What are the new Nutrisystem Point ranges?

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My first question is What are the new Nutrisystem Point ranges? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... I posted a similar post over on the Food group a week or so ago, but have now modified the recipe (thanks to the assistance there) to fit the Nutrisystem plan. I wanted to post it here in the Men's Room as I know a lot of us don't venture out of this room much..

So here's a breakfast sandwich I came up with and have been refining and I think I about have it down to perfect for me. I love these, and they are fairly quick to make, very filling, and completely get rid of my "want" for any type of fast food breakfast sandwich....

1/4 cup of Egg Beaters (1/2 Protein).

1/2 Morning Star Sausage patty (1/2 Protein) - Chopped up.

1 Wheat / Whole Grain bun (1 - 2 Carbs depending on the bun you use).

Chopped Red Bell Pepper (Free).

Chopped Mushrooms (Free).

Chopped Green Onion (Free).

* Heat a skillet and spray with non-fat cooking spray.

* Throw in the veggies and chopped up sausage and mix them up a bit to heat them..

* pour the egg over all the veggies and sausage and let it cook for 30 secs to a minute.

* Using a spatula, form the mixture into the size of the bun it will go on. Let it cook more to firm up then flip over and finish cooking.

* Place on bun, and enjoy (you can steal a protein from your mid morning snack if you want to add cheese to this)...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Wow, man! That looks awesome. That might be my Saturday morning breakfast too! Thanks for that!..

Comment #2

...and remember this is in addition to your Nutrisystem breakfast item and a fruit you still need. I had my sandwich, Nutrisystem oatmeal, and an apple for breakfast today (I'll get my extra carb in at lunch today). Feels like I'm cheating.


Comment #3

Nice. I dont know about the bread though. I like to use Sandwhich flats from Costco, I don't have the nutrition information in front of me but they're about 90 calories if I recall correctly. They work great for the Nutrisystem burgers!..

Comment #4

Hmm I didn't realize that image was going to be so huge. My mistake...

Comment #5

Yeah I picked up some sandwhich flats or thinbuns or whaterver they're called the other day. They are really good. I think the ones I got were 100 cal per roll or something. Other thing I found was.

Flatout Flatbread with Flax.

Its really good too. I use it in the place of wheat tortilla which apparently they don't sell in my neck of the woods!..

Comment #6

I know this is off topic, but looking at some of your weight loss charts...some of you are losing a 1/2 pound or even a pound a day? That is very encouraging. Congratulations...

Comment #7

Thanks. My chart is possibly a little skewed. I got a new scale and I think my original scale was weighing me 3-5 lbs heavier than I actually was (see my blog). I've got a new scale now. Five pounds off of 105 is still 100 pounds to lose though. That said, Nutrisystem and exercise definitely works though!..

Comment #8

Yes, I've used the Thin Buns (or whatever they are called) and they are very good. The bun in this picture is a Safeway brand bun that is Cracked Wheat (or something like that). Its 110 cal (so slightly over the 100 cal limit as I recall) but everything else falls within guidelines. I haven't found a similar bun at WalMart (my other local grocery store). You could also use a whole wheat pita pocket or english muffin for that matter...

Comment #9

Nice sandwich Mike!.

Newbies - this is how you do it!! This is what going to Mike successful! He still eating stuff that taste like what he is used to but only better for him. It's not all just bland boring food..

I make sandwiches like this all the time for breakfast. You can candian bacon and 1/2 egg beaters and you get that good old Egg McMuffin that we use to always go get..

Keep it up Mike! We might have to start calling you Iron Chef Mike!!!..

Comment #10

So you are spending your proteins all in one shot on something different and fun? Excellent, I am trying this!..

Comment #11

Anyone know how I can get drool out of my keyboard?.


Comment #12

Gellar, I had the opposite problem - my new scale hit me >5 lbs heavier. so I just got by that and i'm past what it put me on the old scale thank god. moving again now - but boy what a downer....

I decided to stick with the wieght on teh old scale rather than adjust everything so I caught up, took time - and 5 hours of shoveling snow yesterday - oy vey..

Comment #13

Thanks Rick... I have always done most of the cooking in our house. I love cooking and my wife doesn't, so if I ever wanted a home cooked meal, then usually I had to do it. The first few weeks I started on Nutrisystem was rough as I quit cooking and my kids (teenagers) started complaining. So now I'm trying to cook stuff I can eat and they will like. Hopefully more experiments will be forthcoming....

And yeah, Canadian Bacon is another one I'm starting to experiment with. But I've always been a sausage guy (love Sausage McMuffin with Egg sandwiches so this was trying to replace that for me. Whats great is I like this better now.


Comment #14

With all the new guys joining, I'm bumping this back up so they can see how you can get creative with your add ins..

I have this sandwich almost every morning now (and yes, I've switched to the Thin-Buns now as mentioned in here). I'll mix it up between using either the MorningStar Sausage one day, and Canadian Bacon on another day, but this is truely what gets me going in the mornings. My son (age 15) has even asked for these a few mornings when he sees me eating them..

I can truly say, my want for a fast food breakfast is gone with this (and to be honest, I now like these better than anything McD's, Sonic, or Carl's Jr serves.).


Comment #15

I have one of these every morning (thanks to mfrazzz!). It's great and really sticks with you. The only thing I do every so often is use a Nutrisystem pancake as the roll - turning my normal "Sausage McFrazzz" into a "MFrazz McGriddle" .... You use all of your breakfast items except for the fruit - make sure you use 1/2 of 1 Jimmy Deans Light pattie cumbled-up and 1/4 cup of Egg Substitute to equal your full breakfast protein/dairy..

Always remember:.

The Lord loves a workin' man ....

Don't trust whitey ....

See a doctor and get rid of it...

Comment #16

Lol I love the Jerk - back to when I was a kid...steve martin cracks me up.

I found what my special purpose is for!..

Comment #17

The only improvement I can add is, the next time your in Wally world buy a 4in fry pan. That way you can cook it and flip it about half way through and it will fit the bun perfectly...

Comment #18

That would be a.



HA! See? Did you see what I did there?!!.

Ouhhhh ... sorry...

Comment #19

I cook it up and toss it all in half of a 6 in pita. I get a breakfast pocket on the go...

Comment #20

I'm glad I found this recipe. I made one this morning on an English muffin sans the mushrooms (as we were out). I included my later protein and added a slice of sharp FF cheese...really good...thanks mfrazzz!..

Comment #21

I'm with everyone else, I'm making this my next breakfast..

I used to get breakfast at McDonalds 3-5 times a week. I would order two sandwich meals an OJ and a large coffee and would cost ~$8.00! Man I loved those breakfast sandwiches...

Comment #22

The mushrooms (to me) really don't add much in the way of flavor but are more filler to make it bigger and keep you more full longer. Glad you enjoyed this. Seriously, I eat one of these almost every morning still. Its become a staple for me, and only takes me about 10 mins to fix at most. I used to say (before NS) I didn't have time to make breakfast, but when you figure how many extra minutes out of the way a fast food place was, plus the time in the drive thru (no way I'd get out of my car and walk inside), and the $'s it cost, I now realize those 10 mins, aren't that big of a deal and was just another excuse I gave myself to justify my Fast Food addiction (especially breakfast)...

Comment #23

Hey, I tried to bite the screen they looked so good!.

Those are the Arnold's Thins btw.

Nutrition Label..

Comment #24

Looks good, but I'm too lazy in the am. I need something easy...

Comment #25

Right on the money with the mushrooms!.

Mike have you tried these? they reconstitute in 15 minutes and taste fantastic too:.

Another rare healthy find at costco, they are there you just have to look for them..

Comment #26

GReat stuff Mike, I am all over that. I also use the flat sandwhich rounds!..

Comment #27

Bump of the thread per the request of Sean. Welcome to all of you new guys, and I hope you find this helpful... Had my first one in awhile this morning (but to be honest, even while off plan, I still like these over McD breakfast items)..

Enjoy! Feedback welcome.....

Comment #28

I've not checked the thread, but I just realized that if you toast one of the Carb Balance WW tortillas spread with a Laughing Cow wedge, then heat up the ham and cheese Nutrisystem omelet (or the garden vegi one, too), then fold the toasted tortilla over the omelet, grab an apple, and wash it down with 4 oz. of skim milk - that's a neat on-the-go meal. I wish I had tried it this morning..

Of course, you might eat it too fast......

Comment #29

Wait, what? There is a Ham and Cheese Nutrisystem Omelet? Is this a frozen entree or something new that I missed out on?..

Comment #30

I have made a couple of modifications of this sandwich, myself. Instead of sausage, I used a Veggie Burger pattie, fried first, then diced, then added 1/3 cup of Egg Beaters. Topped with the thin buns. Works pretty good and filling. Maybe that is why I am not losing for a month now??........ahemmmm.

Have to try that Canadian Bacon/Egg Beater combo too.....glad someone mentioned that........

Comment #31

I still have a mfrazzz breakfast sandwich a couple of times per week. I have been using the Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles in these...

Comment #32

Yes, it's a frozen entree. That and the garden vegi one as well. Select is the same price as Advanced right now, so I went that way. They are the perfect size to fold into a 6 inch tortilla...

Comment #33

If you used the Nutrisystem pancakes for a bun instead of having a Nutrisystem oatmeal, and made a syrup out of reduced blueberries, you could have a homemade McGriddles. I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow......

Comment #34

Ok you inconsiderate bastards haven't bumped this since I joined on Jan 21st!!! I am scanning old posts looking for protein shake info and happened across it! ALL new people should be told of this incredible Nutrisystem safe concoction..

Now on with my search lol..

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