What can I get from KFC (on a Dukan Diet)?

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First off, What can I get from KFC (on a Dukan Diet)? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... These are.


Good!! You can either make them into six mini-muffins, 1 average size muffin, or 2 cookies..


*1/3 cup (dry) Multigrain Buttermilk Pancake with Milled Flax Seed & Soy (Hodgson's Mill).

*1 tbs Splenda.

*1 tsp Brown Sugar Splenda (not necessaryyou can use more Splenda if you don't want to add the 10 calories from the brown sugar Splenda).

*1 tbs Egg Beaters.

*2 tbs FF Milk (don't add milk if you want to make cookiesadd a splash if the dough is too dry).

*1/4 tsp cinnamon extract.

*1 tbs raisins (a fruit serving for Dukan Diet is 2 tbsyou can either put all of them in the muffins/cookies, or save some out to nibble on once the muffins/cookies are out of the oven).

*2 spritzes I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (you don't need this for the muffins, but I use it for the flavor) (Note: Use 5 spritzes for cookies).

*1/8 tsp baking soda (if making cookies).

Mix ingredients; spritz mini-muffin pan with Pam (or spritz a cake pan if you're making cookies). Bake at 350 until golden brown on the bottom..

These are.


The flax seed in the mix makes it seem as though you're eating oatmeal. No need to crush up the Dukan Diet oatmeal for mixes!.

STATS: (Breakfast entree + fruit).

Calories: 180 (mix and raisins).

Fat: 2 g.

Carbs: 36 (mix and raisins).

Protein: 10 g.

If you make these without the raisins, they're just as good! They taste like a spicy oatmeal cookie/muffin. I've also added a bit of diced applewill definitely use this for breakfast in the fall on chilly mornings!.

**NOTE: A typical Dukan Diet breakfast entree contains 120 cal, 23 g carbs, 10 g protein. A typical fruit serving contains 60 cal and 15 g carbs. Together, these stats are spot on with the stats in the muffins/cookies...

Comments (13)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could answer your Dukan Diet question..

Comment #1

Yes, I'm sure you could use the Dukan Diet pancake mix! It wouldn't have the texture, but otherwise it should be fine!..

Comment #2

Awesome - I was looking for something to make for breakfast tomorrow and I have one mix left!!.

Thanks for posting this!..

Comment #3

You could make a frosting out of FF Cream Cheese for your protein too!.

Thanks for the recipe...

Comment #4

That sounds yummy,,,, oatmeal raisin 'cookies' are one of my favs..


Comment #5

Looks WONDERFUL! I am excited about the new recipes this morning!..

Comment #6

YUMMY!!! Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!!! I've been waiting for this!! Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #7

The Oatmeal" Raisin Cookies/Muffins Recipe really sounds great! The cookies are so versatile. I usually take one and use it for a topping on a baked apple. I will definitely add this recipe to my cookbook. Thank you!..

Comment #8

OOOOOO EMMMMM GEEEE!!!! I just had the spicy muffins with the Cream Cheese frostingI AM IN HEAVEN!!! The muffins were warm and the frosting just melted....ooooh sooooo good!!!.

You know, jumping off of Chris' fabulous carrot cake recipeyou could shred some carrots and make carrot cake muffins out of this!!..

Comment #9

I made this muffin for breakfast this morning and I must say it was wonderful. I didn't make a frosting for it as I like to try recipes they way they're written the first time, but I ate it with Boston Cream Pie yogurt for my protein and I will make this one many, many times. It was great! And I was lucky enough to have everything I needed to make it in my pantry. I found that same pancake mix about a month ago because I couldn't find the Insta Bake Chris's recipes called for so I picked this up instead...

Comment #10

I made this muffin this morning too and I have to say that it is going in my top 5 recipes!! It was sooooo good! I baked it in a small single serve ramekin (6 oz maybe?) I am definitely doing this one again and again!!!.


Comment #11

AWESOME!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying them!!.

Thanks for the great feedback!.


Comment #12

This sounds great, however I don't have the required pancake mix so I will have to use Dukan Diet pancake mix...hopefully that will be ok. Also, is the frosting just ff cream cheese or is there something else mixed in?..

Comment #13

The Dukan Diet pancake mix should work just fine (I haven't tried it, tho), but it won't have the "oatmeal" texture the flax seed mix has. For the FF cream cheese frosting, add some splenda to sweeten, a tad of vanilla extract, a tad bit of FF milk, and a couple of spritzes of ICBINBjust like you were making frosting out of powdered sugar..

ChristinaGray (love, love, love her recipes!!) has a recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting with her Carrot Cake recipe...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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