love 'em) [obese] starts on a lecture about " how I yo-yo in my weight" and I'm thinking to myself "when was this yo-yo effect?" I just saw the layers of fat grow with my lack of commitment to exercise and a desire to eat healthy grow over the last ten years. My older brother wants me to fail! He's blood; so I can't get rid of him, but there it is. My failure would make him feel better..

Failure is not an option. I like my new self image, it's staying..

This is why I went through my Nutrisystem "friends" list last week and cut the trolls and semi trolls that come into the men's room refusing to own their weight good or bad and make promises publically that they are going to stick with the journey. Bull$hit, they are trying to sabotage your success..

Be a man, go ahead and screw up, but own it/fix it and move on..

This is not an easy journey but one I must take to return to me...

Comment #13

In hindsight, I can see how my advice was probably not the best. In the past ten months, I've discovered that, for me anyway, it's best to go ahead and have a taste of what is tempting you. I fought off pizza cravings for the first three months on Nutrisystem until I finally gave in and ate a whole pizza. Now, I occasionally have a slice and the mystery is gone..

I'm a little farther along in "my journey" though, so I think you've probably got the right idea about skipping the lunch all together, Rob...

Comment #14

Great post. Most of my family supports me, they want me to be healthy. My biggest support comes from my daughters, they are the ones who got me started on NS. But there are some who say nice things to me but when they are in another room I have heard many negative things said. Sometimes I want to say something to them but I try to remember, I'm doing this for me, not thier approval...

Comment #15

I don't think this desire on the part of those uncommitted people for you/us to fail is always mean-spirited; I think if they have good hearts they only wish you/us well. However, by us maintaining the identities that they know of us (we're the "fat friend" - trust me, I'm not just "Dave" to most people I know...I'm "big Dave"), it's a source of comfort and familiarity. When we change that identity to that of the friend who made a dramatic change for the better, that's when we remind them of their own failings, and why they don't really wish us long-term success on the journey..

I speak from my own experience on the other end of that; when I've had friends/family successfully lose weight or make some other positive change, in my heart I really am glad for them, but then I look at myself and don't like that I'm not making the same sort of changes I need to make. I suspect many others here could admit to the same feelings..

The bottom line, though, is still the same: Those people who put the bad food in front of us again and again and again are NOT helping us...

Comment #16

Hey Rob,.

Why don't you got to the luncheon with your favorite Nutrisystem meal (doctored up or otherwise) and give the pig the 'ol SEAN finger? take the picture; someone will ask about it..

Anybody gives you grief just tell 'em your friends wanted proof you did'nt fall into the trap! That should start a conversation about the luncheon choices, I'll bet you'll have some support in that room. If not, pour BBQ sauce on them and torch 'em up claiming to be a peta sabotuer :P.

Just kidding about the last part...

Comment #17

Fist the pig and take a picture and I'll send you 20 bucks thru Paypal...

Comment #18

I'll match it! Whaddya say, Rob? $40 for pig fisting?..

Comment #19

Do It!!!.

We need to resurrect that stupid thread ... or not...

Comment #20

I'm in for $20..

I think Rob is gonna fist that pig for $60..

Youz your buds?..

Comment #21

Please help me to understand this statement better..

Am I to believe that those of us without pretty little tickers, or kitty cats and butterflies in our signature are not welcome?.

Who are you to label people and accuse them of "sabotage" because they don't play your way..

On another one of your posts you criticize someone for not having their picture as their avatar..

Maybe you should realize there are people here that are not as outgoing, or not as computer savvy as others. That's okay, they have a right to be here too..

And as far as the friends list thing, big deal. I've never really understood that either. I usually accept a friend request out of courtesy, but then what?.

Okay I looked at my friends picture on my page, that was thirty seconds of fun, now back to the boards...

Comment #22

Whiners like "theFATMAN" make me say AARGH and ugghhh ... and ohhh bouy...

Comment #23

Not whining, just saying it's okay to be on Nutrisystem and use the boards for support and learning without graphics and glitter...

Comment #24

Awwww!! I see what's going on!!!.

Greg ... I think you hurt his feelings!!?? Did you drop him from your friends list?.

That's ok FATMAN .... I'll be your friend ... HAHA!.


Comment #25

Things that make me say aargh? There is one that really got me today. Something simple..but just pushed my buttons. Then again, my buttons seem to be much more easily pushed since the deployment..oh well..

I go out and buy the groceries I need for all this. I tell the family that these are what I need for the diet..and there are certain things to please not eat. So I open up the fridge today for breakfast...and all the things I said please don't eat....they ate. Go figure...

Comment #26

See? Maybe you shouldn't have acted like a little b*tch and he'd still be your friend!..

Comment #27

Just for the record: I did not "out" this guy..

If his feelings are hurt, it's tuff love, put up or shut up..

Own it and own up to it, or it [your weight] owns you...

Comment #28

So, we got $60. now on Rob fistin' the pig....I think he'll do it...

Comment #29

OK you're right .... Enough of this thread hijacking..


I want to see your fist shoved so far up that pigs a$$.

(Jesus ... what's wrong with me?!).

That you can .... that you can ......... Damn I got nothin'. That you can? nope ... still can't .... I had it.

It's gone..

Rob, just go to the damn luncheon and eat a dinner instead of a lunch. There's your "splurge" for the afternoon. Feeling guilty? Good! You gotta eat your lunch for dinner ... didn't think you could get off that easy, did ya?.

No, but seriously .... I want you to shove your fist in the rear-end of that pig and take a picture. I don't know why ........... I just do...

Comment #30

Did Rob give in to the pig? He's been MIA all day. I hope the pig didn't fist him! I don't want to think about (or see that)!..

Comment #31

Rob update:.

I didn't fist the pig nor did I even SEE the pig..

I've been fighting a cold all week and called in sick Tuesday and again yesterday..

Other than cough drops I'm still 100%..

Really hoping I hit the 50 pound mark this Sunday...

Comment #32

All bets have been placed...and are off!.

Dang! he's gotta be sick to not pick up an easy $60..

Here's to better health honest Rob! weigh to go avoiding the pig..

That's our Rob, keeping the NUT in NUTrisystem!..

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