What can Dukan Diet for gender boy in pre-pregnency?

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Quick question: What can Dukan Diet for gender boy in pre-pregnency? Hoping for any response. Another quick question... These chips are the reason I'm considering the choose your own foods plan. This are barely edible IMO. Any ideas? If not I'm just going to get em down with gulps of water. Or...


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably know..

Comment #1

The soy chips aren't my fav either. I like the other desserts though...

Comment #2

I love the bbq chips but not the others. I buy geni-soy chips in the supermarket ; they match the Dukan Diet stats pretty closely...

Comment #3

I love the nacho soy chips, but the white cheddar are boring, and the bbq are ick...too sweet. The cheese curls are great!..

Comment #4

I like the nonBBQ soy chips...have them with a Hansen's Dukan Diet Root Beer and it's a favorite afternoon snack...

Comment #5

Me, I like the soy chips. The cheddar cheese isn't too flavorful but the BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion are yummy IMHO. What I don't like are the cheese puffs, don't taste like cheese at all. But like all things you pick what you like. I didn't like the cheese puffs so I didn't order them after the first shipment but I doubled up on the BBQ chips since I like them best. That is the beauty of Dukan Diet you can change your order and stock up on what you like and decline that which you don't. Each to their own after all...

Comment #6

The BBQ are my fav out of all of them, but I will eat them all..

Comment #7

I'm curious why you wouldn't want to choose your own foods even if you loved the soy chips? Is there a special program or something if you don't choose your own? Part of the fun of doing NS, for me, is going in and changing my AD order constantly!..

Comment #8

I think they are horrible so I just don't order them. Not a big deal. There is so much to choose from...

Comment #9

I have 9 bags I'd like to trade for sweet desserts or breakfast items any but eggs. Interested? Send me a PM...

Comment #10

Put a little salsa and FF cheese on them (2 free foods) and put them in the micro..

Anyone that would quit over some chips sounds like they're looking for a reason to quit...

Comment #11

I don't think the OP was considering quitting the program...just switching to ordering what they choose rather than the favorites...which I think is a great option! Just as one man's junk is another man's man's favorite is another man's junk!..

Comment #12

I didn't see anything in the OP's post to make me think they want to quit..

I would suggest ordering custom next time if that's an option for you. Easiest way to not get the stuff you find out you don't like!..

Comment #13

Well - I bought from Costco which is the favorites. Wanted to save money and buy from costco again - but I am considering spending the extra for the choose your own. I think if I save a protein I can use 1/4 of cottage cheese to put on the chips so I can get them down. I'm ashamed to admit I didn't eat them last night and had veggies instead...

Comment #14

You'd probably pay the same if you order direct with a buddy bucks and a $25 off deal..

Isn't costco $249?..

Comment #15

There is also the 50 clicks coupon...which is $10 off every other order (basically) and the discount for AutoDelivery after like 3 deliveries. I believe it's 15%. Worth looking into...espcially if it turns out the soy chips aren't the only thing you don't care for on the favorites package. If all else fails, there's almost always a way to doctor up anything so you'll like it, even if you don't love it...

Comment #16

You can replace an Dukan Diet dessert (like the chips) with a protein & a fruit, just like the afternoon snack. You can also go on the Trade thread in the Tips forum and trade the chips for other desserts. However, I just wanted to say that you may find your tastes changing after a little while on the program, and you may find later that you enjoy the chips! It honestly can happen!!..

Comment #17

Ugh I hate the chips as well, haha. And unfortunately even tho I keep changing my auto delivery, they keep substituting them back into my order - because my first order had alot of them. (I thought Id like them because Im not a huge sweets person.... I was soo wrong). Maybe I should go to the trade channel.... hmmm.....

Comment #18

I don't like them either, so exchanged all which came in my order. I do like many of the sweet desserts..

At Kroger in the organic section, I buy these soy chips called "dippers" and really like them as a sub. They taste a lot like Bugles. (I count them out and put in little bags so I don't eat too many.).

I also love Almond Crisps (I think they are True North), and sometimes sub them when I want savory...

Comment #19

I love the BBQ and White Cheddar ... but don't care for the others ... each of our tastes vary!..

Comment #20

I would never do this without chosing my own food. Try ordering through Dukan Diet and just delay your order. You don't have to get it every 30 days..

Costco isn't a great deal if you don't like the foods you get...

Comment #21

I like sweet better than chips, so I agree. Chips aren't bad for a protein though...

Comment #22

I only like the Nacho Crisps and the Cheese Puffs (I pretend they are Doritos and Cheese Doodles), the others I traded away QUICKLY, including the pretzels, they are so not my thing. I prefer the sweet desserts. You are brave going with the "favorites" I wouldn't do Dukan Diet if I couldn't choose my own food. I agree with SwedishFish, it's not a good deal if you get a bunch of food you can't stand to eat.....

Comment #23

I've heard that you can spray those chips with ICBNB spray and toast them in the toaster oven with other spices that you may enjoy. I really love all of the chips, so I've never tried altering them, but I've seen it mentioned before (or maybe it was for the pretzels, but it should work on the chips, as well)..

Also, dip them in salsa and a bit of FF Sour Cream. Salsa can mask the taste of almost anything! Last thought is to make a small amount of dip using FF Sour cream and a bit of onion soup mix (or just garlic powder, black pepper and dry onion flakes)..

Hope it helps and you can save money by continuing with Costco. I could NEVER do this without picking my own foods...

Comment #24

I've seen that and I'm afraid of it. Not sure why, really, b/c I pretty much like all of their other stuff. So, the loaded question, Is it good?..

Comment #25

It's OK. Maybe if you added some onion soup mix to it to doctor it up? I add stuff to all their products. Of all people, my husband likes it which is weird..

I never use enough sour cream so even the smallest container goes bad. Walden Farms will last until 2048...

Comment #26

I got their mayo the other day. A little gritty but not bad actually. I mixed it with tuna and it tasted not bad. A little tangy..

I love being able to save calories so I can use them for actual food so I try them all. I can use most of them except the peanut butter...

Comment #27

Agreed about the calorie savings. I'm not sure why I haven't tried it yet..

I did get the bacon flavored veggie dip but I didn't really use it alot. perhaps that why I'm hesitating to buy the onion...

Comment #28

I don't like any of the chips or pretzels, and I do chose my own food on my auto-delivery. No reason to try to make yourself like something when you have choices.


Comment #29

Soy chips are just like rice cakes .. not fabulous.

But I kinda like the white cheddar..

Comment #30

Hi, I'm considering using Dukan Diet but why so many chocolate desserts - I am not a fan of chocolate and I'd say maybe 85% of choices are chocolate. Another question please - I'm confused about what the meals are you actually buy - are they complete or do you have to buy food to mix? For instance the pizza looks good how is that made? Thanks a ton..

Comment #31

I save my protein and use it to make nachos with them. I also use one vegetable (tomato, green onion and cilantro) to make fresh salsa to go with it. You could also use your fat serving and add avocado to it - makes a filling snack...

Comment #32

Doesn't it concern you to be eating that?.

I think the pharaohs were buried with bottles of walden farms products...

Comment #33

The nacho crisps are my favorite dessert! I also love the cheese curls and pretzels. As far as sweets, the nutrichocolates, crunch bar, and fudge brownie are great. I HATE the BBQ chips (even though I'm a huge BBQ fan in general) and the white cheddar are zzzzz..... The zesty herb mix tastes like cement...

Comment #34

Hey - it's me - the OP... Dukan Diet had me change my login because my free week wasn't working. I'm cracking up at this thread!.

Decided to go ahead and bite the bullet to get my favorites. NOT ONE CHIP! LOL! All sweets - all the time, baby. I look SO forward to my dessert - MASSIVE sweet tooth..

The other night I had the pretzals. I put my little bit of mustard on the plate to dip... and opened the bag to CRUMBS! I kind of had a little tantrum and through them away and ate a carrot and hard boiled egg. What a big baby I am!.

Walden Farms - just got their ranch dressing last week - preservatives, ya think?!?!?..

Comment #35

LOL I almost spat out my salad laughing!.

Mmmmm cement on a hungry day helps ya get through it all...

Comment #36

I add a bit of salsa with those soy chips!..

Comment #37

I crunched them up and put them in the bottom of a bowl-put my romaine on top then the mix from the beef tacos with some salsa or put the crunched up chips on top and the salsa on top of them or some FF sour cream they do leave a snarly slimy aftertaste when eaten as a stand alone..

Comment #38

I like the cheese puffs too and the soy chips are good. I kinda wish the cheese puffs were crunchy instead of puffed though-I miss cheetos!..

Comment #39

I did not like them either. Nor did I like the cheese puffs. I ordered the Nacho chips, figured I might as well give them a try too!..

Comment #40

There is a lot of chocolate I think about 50% of the dessert/snack selections (it is all one group on Dukan Diet which is why you might have thought there was so many chocolates among the desserts), but with the choose your own, you decide how many of each to get, so if you prefer all the savory stuff instead of sweet, just order those instead. BUT a lot of folks are surprised what they like and don't like on this plan, eg. folks are often afraid of the split pea soup or the hamburger, and end up loving it. So when you order and get your one extra FREE week of food, you'll end up with some choc stuff you can try it out...

Comment #41

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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