What are the pros and cons of Nutrisystem?

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Question I have... What are the pros and cons of Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... Craving, wanting, yearning for is the meaning of "feenin" according to Urban Dictionary..

This is no legend I assure you..

Has ANY one ever had this experience:.

You're doing great on your Nutrisystem. Not screwing up, not cheating, nothing. Comes dinner time and it's time for me to cook..sounds simple enough.. at least that LAST part..

Hamburgers, french fries, brocolli and cheese sauce. Thats what they wanted, fine. I have a really bad habit of trying enough food during preparation that I could have easily had a meal..

I break out into a cold sweat. Literally. I get very nervous. Almost to the point of anxiety attack where I could blow up if someone looked at me funny. The only way I can associate the two would be, this is how I act IF I am out of cigarettes, or on the last one and no way in sight - to get another pack. Please tell me I am alone on this..

Any insight? Sure appreciated~..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Hi Divayou CAN do this. Hang in there. It does get easier. The children will see that you are eating healthyof course you don't have to tell them that it is healthy. Eventually they will want what you have. Then the fries can be something once in a while on family game night or something..

Please stop tasting everythingthat will end up working against you. Have someone taste what you are cooking..

Looks like you already have a good losskeep it up...

Comment #2

Hang in there! I see others suggest eating something similar - you have yourNutrisystemburger, there are recipes on the boards to make various veggie "fries" and I like steamed broccoli with low fat string cheese melted over it. If you have a dairy/protein saved from another meal (or your plan calls for one with dinner - I don't know what the other plans allow as I'm on the women's basic), then the meal above is well withinNutrisystemspecs...

Comment #3

Thank you for the suggestions and good wishes!! It's really hard to over come this. I dont know whether it's getting SLIGHTLY easier or.


Im telling myself that lol.

I think each time I do NOT succumb to it, is a success for me..

TODAY my husband called to let me know he was at KFC drive-thru. I immediately thought OMG! I MUST EAT. I had eaten I dont know, bout 8am or so, my breakfast.. and it was nearing 2pm and I was sitting dickering around on a forum project for my website..

I got up and made my lunch ASAP as the goal was to get it done and my belly full before he got home with it and then go hide some where (LOL). I didnt hide, but I didnt fail either darn-it! I did however grab aNutrisystemsnack because that was as close to CHEATING I felt comfortable with..and now I don't have any room for anything else, but it's 7.30pm my time and ill just drink my water and deal with any hunger that comes my way tonight. maybe it wont..just thinking ahead..

Obsessing over FOOD is a terrible thing to endure and cope with but it OBVIOUSLY needs to BE coped with and NOW while I'm in the early stages and I'm motivated to keep doing this..

I just wanted to add that THIS SITE is a godsend!! ive spent alot of time on here reading and absorbing things. reading peoples successes, failures, etc. and how much HELP and compassion that comes from people is amazing!!..

Comment #4

When you are cooking, wear white strips on your teeth...

Comment #5

Are you trying to say my teeth are yellow??.

Seriously dont have any of those, but I did.. and I think that would be a good idea or brush my teeth while I'm cooking and hope I dont drip..

Comment #6

You and I both know that there is NOTHING easy about this whole journey. You have a very good reason for not only wanting to lose the weight, but needing to lose the weight: Those two kidlets..

You CAN do are WOMAN...we can do long as we get our mind in gear..

Want it, sweetie, want to be fit and healthy more than anything else in the whole wide world. Food is as food does...use it the way it was meant to be used: As fuel for our healthful bodies..

WANT it. When you really, really, really get the mind in gear and WANT it with all your heart and soul, NOTHING will stop you...

Comment #7

You are soo right!! I do want this, I want this badly!! It's hard , just like any thing worth having - there are sacrifices to be made and obstacles to over come..

Do you think it will get better with time? Not giving in to the urges? To me every time I do not give in I feel so much better. It's like a success to me, personally. I feel proud of myself for not doing it..

I know ALL TOO well how I feel when I DO GIVE IN. It's very depressing and upsetting. I've never been successful at this, I would like to turn that around THIS time around..

I am dreading the scale tomorrow. It's my weigh in day for the week. I have not cheated, I have not done anything out of the ordinary off the plan AT ALL. I hope and pray for a success in Numbers, even if it's only ONE..

To me it will re-affirm my belief in myself and what I HAVE over-come this week and the past few weeks. I've done better than I did the two previous weeks. I had 2 bites of a cheat week b4. and this week total success. Maybe I should just NOT weigh-in and give myself TWO weeks. Or should I be strong and face THIS, too.....

Comment #8

There is nothing magical in the scale (and the darn thing lies like a dog, anyway). Weigh...don't weigh. Whatever you like. Tell you what I did while losing my 105 pounds: I weighed sporadically, never every day, not every week...usually before the next box was shipping to see if I had earned a bear. What I did do? I had ONE goal and ONE goal alone: Be 100% everyday. That was my goal.

I've been fat (probably 250 or more at one point, was 230 when I finally weighed after starting NutriSystem) and I've been thin (125 for the last 3 1/2 years)...let me tell you, there is NOTHING like being thin and fit. Not KFC, not french fries, not wine, not nothing! I can't wait for YOU to feel this way, too!..

Comment #9

I have some work mates that will ask.

Myself and a co-worker are doing this together. and our boss has made a bet on us and we would get $50 for a hair-do..that is insignificant to me really, that part of it. I just dont like being hounded to find out what ive lost whenever I'm stressing over it anyways. right now I feel bloated and it's probably because of the 2 cups of peppers I had tonight with myNutrisystemmeal..

You have the right goal though be 100% all the time and the rest will fall into place. I'm going to think about this tonight.. the offer from the boss was great but isn't worth this stress thats for sure...

Comment #10 is ABSOLUTELY NONE of their beeswax! The gall!..

Comment #11

Well.. you are right on that too, but I really like to hear good things when I do well.

Maybe I should just not factor in what ANY one feels, says or thinks anyways, in regards to measuring success'es OR failures. but I didnt have any failures this week dang it. so scratch that!!..

Comment #12

Diva, Pam is right, this will get easier, but it is a mind over matter process. When it comes to getting help with NS, support from Family and friend has been a big help for me. I'm not going to lie to you, there were many times that I wanted to grab a nibble here or a nibble there but then I told myself, "What will this prove?" "What will this accomplish?" You have to want this bad enough to succeed. You can do this, we all believe you can...

Comment #13

Oh girl- you show great restraint! You are gonna be fine- you are here and asking for help and even more so- you are listening!!.

Hugs to you- it is hard but will definatly get easier- promise!.

Reward yourself somehow when you do so well with temptations- think what that could be- time for yourself- bubble bath with candles- new book- clothing- something! You deserve it..

Stay in touch!!..

Comment #14

Thank you for the words of encouragement!!.

I TRULY appreciate them. I did weigh in this morning. I bit the bullet and I did well I did have a loss this week, that brings me to 10 pounds since the 14th of February.

2.8 pounds down, this week, means to me, a little more faith in myself..

Thank you to Nutrisystem for having such a great community and to the Members that make it so!..

Comment #15

WTG on the loss!.

The deal with the co-worker and boss is up to you. If "being accountable" to someone like that helps, go for it. If it stresses you out, say thank you, but NO THANK YOU! Only you know which is more helpful to you..

Katiebkool mentioned this book. I'm sure it's available at the library too. I just started it, but already it is making SO much sense. It's called: The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite..

I would ask your husband to please stop and pick up the kids and go have dinner.


KFC next time rather than bringing it home. Better yet, let him know what you're having for dinner tonight...but that you will make him and the kids baked chicken tomorrow if that's what he's craving. You can still put breading on it if that's what they want, but at least if won't be dripping in grease which none of them needs either!.

Ask for the support of everyone. Make it fun for everyone. Teach the kids to read labels and find healthy things mommy can eat and be generous and allow them to try the healthy stuff too..

Also, why did you allow so much time to go between feedings? I'm not beating you up here, just saying that is not good! You need to keep your body fueled so it is never overly hungry, and is always running on all cylinders. VERY important to a healthy, functioning metabolism. Regular, frequent feedings. Most days I feel like I'm eating constantly. Well, most days I am! lol.

Keep up the great work and keep posting! It's good for you...and for us!..

Comment #16

P.S. Always have fruit and veggies on hand, cleaned, sliced, and ready to grab...for you AND the kids! If you keep sweet peppers, celery and carrot sticks in the frig in a glass of water, they stay crunchy and yummy all day..

If you must have dip, I have found using Greek yogurt (Fage is my brand of choice) with a packet of the Hidden Valley Ranch, or Fiesta Ranch if you like Mexican is awesome! Depending how much you use count it either as a protein or free food. Again, measure that out in the morning, and when it's gone, it's gone..

Apples shined and looking yummy in a bowl on the table. Wash a bunch of grapes in the morning and put them in with the apples. (Just be sure to count yours if you grab "a couple" here and there)..

Comment #17

Good job on your loss and attitude. I agree with the suggestion to eat every 2hrs. I have a problem with carbs triggering cravings so I'm careful to balance my carbs with protein as directed on the diabetic plan. Those 2 things keep my cravings under control very well. If I wait 3 or 4 hrs til I think I'm hungry, my mind takes me places I can't always resist. As you continue your journey, you will discover ways to clear your path.

Good luck!..

Comment #18

Thank you for the great responses!.

I will definitely keep all this in my thoughts as I go about my days..

I did not eat for so long because I was involved in a bunch of coding with a a site I was working on and I didn't realize the time until he called and told me what he was bringing home and then I freaked out..and realized I was really hungry. It was nagging at me and then I'd find another problem with what I was doing..

So true about the mind taking us places.. it sure does doesn't it! Makes for crazy times indeed...

Comment #19

Divacongratulations on your loss. 10 lbs in just a couple of weeksWOW..

Also congrats on not caving in to cravings or temptations..

You ARE successful !!!..

Comment #20

I love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Kill two birds with one stone...whiten teeth and dont taste or eat the food..


Comment #21

I am still hanging in there.

Haven't gotten the white strips yet, but it might be a great idea after all lol I have done well this week so far and I don't really see it going badly at this point.

I think I was just having a real stressful time when I started this post. so thought I would come back and say "I think I am okay".. but if I have another fit ill be sure to find this thread again lol hopefully it's helped someone else too that might be feen'n for bad things xx..

Comment #22

I lost 3.2 pounds this week.

Woot woot 13.2 pounds down in 21 days. Haven't been feen'n at all this week. Learned how to handle it and I cooked all weekend. Now I have new taste testers - kids - who are only more than tickled to let me know whether or not something tastes good! Fixed them rotini with turkey sausage & melted low fat cheese, plus saturday they had salads for lunch! which totally tickled me...granted I had to make 3 different KINDS of salads because one doesnt like regular lettuce in hers and only spinach.. go figure.

Soo nice!..

Comment #23

Kudos to all of you to have families to cook for and you have to be tempted by their foods. I don't think I could do it if I was cooking for other people! My son lives on his own so it's just me and the cat, and haven't been tempted to eat her food yet! But she loves mine!.

Congrats on the loss!..

Comment #24

Thank you Pam!! and.


To you for all your words of ecouragement..

And I had to LOL when I read what you posted cuddles. I know I go to feed the cat and I think omg this stuff stinks sooo bad LOL I got HER healthy food because she has sensitive skin and it has to be nastiest stuff I ever smelled. course she must thinks so too because if I dont put that gravy packet of whiska's in .. she wont eat it!..

Comment #25

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