What are the Nutrisystem points for Greek food?

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Question I have... What are the Nutrisystem points for Greek food? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya? *grins*.

Dont ask me where that came from. I been here racking my brains trying to be a lil creative. But really, when I think about it, I know I am lucky!.

Lucky to have you all here every week with me. Lucky for your support and friendship. Lucky that I am getting healthy and respecting my body. Lucky that my "issues" are under a Dr's care and under control. Lucky to have my family. and Lucky in love..

This week I celebrate my 20th anniversary.

Not sure what all is planned our good friends who were actually in our wedding are going to be taking us out. Should be fun Im sure! I even bought a new outfit for it.

Sooooooo my lucky little friends ... hows your week gonna go? Lets all keep positive and set 1 goal for the week. Be it big or small and stick to it ok?.

My goal is 100% all week including water except for Wednesday ! What will yours be?.

Xoxoxo coffee is ready ....... see you in the morning!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

While I was gabbing with my mom Saturday, we decided to split my upcoming shipment since she's getting an AWESOME bonus from her work (MassMutual) and since she's by herself, the single portion meals work perfect for her..

She's also gained back a lot of her weight that she lost while going through chemo and she is not a happy camper about that..

So she's been trying a couple things with no success. And she is more of a group motivation person. By herself she won't do much but with someone else she will..

Yesterday we were talking about exercise and such and I told her how I wanted to get a small storage shed to put the dining room table in until we get these rooms done..

That will give me plenty of room for the treadmill and also room for two of us to work out in cause it will truly be a home gym..

She has a Gazelle too that she mentioned bringing over..

Anyone else want to come over and workout?.

And of course while we were chatting about NS, I mentioned the great tools on here and the great friends..

I sent her a link and told her to sign up and come and join us in here, and then proceeded to give a brief life story of each of you..

She had already known how we all come together when one of us has fallen, and she always hears me talking about you... And don't you worry.... no censorship needed..

She's pretty outgoing, not much offends her. Now we'll just see if she makes it in..

I've got a looooooong week..

I'll be in the mall to the north for today and tomorrow. We are shipping things out, the store closed for good Saturday night. I'm somewhat supervising things to make sure it all gets done fast and properly. Not that they can't handle it but when you are upset, sometimes you forget things..

Wednesday and Thursday I'll be at my friend's store in CT, the pretty mall, reorganizing and rearranging. Friday is my usual at my home store..

The BEST part is that I should have accrued 24 hours of overtime. Which means that this one week my paycheck will be twice as much (before taxes of course.

) as one of my 2 week paychecks. Oh yeah!..

Comment #2

Hopefully you all have a great Monday.... I'll catch up tonight when I get home...

Comment #3

Good Morning..

Slept good this weekend, now I just need to get motivated to get on the bike again. Planning on purchasing my new Bike this week so that I have a can take it to Florida with me..


Comment #4

Lol Im gonna assume wednesday will consist of alcohol and bad food LMAO jus a hunch ... as long as you got a plan thats all that counts ... Water is a killer for me but I just sat down w/a HUGE mug full so least I got that far lol..

Oh that is great for you and your mom !!! my mom was talking about going on it too she went to the dr and they found something that might need an operation to fix they are monitoring her for a few months but told her she needed to drop the weight in the meantime so we'll see..

You are a work aholic.

I think there is a cure.

To counteract that called lazyism.

Ooo new bike huh? let us know when ya get it!..

Comment #5

Aerie, congrats to you and your husband on 20 years...

Comment #6

Oh, and on the bike, I am going to get a recumbant bike. It is more expensive, but it is supposed to be easier on the back and knees...

Comment #7

Hey thanks timmy ... it's been quite the ride.

Been thru alot. Its 25 years all together but 20 married.....

Hows you this morning?..

Comment #8

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Water.

My first sip and it's only 8:20 yeahhhh me lol ... hey wake up everyone?.

B4 I have to toss muh water on ya..

Comment #9

Feeling pretty good this morning, almost through my first class of water..

Comment #10

Im trying I'm really gonna try hard this week to do it! the weather has gotten colder tho.

So it's really hard for me to drink water..

Comment #11

Hello Zone! I was told you all are good folks so I should look you all up. I just completed my first month on NS! 15.8 lbs down and loving the program! I look forward to getting to know ya now that I have ventured out of the mens area lol..

Little about me, my names Alex but Moose works just as well. I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I just turned 30 an decided to git off my butt and do something about my weight. I want to change my lifestyle andNutrisystemis helping a ton with making the right choices. Most of my fitness comes from riding my bike but I have just recently started at the gym as well..

Grats Aerial on 20 years!!.

Alie, very cool getting your mom involved! I am trying to get my mom to take a look but she is resistant. I am wearing her down with my results though. I would kill for a home gym but for now have to settle for working out at my local Planet Fitness (just started last week)..

See you all around! (sorta)..

Comment #12

Well lookie there.

Welcome alex wow you live in alaska? I bet it's gorgeous there! how long have you lived there?.

Congrats to you for completing your first month that is a great beginning! YEAHHHHHHHH and lol dont worry it's ok to venture outta the "guy threads" lol prosmise we wont tell lol ....

Did you have a good weekend? I used to have a bike.

Till my kids trashed it lol anyways glad you stopped by and hope you come back often ....

Comment #13

I have lived here about 20 years I think, I love it! My "weekend" isn't till wed-thurs so I will let you know then! I started back on my bike last year and after the initial complaining from my legs and lungs I really started to enjoy it. It's gotten to the point where my bike is a tank loaded with bags and baskets so I can do my shopping and work commuting on it. Yes, even in the winter.

On fresh snow days of course my Jeep is still preferable.

Thanks for the warm welcome, I will be around for a long time since I have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be! Have a great day!..

Comment #14

Oh dang ... I would prefer the jeep on snow days too.

I try not to leave the house when it's like that out I cant imagine living there in that extreme. What brought you to Alaska? What kinda work do you do?..

Comment #15

Hello Zonies!!! 10" of white stuff in NEPA this morning. PITA but it sure was pretty...

Comment #16

Gee, I feel short changed, we only go 6".

.......Of snow Aeri, get your mind out of da gutter..

Comment #17

Yay for sleep!.

Lol @ lazy-ism. Maybe I'll try that one day..

You gonna get wined and dined?.

Oh I hope everything's okay with your mom!.

Sending positive vibes....

I hear that too... my DGP-inlaws got one..

Hey Moose! Glad you stopped by! Feel free to hang out..

WTG on the big loss so far!.

I'm sure she'll be more interested when you KEEP losing the weight!.

It's taken years for me to acquire my home gym. A little bit here, a little bit there and voila! Home gym! lol Maybe when I can open the windows I'll paint it and make it look a little better. Make me want to in there more..

I miss my jeep..

Especially in the snow!.

So what's Alaska like?.

That's pretty cool that you ride a lot. maybe Timmy should try that..

Really?! We only got an extra inch or so. thank goodness!!!.


Comment #18

Had a good day today..

Went up to the store we are closing, brought my lunch too. While everyone else ate something from the pizza place, I had my salad, yogurt and leftovers. And my bottle of water..

Filled my car with stuff to bring to my home store. Will fill my car again tomorrow with the rest of the stuff and then some stuff to bring to the CT store Wednesday..

Has anyone tried the new Special K chips? DH picked me up some yesterday. They aren't bad..

I had some yesterday with my tasty deli sandwich. DH was such a sweetie going grocery shopping while I stayed home..

So Tim, are you giving the Zoners a discount to do their taxes?..

Comment #19

Yep, ya all just have to come visit me..

Comment #20

I actually moved up here with my family as a minor (military father) and just sorta fell in love with it. My job is part of my issue, I work in IT which means I ride a desk for a majority of my day. Combine that with an unhealthy love for unhealthy foods and.......

I actually have a semi unused room that I could use for one but it's my sons old room. My ex moved out of state but it's still got all his stuff in there for when he comes up in the summers (even though I also have a guest room lol)..

I don't think he cares either way but I just like to have it there cause it reminds me of him over the winter..

Oooooh, looking forward to pics! What happened to your last one? I got a little cocky this past Friday and took a turn to fast (studded tires can give you a false sense of stability) and some ice reminded me of who is in charge lol. I fell on the drivechain side of the bike and snapped the derailleur right off. Hopefully the parts I need will be here by next weekend as it's the bulk of my aerobic exercise..

Till then I am using the stationary bikes in my gym which should be outlawed! Pedaling for 30 mnutes with out going ANYWHERE feels like such a waste. All the work with non of the joy.

Anywho, I'm at the office now so I should get back to being productive..


Comment #21

Hey Zonies,.

Ok why was the site being cranky? I had trouble getting it to load.

Welcome Moose!.

Alie - you were SO CLOSE!!!.

I saw you speed on by.

I had yesterday off, bless that President's Day Holiday.

Since it snowed a bit I stayed home and watched TV and PC all day. Oh I cooked a nice dinner for the guys. Dry rubbed brisket.

We got 2 inches of snow, gee I somehow feel inadequate Rick..

Comment #22

Morning Alex! lol @ showing you who's in charge.

Uhuh... it happens..

How old is your son? Maybe you could combine the two rooms..

Morning Kama! Where's my brisket?.

What was I close to?.

Yesterday was.


A day off for me..

Comfy clothes, cleaning, organizing... uhuh. But at least I got paid for it..

I'm going to check my schedule and measure DH's car... maybe next weekend?..

Comment #23

Whaaa Moi? it's never in the Gutter trust me.

Oh where did you find the chips? I might have to try them out. I need to do a HUGE shopping Im just lazy and out of EVERYTHING.

Been slacking lots ... blah! I dont cook now like 3 times a week cuz of working out so I keep lotta lunch meat n chips round for the kids or left overs lol ... holds up my mother of the year award and bows.

G'morning good to see you sticking round! I couldnt ride that bike out there in the snow thats for sure and I can get what you mean by the "stationary" bike maybe thats why I dint like the treadmill either lol..

Hey lil sugarbritches ... least someone got the day off !!!!!!!! sheesh. tho I am taking HALF the day off tomorrow.

For dat special day. Gonna rush home today and color my hair and get all ready for the big day .. new clothes n everything think I'll curl my hair in lil spirals.

Heh ... wonders what I should get him LMAO ... I told him this morning only 1 more shopping day left and he was like "for what"?.


Lol ... coffee anyone?..

Comment #24

Alie why are you measuring DH's car? did it grow over night?..

Comment #25

Sighs .....

Hopefully Mikey is home today with lottsa Zonie presents!.

Hopefully lexi won!!!..

Comment #26 that I have successfully dug back! How is everyone. Hope the last couple of days was liveable...We got about 10" of snow dumped on us between sunday and much fun...NOT!!!! But it's Michigan...whaddaya gonna do!.

Hope everyone is having a terrific tuesday thus far...tea on deck and my ipod is on the dock...ready to start my day off right!..

Comment #27

Gotta run!.

Hey T!.

Sorry I can't stay and play..

I'll catch up tonight!..

Comment #28

There she is!!! dug outta the snow or dug outta the paperwork on ya desk? lol or is it both equally as bad? I moved lotta papers yesterday hoping for same thing today too! ya'll b sure to keep the snow >>>>> that way ok?.


Have a greattttttttttttttt day..

Comment #29

Hey kids... I'm back, you miss me?.

Lexi did super-fantastic at the dance competition in Orlando last weekend! She won 2 gold medals and bronze. Also her studio won best overall performance and got a big trophy for that! So, way to go Lexi!!!.

We had fun, came back Sunday night from Orlando. Me & the boys went to Universal Studios Saturday after Lexi had her first dance (9:00am). We had a blast; although the lines were long because of the holiday weekend! It's cool though, Universal sells beer and Alex can now drive!.

Good times..

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! It was 82 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! Went to the beach with the entire family for the first time this year (I took yesterday off work)... man it was beautiful. Wow, the beach was so crowded... kids everywhere! There were a few crazy bro's out there surfing; water temp was 60 degrees so they of course had wetsuits on!.

Not me, no thanks... too cold. Not really sure if I'm gonna be able to surf this year or not; we'll have to see how the epidural injections in my back do first..

Anyway... good to be back. Gotta go get a new Blackberry today at lunch....

Apparently mine flew outta my pocket on one of the roller coasters Saturday!..

Comment #30

Lol at beer at US. and Alex can drive lol ... score!!!!!!!! laffs.

Yeah for lexi bringing home all them medals! that stuff means so much to young kids real ego booster n stuff.

You should be a proud pappa for sure. so uhm whaddidja bring me huh huh huh?.

MAN that sucks that you lost your PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy cow no way to be in contact with the outside world?.

I would die w/out my phone lol.

Well get you a groovy new phone and break it in well..

Comment #31

I am indeed a proud pappa... that little girl is so beautiful and talented. It's a shame she won't be able to date until she's 21!~.

She's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!.

I already checked with T-Mobile... I'm gonna get the newest latest and greatest Blackberry, and it's actually white!.

Sooooo, I'm gonna have me a Whiteberry!!!.

I called and they are getting it set up, I pick it up @ 12:00 noon. But... uh oh, lost SIM card too, gonna need to program all new numbers in my phone..

Please send the digits, via PM, to be on the Mikey contact list, of course my number will be the same!..

Comment #32

Congrats to Lexi!!!.

I just went through the same thing with my phone (minus the rollercoaster, the beer, and Alex being able to drive.


If you are getting a replacement via insurance here are a couple of lessons that I learned from my experience.....

1. when you get your phone...if it comes in an all white box...its matter what the people at Tmobile's customer service try to tell you. It is certified if you have ANY issues with them immediately..

2. The insurance doesnt cover the memory card...if you had dont be suprised when it's not in the box! I went into the Tmobile store with a sad story and some fake eyelashes to bat and the guy gave me a replacement.....

Comment #33

Sorry sweetie, the boys ate it all, no brisket! TBH I did nibble a little of it.

If you were in CT for a store , well maybe you were close to me..

No plans yet for the weekend yet, let me know..

Aeri - Alie is coming to see me, I found a new home for my treadmill. I hope we can go shopping or do something fun!.

Mikey - WTG for Lexi doing so well, we knew she would! Make sure you get phone insurance. My DS always has a issue and has needed it. $5.00 a month to replace the phone ..

Ok I got to get back to work. Cya laters!..

Comment #34

Wont mikey look cute w/some false eyelashes LOL.

Luckyyyyyyyy girls !!!!!!!! *pouts*..

Comment #35

Just got back and I got a BRAND NEW Blackberry Bold 9860... white, way cool..

I'm the only person I know with a white blackberry! It's an upgrade from my other one, has a new operating system and faster whatever thingy processer G-somethingHowever, it only cost me $0.00 for it because I was eligble for an upgrade!.

Booyah! Hit me up!..

Comment #36

SCORE !!!!!!!!!! smiles ... hope it works well.


Id like a white berry..

Comment #37

Hello Tim, Timmmmayyy, the Timster... all right, making copies!!!!!.

Did you see the 500? What a good race; while I do not really like the 2-car hookup to race around the track at high speeds. I DO LOVE the fact that a 20 year old nobody named Trevor Bayne won the race in a Wood Brothers ride. Most people can't appreciate how special and awesome that really is; however, I'm sure you understand how great that was!.

My wife who also likes NASCAR says she found a "cute little hotty" to pull for this year!~ whatever!.

Anyway, it was nice to see him win... he looks to be a good kid and will be great for NASCAR ratings..

Take care Timmy and get back on that bike!..

Comment #38

Omg I loved that part of SNL ... hahahahah.

Ok headed home to get all purdy for tomorrow.

S'gonna take awhile so I need to start tonite LMAO..

Comment #39

Peeks in from home ... hair all dyed purdy ready for big day tomorrow ....

The neighbors house behind me just burned down.

Such a sad sad nite..

Comment #40


Lmao @ you losing your phone, Alex driving and your drinking.

Yay! for Lexi, but we all knew she'd rock! Is she going to put all her trophies in her big-girl room to show off? I hope you built her a trophy case when you remodeled..

Nice job on the blackberry too!.

Looky you all sweet with your fake lashes.

How's it going over there?.

I'll be in Westfarms tomorrow and Thursday if you want to take a drive..

Lol We could grab a coffee and take a pic.

You know you're welcome to come by ANY time!.

Oh please! I bet it only took a minute..

Hi Tim!!! You didn't answer my question about doing all of our taxes..

And a shout out to Alex, Sarah, Marie, Linda, Roddy, Annie and everyone else!..

Comment #41

You're kidding!!!!!.

Thoughts and prayers going out to them. Is everyone all right?..

Comment #42

Had quite a long boring day today. We mostly just sat around and hung out. Filled my car up.. again. Packed and ready to head to the next store tomorrow. Got a lot of stuff for us too..

I did get a gorgeous red pea coat from New York & Company for only $25!.

Super happy about that!.

Going to head to bed now... Have a great night!..

Comment #43


He said he could smell smoke called his dad unplugged everything and opened the window said it aired out and he couldnt smell it so he got one of them heat gun things that you point at stuff and it tells you the temp and he couldnt find any "hot spots" as he called it ... so he ran to town ... to get a fire extinguisher (cuz he didnt feel 100% safe) came home and house was FULL blaze.

Im glad 1. he wasnt home when it started and 2. it wasnt in the middle of the night while he was sleeping or something..

Anyways he ran in to get some of his stuff out he ws covered in black soot and eyes were burning red the firemen really destroyed the house as I spose they needed to poking holes in walls and ceilings and stuff making sure it was all extinguished .. then I guess another fire started in the bathroom.

So I'm sure there isnt much left of it ....

The kid was bout 26-27 pretty young recently divoriced ... hes got a huge family but I did go over there and ask him if he needed anything to call. my kids really look up to him.

But hes ok and he had insurance so he should be ok.

Im headed to bed with my dark dark red hair.

See you tomorrow..

Comment #44

Good Morning Zonies!.

Aeri - So sad to hear about your neighbor's fire. You are right, good thing he was not in the house..

Happy Anniversary Aeri and Mr. Aeri.

May you be blessed with many many more wonderful years to cherish.

Alie - I bet you look wonderful in your new red peacoat!.

Ok kids I gotta go do some work, cya later...

Comment #45

Wow. Just... wow. Good thing he had one of them testers. If he couldn't find anything, it could have been electrical. I heard many fires started from a nightlight scented Plug-In..

Very glad he wasn't in the house and that he's safe. How nice of you to offer....

Good morning! Work, work, work... smh You should take a spa day!.

And thank you! I'll get a new pic..

My State direct deposited this morning. So that makes for a great morning! Although... I miss seeing you like this in the mornings..

Have a good day!!.

Oh.. Have a Happy 20 year Anniversary Aerial!..

Comment #46

Do you all know Border's filed bankruptcy?? Massive clearance sales... check your local store...

Comment #47

Off again.... Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Happy Hump day!..

Comment #48

Awww well ty darling .. how are things going for you? still got your trainer? still got buncha snow?.

Ty also.

Its gonna be a good day hes taking off at 2 as am I gonna meet up at home, shower n get all ready ... it'll be nice. we both got new outfits to wear that was my present to him but I think I will stop by the lil flower shop shes got some really neat things in there (besides flowers) I might check out on my way home. Problem is they arent "manly" gifts LMAO if you know what I mean? My friends here at work said oh get him a gift cert. for Snap on he'll love that and my other friend said no no no get you some lingerie for him (for his present) he'll love that ....hmmmm tuff call.


Dang whats borders?..

Comment #49

Happy Anniversary Aeri! Enjoy your day!.

Borders is a huge book store chain....

Mornin Zonies!..

Comment #50

Aww ty annie ... more importantly how you feeling?.

Dat @$$ getting back to normal?.

Ty sweety ... ooooh book store huh? I think Ive seen one in Wichita before or maybe that was on tv.


Comment #51

Meeting over now gotta rush my butt round to finish up and get outta here..

Comment #52

Almost timeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And she still wont tell me where they are taking us.

I just tried getting it outta here.


Comment #53

Have a great night Peaches, I hope Walter treats you like the princess you are! He's a lucky lucky man!..

Comment #54

Back on LI. It's warmer here!!!!.

And the Doctor visits begin. Dad 6:15 pm. Dad Thur 11am and 2pm. MIL Fri 10am..


Comment #55

Good evening all.

Exercise report:.

Yep I actually have one!.

40 min on the bike yesterday.

50 min ride this morning.

Weight is up a little, from last weigh in.....about 2 months ago, but not real bad, but I will not make my goal of being at 290# in time for vacation, heck I will not make 299#. But I still have people telling me a look smaller.....I enjoy those comments, but I want to see it on the scale too..

I will be at the Hospital tomorrow, so should be able to post more often.


Comment #56

Good Morning Zonies!.

I hope Aeri & Walter had a nice anniversary..

Hey Tim - great job on the exercise. Much better than my slacking self..

Alie we need to figure out timing.

Thursday already? Goodness gracious this week is flying by. Today is chocked full of stuff I'd rather not do..

End it with yet another Doc for the arms with needles.

How hard is it? They are arms, can't they figure out what the issue is? I'm so beyond this. We are now on year resolution. Try not using your arms, it's impossible. Bleh..

Comment #57

I like the lingerie part... But I'm on the dge of my seat waiting to hear how it went......

Agree 1million%.

Well I hope they are all productive and positive visits.... best of luck... (although luck doesn't really have anything to do with it.


Nice job Tim!!! With all of the bike riding you've been doing... I'm sure you do look slimmer even if the scale doesn't show it. Have you met Alex? He's our new resident Alaskan and he rides his bike... a lot..

Good morning Kama! working on it....

I know! Thank goodness though cause this week is/was a long one and it's just flying by!.

Maybe cause I've been wearing jeans all week..

I went months without being able to use my thumbs and then my hands... so I know how you feel..

Sucks... all I can say is just keep hoping for the best and find the positive...

Comment #58

Alrighty folks... I got a call from the local newspaper yesterday afternoon, The Florida Times Union, seems they want to do a week long series in April on fitness and weight loss..

One of the days the segment will be on different weight loss diets and programs... they want to feature me that day!.

I have no idea how they found me and the success I have had with Nutrisystem, while I am grateful and honored, I'm really not ready for this!.

I ventured onto the scale this morning for the first time in quite a while... that ba$tard does not like me one bit!.

Seems all the fiesta's and the lack of exercise has taken a toll on Mikey. No worries... I can do this. I must have 3-4 months ofNutrisystemfood in my house, courtesy of the fine folks up in Pennsylvania!.

Besides, I've lost over 100 pounds before, certainly 10 to 20 pounds will be nothing! While I can't do any strenuous exercising or running (on a counta my bum back)... I can eat properly and do the elliptical. Heck, if I just cut out the Bud Lites alone, my body would probably go into shock and the pounds would fly off!.

So... today is a new day and I am officially back on program!!!.

I have been off for so long, wow.... this is gonna be weird. Booyah, Mikey back in action!.


Comment #59

Good Morning,.

Kama arms with needles, sorry they can not find what the issue is, but it sure sounds painful..

I was going to do some abs exercises last night, but instead, I decided to try to clean out the end of my driveway to get ready for the next snow dump. perdicting 4-8" tomorrow night..

No exercise this morning, plan day off of the bike, hoping to do some weight work tonight..


Comment #60

Well Gang... it was late last night and I was going to stop and say hello but just couldn't get my brain to do it..

Didn't get as much as I wanted to get done, done... but made progress..

Open to close again today (10am to 9pm) and I hope I get the job done..

I did have a delicious Santa Fe turkey sandwich on sun-dried tomato bread yesterday. That was delicious! It said it only had like 560 calories or something... and I went light on the sauce. No chips or anything. Just a peach iced tea..

Problem is... that's pretty much what I had to eat all day. Minus my breakfast special K bar, a muffin and my coffee..

They don't have a microwave or a decent fridge yet.... so bringing my lunch... oh and I found bugs in their back room when I was cleaning so it kind of grossed me out..

(Why don't we have a pukey face on here????) So I really don't want to eat in there..

Guess I'd better go get ready... have a terrific Thursday! everyone!!!!..

Comment #61

Hey Mike, I swear my scales decides in the middle of the night what number it is going to display when I step on in the morning...

Comment #62

Yay Mikey!!!! You are SUCH a superstar! You don't know how they found you?.

Really? Maybe because you are on TV, or in magazines, or on Facebook.....

You know you can do it!!!! A little bit of determination and motivation help too..

Can you do some arm-flab exercises for me too?..

Comment #63

Morning all! Boss is back...hes a great guy so it's not a disappointment! Caught up on alot of my work...feels like today is going to be spectacular! Oh and we are getting more snow too...4 to 5 inches maybe. If so, this will be the snowiest february on record in the D! Nothing like a good record...right??? (NOT!) but worries!..

Comment #64

Omg who brought the morning so soon?.

You wont believe the night I had, lemme get some work done and I will try to type it up .. yes it'll be QUITE the story but WELL worth reading ... it was amazing .... stay tuned.

Love ya'll..

Comment #65

Hi all. Quick Fly By while in between Doctors appointments..

Went food shopping for Dad..

Went to Cardiologist. Leaky Mytrol Valve. Treatment staying the same for now. If his health starts downhill Dr mentioned Valve Replacement. He had an Aeortic Valve done 26 yrs ago. Dr said if it makes your life better would you do it and Dad said YUP.

So we are wait and see for a while..

2 pm appt with regular GP...

Comment #66

Sending up prayers.....

I thought we were having storytime........

Comment #67

So, how do I explain my night? Well, if you know me by now, it will be with a story. It was like a night I would of never expected and will surely never forget!!!.

I got home a bit early, so I could get in the shower and get to putting the curls in my hair and getting all dolled up. Once DH got home I shoved him in the shower. I found it odd that when he came home everyone came home with him, but it was nice to have the entire family home before we went out. I remember at one point sitting on the couch, waiting on our friends, and my youngest just up n vanished. Got in his truck and left. Then the oldest (who was there with his GF) said, were going to get a soda, but they never came back EITHER!.

So I started messaging them to get home immediately, so I could course lay down some rules before leaving for the night like I always do lol. Needless to say neither of them showed up before our friends got there so we left for dinner. I crawl into the backseat of our friends car with my girl friend, we are gabbing away and joking about where we are going (they still wont tell me). Her hubby was driving, he drove down the block and up one block then pulled in.

To the bar I used to work at as my 3rd job right? Im like uh. What are we doing here?.

Needless to say they whisked DH inside and his friend and wouldnt let me in. Thats when I really started getting suspicious. So. I opened the door, walked in and there is my oldest son in one of them crazy black t-shirts that has like an imprint of a tuxedo on it with a flower, and hes holding a bouquet of roses in his hand and gives them to me. I am shocked and stunned and speechless. So he takes my arm and I turn and look down the building and there are these paper runners down the carpet with red rose petals all over them.

I nearly fell over !!!.

Course officiating the ceremony at the top of the paper isle was ELVIS. I kid you not, Doug went out and bought himself an Elvis costume it was a white jumpsuit with this big huge belt that went around his waist, the hair the huge glasses the scarf round his neck the works. I just so wanted to die when I saw that. So, they put on an Elvis tune and DS1 and I walked down the isle where I met hubby and we stood there in front of friends, God and Elvis and he renewed our vows..

Everything in there was done up in Pink! A pink arch of blown up balloons that we walked under, pink tablecloths, pink candles, pink champagne, pink flowers! It was utterly amazing. There was a point in the ceremony where we had to light a unity candle that Doug had made, it was exquisite, but I hadnt noticed that my sons has snuck pictures of my mother, my dad and hubbys mother out of the house and they were on plaque stands surrounding the unity candle. Course when I saw that the tears just started flowing..

We had our re-first dance again, and fed the cake to each other and had the toast of champagne and my niece was there to capture it ALL on film.

Lol. It was such an absolutely amazing magical night! Course we then went to my house were my girlfriend had brought dinner and threw it in the oven to warm up. Spinach lasagna, strip steaks, shrimp, garlic bread the works. We ate and drank and then drank a wee bit more then drank some more and then watched the actual video from the wedding back 20 years ago. Then course we just laughed for hours. I dont think they left till bout 1am and we all were pretty sauced to say the least lol..

It was more then I could of ever of dreamed of and I cant believe they all pulled that off where DH and I knew absolutely nothing about it. Very special night indeed, one I shall never forget!..

Comment #68

Ariel, sounds like he went through a lot of trouble to do it up for you.

Glad you had an amazing evening and the whole family was involved!.

@Tonya, the D?!? You wouldn't happen to be in Detroit are you? If so that's my hometown!! Say hello to the old girl for me! About 90% of my family is there or the Ann arbor area..

@Mike, Grats superstar!.

Not much going on here. It's cold, it's dark and amazon sent me the wrong part so another three days before I'm back in the saddle. I miss the exercise and so does my dog lol. Walkin with me just ain't the same for him. Hopefully soon! Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #69

I most certainly am!!! Born and raised!. Its so cool to meet someone from my stomping grounds!..

Comment #70

Aeri! That sounds like the best night ever and more than you could have ever imagined! Congrats and kudos to the family and friends for going all out!..

Comment #71


Nice job tim.

We need to see da updated pic.

Ty sistah! what are they doing w/needles in your arm? what are they checking for? or is it like an acupuncture type thing?.

You can totally do this and we'll get a great challenge going to try and keep you highly motivated for sure.

Hope you have a great day today.

I will talk to you soon ... your sandwich sounds YUMMY !!!.

Hey girly ...was it you that sent the nasty weather my way.

Sheesh it's rainy drizzly 32 degrees and just miserable .. bleck calling for snow later..

Comment #72

Welllllll hey my favorite moose.

Im waiting for it to get warm to get out and back to walking w/my dog, hes looking like his "winter coat" is a bit plump hahahah.

... so it mine wtf? the night was truly a blessing and really nothing I could of ever of dreamed of.


I know it meant ALOT that my kids were in on it ... even tho I coulda smacked them they did an amazing job in keeping the secret! not like when they were little lol omg they used to totally give away like presents I had bought n stuff. theyd say things like DAD you'll never guess what mom and I got you ... and it goes in your car and it's gonna make it smell like cherries.

And Im over in the corner like.

Dang kids lol ... it really made me feel like WOW those are my "ADULT" children yanno? Just lotta shocking things have been happening lately making me realize just how old they really are now. Ima have the empty nest syndrome soon..

Comment #73

Glad you had a good night, you deserve it...

Comment #74

Hey shuga britches hows the whiteberry?.

Keeping busy today? Im bout ready to head outta here! get my zumba groove on ... omg speaking of zumba groove my zumba instructor showed up at the bar last nite.

Ive got a glass of champagne and a face full of cake.

And she gives me a card. I open it after she leaves and it was $75 credit towards another 8weeks of zumba classes.

I was just thrilled!.

Anyways ya'll have a great nite I will be on later after class!..

Comment #75

The whiteberry is spectacular.... everyone loves it and is soooo jealous! I'm about to head outside with the boys here from work... the space shuttle launches in 15 minutes... we can see it good from the parking lot (today is clear)! It's awesome to watch! Then tonight gonna head home and get some vertical zumba groove of my own on tonight (if ya know whay I mean!)!!!..

Comment #76

I have no idea what you mean.

But work up a good sweat.

Doing it.

Ooo that must be totally cool to watch.

Take a pic on the new whiteberry ffs ... :rolleyes..

Comment #77

Good Evening Zonies.

Mikey - why are you surprised, your mug is on TV, website and I'm sure lots of other places. Congrats, you deserve lots of recognition for taking off the 100 lbs..

It will be no problem for you to get tip top shape again..

Tim - the Doc tried but the needle did hurt. He thinks he localized the nerve, The nerve he put to sleep temporarily this afternoon is located near the surface of the forearm. I go next week for more testing, surgery is probably going to happen again. I want him to determine ulnar nerve near the elbow is not involved as well. If they are going to do surgery, do one not two more..

Aeri - wow what a nice night you had!.

Congrats you lucky Lady!..

Comment #78

All of that sounds really amazing. Well thought out. Well planned. Your boys sounded like they did an amazing job. So glad you had a fantabulous night..

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!.

Ps No one else asked but I have to.

Did you get lucky???..

Comment #79

I am blessed with great amazing friends online and real life!.

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pervert! NO I didnt um I drank alotta rum and he alotta whiskey we uhm passed out like old people *hangs head in shame*..

Comment #80

Doesn't it feel good to get things done?.

Thankfully... no extra snow here. It's been either windy (which makes it cooold) or beautiful..


Wow. I hope things work out and his health does NOT get worse..

Hey Alex! Sheesh... they can't even get a simple order right?.

Sorry they messed it up on ya. I hope they fix it soon so you can get back to what you enjoy..

That's awesome! Did you get us pics?.

So... if you ahve surgery, does that mean you get to hang here during the day?.

Not that we want you in pain but we certainly want you better!.

I LOVE when you do that...

Comment #81

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