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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What are the latest GoDaddy coupon vouchers in 2011?.

My main question is: .

If I mail with their setup what prevents them from stealing all my clickers and openers and just using my hard work to mail my best data for themselves?.

Also, are their data feeds shit? I know nobody is gonna share their best data sources on an open forum but since I am just starting out what can I expect to see from their feeds?..

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Your question was: What are the latest GoDaddy coupon vouchers in 2011?.

OK, maybe not right now, good point..

But if I network my way in what would the answer to those questions be?..

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Have any of you guys seen your roi turn to shit shortly after you build a good list of openers? Anyone seen suspicious activity like that with them?..

Comment #2

I just bought an acct @ Aweber. i'm not THAT happy w em atm..

Is there any of these companies that let you import your existing lists and mail them? Aweber lets you import a list but then everyone in the list has to double 'confirm' by clicking your confirmation link before you can mail them. I know they do this to stop all the idiots in the world from uploading garbage data and mailing away it but my lists are all opt-in and clean. (not large lists, just around 1700 contacts).

I havent tried iContact, constantcontact, mailchimp, bloosky yet.... any of these places allow this? if so, wo0t lmk...

Comment #3

Well they have alot of mailers running their data dont they? So it must be pretty abused.....

Comment #4

Constant contact allow that. I use them for people who didn't optin to my mailchimp list, lol..

Comment #5

You can add them into mailchimp as long as they "werent" placed on that list without their consent..

Comment #6

Thanks SuperGenii.

I was wondering if any of you guys have personal experience with them but based on the answers I imagine my assessment is pretty accurate..

So it looks like the best way to get up and running would be to pay more on the front end and buy a solution like Volo.

Sucks that it is so expensive but in the long run it'll be MUCH cheaper as far as ROI goes.....

Comment #7

RE:Bloosky - If you make them consistent money, no. If you make then a few hundred a month - oh YES!..

Comment #8

I got talked into mailing their "good" data once. I got roughly a 60% bounce rate then they wanted .01 an email. Yes, even the ones that hard bounced. I'd never use them again as a data source...

Comment #9

Thanks Crackpot. Yeah, that's ridiculous..

I think the feedback is pretty clear here.

I am looking into other solutions...

Comment #10

LOL. OK, I'm steering clear of them for sure...

Comment #11

I would try Cypra media, they might be a little expensive but they are trustworthy in regards to data, and their mail platform is very good...

Comment #12

Say away from dirty-ass bloosky, they only give good data to mailers who make 20K and over. Everyone else gets the shit co-reg and don't believe them when they say they give you scrubbed data, 60% of it will bounce and they cannibalize their data. Everyone and their mother is mailing BS data, so proceed with caution...

Comment #13

Cypra. Thanks..

Haven't heard about them yet..

Anyone else try them out?..

Comment #14

Bloosky has always did me right, then again like any relationship, you get back what you put in. started at the bottom with shit data on the top with their best feeds a few 2 years later, no complaints.

Sure they bang data, but if you can show me any data that is given out/sold/rev shared that isn't beat to shit before you get it, ill show you some nice swamp land in Florida for sale...

Comment #15

Huh? There *is* swamp land in florida...

The point of the expression is for something that doesnt exist, such as oceanfront land in Arizona...

Comment #16

Any ESP can steal your data, any ISP can sniff and steal your data. Bottom line is you must seed your lists and monitor. What makes you think bloosky will steal the lists specifically?..

Comment #17

I've only ever heard good things about them. For what it's worth...

Comment #18

I've worked with Bloo for almost a year now and I can say nothing but professionalism on one of the highest quality platforms I've had a chance to work with. Their support is phenomenal and friendly and is available at no cost 24/7.

Many providers will just hand you the platform and expect you to learn it on your own- not with Bloo. Their tech guys will hop on a phone call with you for hours just to get you rolling. As for data, I don't have any complaints because it is making me plenty of money as well as a few other colleagues of mine..

If you are having issues with Bloo, trying taking your concerns directly with them, I'm sure they will be more than happy to assist you with any problems you're encountering. They are a quality company and should not be misrepresented because of some rogue posts...

Comment #19

Mailing with bloosky is the biggest waste of time possible..

Comment #20

Any other recommendations for good rev shares out there?..

Comment #21

They aren't being misrepresented here. What people wrote here I hope are their genuine experiences with the company and I firmly believe they are based on my personal experiences with their data..

It's good you had a positive experience with them, but not everyone has based on the posts. It's disingenuous at best to suggest they're misrepresenting the experience they had with them...

Comment #22

Bloosky's top guys = Balling.

Rookies = data cleaners for top guys..

Comment #23

I didn't mean to be hostile or anything. My apologies if I came off as such. I just wanted to thoroughly express that I've had much success with them in all aspects. I also understand others may have had similar experiences, as with anything..


Comment #24

Yeah I've run with Bloosky in the past. Had some good returns on the first list I sent them, then I sent them a 2nd even larger list and the return was EVEN WORSE than the first! Since then I've tried a few different systems. Right now I'm using Adstation, but looking to switch over to something with less issues and higher payout.

Whats everyone else using? Would love to do some split testing and see which works best for me..

Comment #25

I've worked with Cypra extensively. Oscar and crew are very good people..

Be forwarned they will want to due a "VAT" test on your data to make sure it's worthwhile. They will charge you a blended monthly fee/CPM to use their services..

Their mail platform is competent. As part of your fees they will help you manage your IP rep and even assist in mitigating complaints. Cypra will hold your hand and give you step by step instructions on how to mail. They'll map out a plan with the intention of giving you the best chance of success..

Cypra prefers to use very small amounts of IPs and will try to guide you into getting whitelisted by whichever ISPs you're mailing to..

Cypra isn't for everyone. It may or may not be what you're looking for..

You will need your own server and IPs to use Cypra...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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