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I got a quick question: What are the latest GoDaddy deals and coupons right now?.

I also got another question: .


We are looking to purchase fresh data..

Interested in all verticals..

Please, we are NOT interested in 123freegift or the newspapers data..

Real data ONLY please..

If you are a real clean data provider you will know what I mean..

Would also appreciate the ability to sample data with reasonable data samples to be able to determine respnsiveness and cleanliness..

Not looking to start a 4 alarm fire and burn down the house every time new data is added..

Please PM me with contact info so we can begin communicating..

Thank you, OC-768..

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Your question was: What are the latest GoDaddy deals and coupons right now?.

I am looking for REAL DATA as well..please help..

Comment #1

Hi guys.

What kind of data are you looking for?..

Comment #2

I have a lot of data. I have coreg, GI, harvested, stuff that's virgin, stuff that's been mailed to (I don't like virgin data myself), and suppression data. I have feeds and reciprocal programs and I can even build you a custom MySQL or MS SQL database and injection script if you wanted...let me know. Like Wanda said on In Living Colour "I gotchu!"..

Comment #3

Dude, you shouldn't post here. Go back to bhw where you belong...

Comment #4

Some douchbag on bhw stole my logo and is parading around forums with it as their avatar... I am pretty pissed.....

Comment #5

Thank you. This guy is a BIG SCAM. I'm telling everyone on here from experience he is a scammer. He sells crap. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH THIS GUY...

Comment #6

Ok, I posted 3 times last night and you replied 3 times behind me. Sounds like someone is really "on my ballz". Can you make room for the ladies, they want some action too.

Seriously, I don't know where this guy comes off, but I have never done business with him and he is a VERY GOOD FRIEND with my nemesis Joshua Greenwood, who is very well known to be a carrier of data that would make your ballz itch.

So, GC, if you have a true testimonial of a time I took your money and did not provide you with a product or service that produces ROI, and then I didn't refund your money and apologize profusely...please post it, but if you just want to run around chasing me to wipe the drool off my mouth...I have a wife that does that for me...

Comment #7

I don't even know where you come from. Never took your money neither...come on now, even Freelancer requires someone to pay a provider before bashing them. that's ridiculous. let me guess, you don't like my hair, or my beautiful wife, or my 600, or my watch, or what?.

You have never done business with me, so you have no room to be mad at me other than envy (what else could it be). I have never taken a dollar that didn't produce return and value without giving a refund (well once, but that's a long story and i'd be happy to clarify if asked) neither you nor anyone that wants to jump aboard can harm that fact..

Also, let me point out that your Avatar is exactly the same as Bama on BHW. Please see exhibit A.

Please notice that Bama has 3 friends, all of whom are Platinum Members of Joshua Greenwood;'s services (my arch nemesis). Please aslo notice that Joshua himself is also a friend (one of the 3) of bamas. So, if you ask're a hater and need to put down the Haterade!.

So, to recap...this douche is not only a douche that has never bought from me, but wants to give some sort of review...but he is a friend of my enemy, a Donor on BHW (which you threw in my face you f#cking hypocrite), and is following JG (which makes him a liability anyways), and to top it all off....


Here's a shot of this guy's current avatar in case he gets all teary-eyed and embarrassed when he sees he got fronted out. Those damn Data Guys...they just know how to research ;-) douche!..

Comment #8

Please PM me with any "experience" that caused you to be upset. I will refund you if you have an authentic complaint. I have no desire to keep your money (if you gave me any) that I did not authentically earn with quality products or services. So, try talking to me about it before being upset in public...that would be the cool thing to do.

If you have bought from me, I apologize for the other posts...I try to be as diligent as possible in making sure my clients are satisfied and, unless you didn't bring it up to me or it was not a valid complaint, then I don't know who you are or how to appease you...

Comment #9

Johnny has always been cool to me and seems like a nice guy.


Comment #10

HAHAHA Bedroom intruder avatar hardly seems to be proof of identity...

Perhaps he was talking about your offer to sell the forum harvested data? If you read the sticky you would know that talk of harvested data is not appreciated here...

Comment #11

Blackbeauty. You can shut all mouths by uploading 1 mill of your best data to sample.


Yeah, that avatar is different bro ... not exactly the same...

Comment #12

Johny's avatar is Antoine Dodson. I would imagine that most people know that..

He is hardly the only person online that has chosen to honor the genius of Antoine Dodson. Antoine Dodson's face is all over the place now so that is pretty weak "evidence".

"Hide your kids! Hide your wife!"..

Comment #13

If you're looking for data then PM me(can check my sales thread)..

Comment #14

Black Beauty,.

You're a real fucking gum shoe brah, You should quit selling data and get a job with the police department. You do realize I'm not Antione Dodson I hope lol.

I have no personal vendetta against you, you just sound like a asshat that trying to sell scraped data and bring unwanted attention to this forum.

Also I don't want to see some poor schmuck get scammed by you for some shitty data or some server they don't need.

Here's a hint, we don't need bullet proof servers if we don't mail shitty data...

Comment #15

Dude, just because Rokso said I sell harvested data does not make it true. You have NEVER bought harvested data from me and neither has ANYONE. I do feel retarded about the Antoine Dodson pic. I didn't even remember him until you said that...but seriously.

I am not pressuring anyone to buy from me. I really don't care if they do or not...I'd like to sell data sure, but I make money it really doesn't press me all that much...that's why I give it away for next to nothing (and for free in some places). And the only time you have ever seen me with data that did not include the IP TD and URL of signup is when I got it from your buddy and gave it away.

I have never used a harvesting tool in my life...never sent to data that I didn't have an IP TD and DofSU on and never has Spamhaus ever has a single header of mine that wasn't can-spam compliant. So,'s just my haters out there telling someone something that's not true...REALLY...

Comment #16

What a scrumptious idea, is a Mil. necessary (I have 100K set aside, but figured 10K was fair to test) Here, this is a sample from a GI feed that I would typically charge $197 per mil. (which is pennies but I am sure you know that) and to make it more genuine is that this is directly out the files that cost a lot less now and is included in my free stuff in my communities.

So, before you judge quality, note price and value...I did not take the time to scrub it again...but it was cleaned pretty well with our system. Role addresses and domains have not been cleaned, but hard bounces and most all traps have..


Instead of me talking so much about my data...somebody PM me for the password and review this, so these guys can shut up or give me a chance?..

Comment #17

That seems odd. I do like the fact that you were willing to post a sample in this thread though, maybe someone will review it. I vote for johnysc lol...

Comment #18

This is, by no means, defensive...because I am smiling at your observation. That was good really. Truth is, I get harvested data sent to me all the time and I give it away on forums and blog comments as link bait, but I do not sell it and I do not mail to it. But again..very good observation. Looking back, I should not have mentioned the fact that I even had it in a post like that ;-)..

Comment #19

Just answered this from another poster, and there was a lot of value in your observation. Also, there was some assumption there as well. I do have harvested data as I would presume you do to and so do most comment was YOU DIDN'T BUY harvested data from me, which is still an authentic statement...

Comment #20

I wouldn't mail BB's data using your servers and domains lol.

He or she is too paranoid and wastes too much time defending himself...

Comment #21

One can only defend themselves when UNDER ATTACK. Please know that I am just as worried about the part in my hair as I am my data reputation. It's not an "online thing"'s a personality thing and I like myself so who cares...but thanks for noticing. ;-)..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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