GoDaddy user reviews : Suggest I pay for GoDaddy?? What can I do? (I got scammed)

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Ok, Heres the situation,.

About a month ago I sold the domain ( and site) to a buyer, He sent paypal payment and I push and sent him the domain from my namecheap account. He then sent me an email saying all was well and he recieved the domain and site.

Now a month later, yesterday, I'm checking my paypal account and I see money frozen in my account. He does a chargeback on the tranaction and retakes his money. On top of that, I haven't heard ANYTHING from him, he won't reply to emails from me, and he still is using the site and He STILL has my domain.???.

What can I do, I contacted namecheap, and they won't do anything (telling me to take it to court) and we all know how messed up paypal is.

What type of society are we living in where people can just scam others and there is no punishment to the scammers???.

Please Advise On The Best Way To Handle This,.


Get this, not only does he takes my domain, but he leaves it pointed to my server, so now I have changed everything and left a nice landing page for him..

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First, the message is hilarious...

Second, you should contact Paypal and submit all the information and emails you have showing the buyer received the doamin and website...

Comment #1

I agree, I have done this,.

But I'm really not banking on paypal, as I have heard horror stories before where they will just give up and give the money to the buyer and moreless like "Tough Luck" to the seller...

Comment #2

Welcome to the world of the web. Let's just say this is your lesson learnt. Of course it's wrong and of course you should never accept payment via paypal for something over $50 (not unless the buyer is verified).

If you want to take action, you are wasting time by not contacting his hosting company. Try that. You'll see how fast they take him down (if you supply the appropriate information).



Comment #3

But thats just it. He don't have a host, he kept it on my site.

Usually when I sell a domain and site, I give the buyer enough time to fully move the site to their own server, but he never did, instead, he changed the whois info to his info but just ran the site from my server, I have the site, but he still has my domain.


Comment #4

1. Take down his site - suspend it now..

2. Email him asking for the money or threaten to delete his site.

Problem solved.


Comment #5

I have taken down his site, but he has my domain. He bought the domain from me, then after recieving the domain (pushed it to his account) he did a chargeback. So even though I have taken down his site, he still has the domain and I can't get it back.

GOD, this is JUST SOOOO Unfair that this can happen and there is no punishment to the scammers.


Comment #6


Send paypal the confirmation info that you submitted the domain to the buyer..

Tell them that the whois info reflects the new buyer...

How much did you sell the domain for...

Maybe you should just research the info of the buyer and ring them evey day and tell them you are going to make their life hell if they do not stop the crap they are putting you in...

If you need help to do this let me know I will send you the info to make the buyers Name hell online..

People like this just piss me off big time..


Comment #7

I would love that info. Ill do anything it takes to make his name mud online and to prevent others from being scammed by him.



Comment #8

Generally a chargeback requires the buyer submit a valid reason. PayPal or the credit card company he paid paypal with owe you that explanation and a chance to prove it wrong. First you'll have to find out where the true chargeback came from. If filed with Paypal, you deal with them. If filed with a credit card company, Paypal is just a middleman, and you may have to deal with the issuing bank, credit card company (mastercard/visa),or have paypal do so for you.

Sounds to me like he also owes you for a months worth of hosting...

Comment #9

I spoke with paypal, and they said he went through the credit card company. So they will have to fight it out with the Credit Card Company. Whats funny is that he said it was an unauthorized transaction, but he WENT THROUGH PAYPAL. How can I do an unauthorized transaction with a credit card that listed on his cc when he's the one who used HIS paypal account to send the money.

How could Paypal even entertain this? They can see clearly he sent the money to me?.


Comment #10

This exact thing happened to me last year with ebay/paypal. I was selling electronics on ebay, just starting out. Literally my very first sale went great, about $600. They paid through paypal, recieved the package a few days later(as proven by the fedex tracking number) and even left me positive feedback. After a couple weeks paypal issued a chargeback and took the money straight out of my checking account completely without warning. We bounced checks all over the place.

I gave paypal all the evidence and they said they'd fight it for me. What a waste of time. They basically gave up and that was the end of it. Lesson learned for sure. Paypal absolutely does not care about the little guy, no matter how right you are.

*btw, paypal has no choice but to entertain this. According to them all they can do is plead their case with the cc company. Unforunately for us we're not that cc company's customer. Why would they care if we got ripped off? All they want is their money and paypal doesn't care enough to make anything happen...

Comment #11

PayPal is such a risky enviroment sometimes.

When PayPal transactions go well (as most of them do thankfully) then it is a fantastic system (fantastic in the way that it is the only one widely accepted on the internet as the competition is complete crap.).

The problem arises when some shitbag like the person trying to scam cis4life decides to abuse the system and abuse cis4life..

PayPal simply does not care after it has made it's money, that is the simple truth..

It will be extremely difficult for you now cis4life because PayPal does not give a rats arse any more, they have made their money from the transaction. It will be a long hard battle but if you keep trying you will get your money back. 3 different people/companys have tried it with me and my partner bonzer and each time we have prevailed..

I feel for you mate but keep on trying, I really hope you get this resolved.

My advice to anyone with a PayPal account is never leave any sizeable amount of money in it, continually send it to your bank account. PayPal can do just about what the damn hell they like with YOUR hard earned money, the problem needs addressing but it never will be...

Comment #12

I thought paypal couldn't just go into your "Checking" account. That's illegal isn't?..

Comment #13

Fight back. When/if he doesn't reply, and he changes the DNS, just wait for him to set up the site. Once the site is set up, constantly attack the site with DoS/DDoS. I know it's illegal, but hey, what he did was illegal too. If he has any other sites, DoS them too. If you must take this to court, it is probable that you will win.


Comment #14

LOL! You're joking, right?.

It won't look good in court if you do something illegal, too. Not illegal. You agreed that they can do it...

Comment #15

PayPal can and do just about what the damn hell they like mate.

They could never operate as a "bank" as such.

How many banks shut your account down due to "suspicious activity" when you login from a different IP (ie at a friends/parents etc) with no explanation whatsoever.

I have nothing against PayPal in general but if anything does go wrong then you have not a damn leg to stand on.

Put it down to the perils of the internet. PayPal is a faceless entity with control of YOUR money. You take your chances, 99.9% of the time everything is fine, but when it goes wrong you are facing a massive uphill struggle. Anyone that has ever had a problem with PayPal will fully understand exactly what I mean.

And when you do have a problem and you are 100% in the right and you need a problem sorting it then becomes PrayPal...

Comment #16

No, I am not joking. This is only to get the attention of the scammerto the point where he's about to go nuts. DDoS protection is very expensive, and would either 1) Require a very good host, or 2) Require a dedicated server. He would lose more money than gain, just for that one domain. If he's smart enough, he'd return the domain. Bingo.

Edit: Oh yea, it'd be like DDoSing your own site anyways.....

Comment #17

Are you and the other party in different parts of the globe? Just a thought in.

Case the person is in the same country as you...

Comment #18

No we are both in the USA.

I'm just astonished how easy paypal and these credit card companies has it setup for people to scam others without penality.


Comment #19

I agree. To combat this we usually wait 48 to 72 hours before the software is delivered to the customer paying via paypal. Although we've been subject to 3-4 scams in the past, this new 72 hour delay post has brought the scams to a sudden halt. I'm not complaining...

Comment #20

I always insist on guaranteed funds personally. If you can find out where this person lives, you might be able to get a deceptive practice charge filed against them through the prosecutors office in the county this person resides in.

Post their paypal account e-mail address on that page too when you get a chance...

Comment #21

Do we have a thread on our experienced issues with paypal? Better have one and make it big...bigger. Let paypal company know and force them to take some real actions, they can't afford having too many criticisms...or can they?..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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