What are the latest GoDaddy special offers?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What are the latest GoDaddy special offers?.

My main question is: When I first started domaining ( a couple of years ago ) I bought about 40 sub domains many of which I intended to develop but never got around to it. Names like - - Monaco - PuertoRico etc.

As previously mentioned by NP members in discussions buying sub domains can possibly be risky.

Well I got the following email tonight so here's the proof :.

Dear > ME <.

Because you have been a valued customer, we would like to notify you of changes to sub-domain.

Effective March 31, 2008, all sub-domain services will be discontinued. As a result, your sub-domains listed below will not be operational after this date.

Affected Accounts:.

Blah ....blah (about 40).

We would like to provide a special offer to minimize any impacts this change may have on you.

You can get a free HostGator name (ex. w when you sign up for any of your website hosting, do-it-yourself website plan, or do-it-for-you design services plan. To redeem this offer, contact our sales team and mention the promotional code subdomain. This offer is available until 03/31/2008. We appreciate your business and hope this notice will help you prepare for this change, and thereby minimize any inconvenience.

Really glad I did'nt develop any of them eh ! Now that would have been really annoying.


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Your question was: What are the latest GoDaddy special offers?.

Suck ... did you ever have any luck selling any?.

What about those that have developed sites on them?..

Comment #1

Nah, I never sold any, I only ever had one 100 euro offer for which for some strange reason has had 533 visitors in the last 4 days ??.

I will definetly be taking a loss but they were only $5 for two years although many other register were selling them for $30 + each.

As far as I know going by the wording in the email they will all be cancelled but I may be wrong - If so, What a shame for the people who have developed them there are about 40,800 results in google for

Bummer ! - Lesson learned.


Comment #2

Yes there is, can you imagine the problems this will cause for business owners who have set up using

I would really like to know if they are also going to get their names cancelled, there was nothing in the email to suggest otherwise ?

NPer Quality is also gonna be peeved by this one ! He has loads of them, er...including


Comment #3

Some of those sites are very nicely developed.

I feel sorry for them that this has to happen...

Comment #4

Where the heck is "quality" now?.


I'm going to give "self props" on this one to, ahem, me. As well, I think there were some other cooler heads that tried to point out how all hype seemed to be just that: hype. I have no idea if the email you received is authentic/real, but if it isn't this time, it will be soon.


Comment #5

I know why it's going out of business! .WEB extension is coming up soon...

Comment #6

Sub domains are absolutely unsafe, as just demonstrated. Im sorry Gazzip that happened you, but you were aware of the risks! Its a shame that there is no way to compensate the people who purchased these third level HostGator names.... I would check with your contract or Terms of service - see if there is anything you can do.


Comment #7

Were there any contract you and .web would have to sign? What contract term was like?..

Comment #8

I believe we're talking about

Curious to know too, were there any special agreements? Or do they operate just like the normal tlds?..

Comment #9 history on Namepros:.

Quality's "" sale:

A little over a year and a half ago things started changing:

A little more "puffery"


Comment #10

They were funny threads !.

Yeah, I can't say you did'nt warn us Alan I took a gamble & lost !.

Nah, not worth the time - breath in....ahhh.....move on.


Comment #11

Oh Allan....

Thanks for that post, it wasted a half hour of my life that I'll never get back but was truly an entertaining read since I'd missed it the first time around..


Comment #12

Well, there you go!.

Without even a whiff of gloating, you missed the thread where the nostradamus of the day warned of this very eventuality..

Ironically, I see still shows with "quality" as the owner. Still, doesnt matter to him, he got his 15k ......

Comment #13

Phew, just read through the entire thread. I'm tired already.

Interesting read...

Comment #14

It's very important to read their registration agreement at this point. Are they covered to cancel their "domains" (They did advertise them as domains, didn't they?? So the internet newbie had no idea they were in fact sub-domains and were not aware of the difference.) And after they cancel them they will steal the traffic of developed websites and redirect them to Wasn't this CentralNic's domain?..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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