What body change did you notice first with Nutrisystem?

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I know this sounds weird, but only 8 pounds lighter, and it seems like I have a tiny bit less 'junk in the trunk', so to speak..

What did you all notice first when you began to lose?..

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Your question was: What body change did you notice first with Nutrisystem?.

Hello KarlsMommy, my face is always the first place to lose. Sounds odd probably but I do notice it gets thinner...

Comment #1

My face, the woman I work with told me the other day my face looks a lot thinner. I lost 5lbs last week which was my very 1st week. This week I haven't lost anything yet but I'm giving it 2 months...

Comment #2

It might be in my head, but I noticed that my shirts were looking a little more cleavage-y, since there was not as much there to hold them out The ONE place I didn't really want to lose, lol...

Comment #3

Stomach. Even 5 pounds makes the difference for me! It's great to be able to see the fruits of our "labor," doesn't it?!?! And it's not even that much of a labor! I'm lovin' it!..

Comment #4

My abdomen. My smart a$$ son says I have a dent in my keg...

Comment #5

My chest. Since I packed on the pounds after I finished nursing I never noticed the deflated affect, but now that I'm loosing I notice now!..

Comment #6

My shoes became looser the first week - go figure I would lose weight first in my feet of all places. It was probably just a reduction in water retention - but still!..

Comment #7

My face and my back...but it's been so gradual that I really only notice the difference from start until now...not the week to week losses...

Comment #8

I'm down 8 lbs and havent noticed a damn thing different!!! excuse my french lol..

Comment #9

I can tie my shoes more easily (only after 2 days!)..

Comment #10

I noticed it first in my face, then my waist. Good topic question!..

Comment #11

LOL! Well, I guess it depends on build and height too, how noticeable 8 pounds really is. I have a very um....buxom behind lol. I just notice that on me, maybe because of the weightloss and the walking, it seems a bit less of a show-off.

I thought I would see it in my face first too, or my belly (I hoped)...

Comment #12

Fingers! My rings got loose first.

Fingers first, then of course, the boobs...

Comment #13

Not the boobs?! I would die! Not much here to start with. LOL.

Now that you mention it, my rings feel a bit looser too...

Comment #14

I found on Nutrisystem I lost first in places I usually lost last! Weird, and probably has nothing to do with it...but I lost in my waist first, then believe it or not, my thighs and butt. My pants were the first thing to get big on me. I didn't start noticing my face until recently...oh, and my chest is disappearing at an alarming rate now too...Oh well...goodbye High C Cups...hello back to being a low B. I'll take it...

Comment #15

Hey! a new sales pitch for Nutrisystem to use to rope the men!!!..

Comment #16

I noticed it in my face first, as did others. Now, I'm noticing my gut isn't so big, and my "man-boobs" are shrinking! Today I accidentally went to the last hole in my belt, which I've NEVER used before! And, I'm wearing jeans that have always been too tight and uncomfortable, since the day I bought them...

Comment #17

You know, some one said that the place they normally lost from last they lost form first on NS..

My pants are looser, I never lose from my thighs first ever! That is the only place I am seeing any improvement so far, besides more energy...

Comment #18

Wow! That's awesome. See? Even guys have 'skinny' jeans. I wish my gut would shrink. It's scary because it's almost beer drinking season. My FIL usually plies me with alcohol when we visit - I think I must amuse him when I'm tipsy. Don't think he'll be happy to hear it isn't Nutrisystem approved.....

Comment #19

That was me! Isn't it weird? It takes me forever (usually) to lose my thunder thighs, and on this plan, they were shrinking very rapidly at first!..

Comment #20

You have thunder thighs too?? Are we related?? lol Even when I was skinny-ish, I had big thighs. Damn my mother's genes......

Comment #21

When I was in my teens and early 20's I did ballet...insanely...6 to 8 hours a day at times...and even then, when I weighed 105 lbs and was a size 2 my thighs still touched. I think we may share commong genes! LOL!..

Comment #22

My boobs go away..

I swear I will never lose any in my legs!..

Comment #23

My face and stomach slim down first. Then I notice it in my hips/butt...

Comment #24

The first place, always, my chest <sigh>! I now have a pear shape going, where before I was equally rounded...

Comment #25

Boobs, always the boobs! Yes I have done Nutrisystem before, Nancy..

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