What are the latest GoDaddy online codes?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: What are the latest GoDaddy online codes?.

My 2nd question is: I'm curious, but please balance ALL the money you've put in to domaining as a whole, including all reg fees for all your names, etc., with ALL the money you've taken out from sales, parking, etc. (Not "each HostGator I've sold has been 500% Return on the $6 reg fee").

Also, note how long you've been doing this if you want.

I still think this is an easy way to make a good return, but it's also easy to mislead ourselves based on 3 or 4 huge sales. (After my first low-xxx sale, I know I excitedly regged mid-xxx worth of new names that I did or will end up letting expire ).

For me, I am at 200% ROI now, and because I'm not registering many more I'm hoping to be at 250% or 300% by the end of the year.

I'm guessing I'm middle of the road - I'm still relatively new and I'm guessing the "elders" here are way beyond that ROI.

Again, ALL the $$$$ in, versus all the $$$$$ out...

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Your question was: What are the latest GoDaddy online codes?.

That's interesting Reece - I'm wondering whether some of you true veterans will actually have a lower ROI because you've truly learned how to save your good ones for a super ROI down the road.

Or because you're more willing/expert at taking risks with reinvestment?..

Comment #1

I've had a positive ROI thus far... not too sure what value though.

I've mostly been self-sufficient, by buying domains and reselling them at profit; hence I haven't had to put in too much money.

However despite this, I've probably put in around $400, and a further $500+ from web design stuff.

And I've got a portfolio worth $2,500+, so the ROI is positive, although I'm guessing with most of these figures so I can't given an exact ROI..

Comment #2

Yes, I have no doubt you'll find many of us long time domainers or new domainers with large budgets have smaller profits. It might merely be a consequence of investing more money.. To make a 300%+ return on what I invested this year would require making well into mid xx,xxx. Harder to flip expensive names for huge profits as well (most people spending mid x,xxx+ on names have a fairly good idea what they're worth) and there are only so many bargains to be found.

I prefer to park or hold the names outright (yeah, sometimes too lazy to even park them lol), and have only sold 2 names within the last week, ever (an attempt to test the .mobi market). Because I'm able to absorb the renewal costs, I prefer to hunt for the "big fish" rather than flip them for small profits. Nametrader's sale ($60,000) is a very good example of this imo having a price in mind, knowing it will be worth that price down the road, and not accepting anything less than what you know it to be worth...

Comment #3

Not a very good year... -ROI.

Spending a good sum of money developing some of my names...

Comment #4

ROI Calculator for those who do not know how to get your ROI Number.


So if you purchase a HostGator name for $7.00 usd and sell the HostGator name for $750 usd. Fees of selling, let's say 20% which is $150 usd. $750 - 150 = $650 Profit.

$650/$7.00= 92.857% ROI..

Comment #5

Good to see my mathematics degree wasnt wasted lol..

Comment #6

Yofie, that's one way to look at it, and helpful on it's own...but not what I was after in this thread - see original post.

I'm thinking of ROI in a more practical and conservative way. If you buy 100,000 domains for $10 each and sell one for $1,000 your ROI is one-tenth of 1% IMO, not 10,000% IMO, but that's where we make a mistake and think we're doing well when we're not...

Comment #7

Well what's my ROI if I started domaining this August, have spent so far about 250$ and haven't sold a single HostGator yet?.

EDIT: oh I have made almost 5$ on parking..

Comment #8

My bad, forgot to move the decimal point over 2 spots. I thought it looked funny!..

Comment #9


I started domaining on the 22nd of June..

3 Months later, I've had an ROI of about 150%.

Not much, but then over these 3 months, I've picked up names that I know will sell for a decent sum and push my ROI to over 500%.

Frankly, in the first year of domaining, I actually don't hope to achieve a positive ROI. I'm right now only looking to build up my portfolio (which will take atleast an year to reach a respectable size and standard). I've had only one end user sale so far, but with time, as my portfolio increases, it should go up.

So far, I'm satisfied with my investment. I've earned back whatever I spent and made a profit of 50%. I do hope to build a decent income from domaining over the next 4 years.

Oh and I also made about 10% of my total investment back in HostGator parking, but I haven't included that in my ROI because I'm still to get paid for it...

Comment #10

This is exactly how I view it. I would like to sell a few names right now, but it's not absolutely essential. In fact, most of my names will only increase in value in the next few years...

Comment #11

Jacal - the difference in your example lies on for what the ROI is for ...

The ROI for the specific HostGator is 9,900% ... profit is 99X the initial investment ... $1000 revenue - $10 cost = $990 (profit).

While the current ROI for the whole investment is -99% ... $1000 revenue - $1,000,000 costs = -$999,000 (loss) ... but ... there is a stock of 99,999 domains until the end of their registration year ...

If there are no more HostGator sales until they expire after a year , the ROI for the whole investment would then be -99%.

Ssamriga - currently you have -98% ROI ... your profit/loss is $5 - $250 = -$245 (loss) ... therefore your ROI = -$245/$250 = -98/100 = -98% ... but ... you have a stock of X number of domains that are still yours until they expire ...

Eg. if you sell 1 HostGator at $500 ... then your ROI will go straight to 102% ... $505 - $250 = $255 profit ... $255/$250 = 102/100 = 102% ROI.

Sashas - your revenue is at 150% of expenditure/cost/investment not you ROI ... your ROI is 50% ... since you said that you made back your investment and a 50% profit ... but ... again (as above) , you still have a stock of X domains until their expiration date .....

Comment #12

Thoughtful post Godian. I guess it's nearly impossible to figure true ROI on domaining in a way that is 100% accurate. Unlike other things like stocks or real estate, there is no real liquidation value of your inventory. You can't just turn around all of a sudden and sell them all, and even if you could, the value is very hard to calculate.

I've spent xxxx this year total. I've returned 2 x xxxx total. But yes, I have a huge inventory left that's worth something, probably/hopefully a lot. But the absolute safest thing for me to do might be to ignore that(?).

(All I know is that my wife says I better make back in hard cash whatever I put in in hard cash!! She does not care that I still own or whatever )..

Comment #13

All I know is I am definitely way ahead in the +ROI and growing hope to keep it that way...

Comment #14

Domaining ROI: 249%.

Parking income is more than enough to cover renewal expenses of current portfolio...

Comment #15

I value it at $0.00 +/- NP$ per hour.

I do this in my free time so whatever profit I make is just extra icing on the cake..

Comment #16


Yep. to keep it real simple..

If you bought a name for $7 & you sold instantly for $14..

You made a 100% profit.

But there is overheads, least of all time + everything else bills wise..

Comment #17

Time Valuation: There are two options here: IMO.

1. Either you treat Domaining as a Business and all the profits and losses are yours to have. Do it right and enjoy the profits.

2. Start paying salary to yourself from the income of domaining (i.e., sales income, parking income, adsense and affiliate income etc.).

I am doing point no.1 now...

Comment #18

Business secret - but if we had shareholders they would be happy campers.

Offline biz doing exceedingly well. Go go Canadian dollar!..

Comment #19

Crappy US DOLLARSomeone tell me of a bank that can store my money in euros without conversion fees..

Comment #20

HEAVILY in the red with my ROI this year. More invested than i've seen coming back. I should consider doing what WhiteBark is doing, developing mini sites. It seems to be more profitable.

In short, 2007 is a genuine disappointment so far.


Comment #21

Saw this thread right now, couldn't help but post!.

My year has been an investing year. I started this year with registering two TM domains! So negative ROI - LOL!.

I have invested around USD 500 till date, which is roughly Rs. 20,000 (which is actually a formidable amount, here in India). Have received offers upto mid xxx on some of my domains, but then it's been for a few domains only. So I think I 'can recover' my investments easily. Now I am happy with a diverse set of domains across .tv, .in, info, and .com.

Domains that range from to and,,

Have had the courage to pick up a couple of VERY generic adult domains too!.

As far as monetizing domains is concerned, I have recovered cost of two of my domains via PPC! So I guess I am doing good.

We should keep this thread alive to revisit it a couple of months later when 2007 gets over both as an year, and as a financial period. All the best to everyone!..

Comment #22

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