What are the downsides of registering a domain name with

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My first question is: What are the downsides of registering a domain name with

My next question is: Urgent! Need it fast within 24 hrs!!.

I need to buy a .com for a client but then he wants a WHOIS gaurd I mean HostGator Privacy.

At godaddys I think it will cost me around $8 so was looking if any other registrar provided it for free with new .com registration.

Even something cheap like $3 or $4 for it will do. But then I need it really soon. Rather 24 hrs.

Just got 24 hrs turn around time..

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Your question was: What are the downsides of registering a domain name with free whois guard plus the .coms are only $5.99!..

Comment #1

@ontype, Moniker I checked out it says $4 for privacy.

Wow! Tivo is that true??? .com for 5.99 with free WHOIS Privacy??? Any catch..

Comment #2

No catch. I use everytime for fresh regs. I trust them and many members here do as well, not to mention they are teamed with google..

Comment #3

Maybe it depends on the account, it shows $2 in my account...

Comment #4

Wow! Thats great. Will check out moniker again.

Name .com sounds good.

BTW tivo hope they accept paypal.

Thanks Rep++ to both..

Comment #5

I've recently started moving to name.comI have no complaints so far, the price is right and I dont' think they have any skeletons in their closet like so many services in this business.

And yes accepts paypal for domains and services...

Comment #6

Thanks for the assist scabies!.

Payapal is accepted and painless to use!..

Comment #7

Thanks again!!.

Finally make it to cos $5.99 with privacy is excellent as per me and compared to others. How come I never noticed them earlier..

Comment #8

I honestly dont know why more people dont go to them. They are top of the line and in my opinion provide a better service than most other registars...

Comment #9

Hi tivo!!.

Bought up a HostGator at finally.

Yes they are good but then every thing is their ouw custom and manuall. You need to manually lock your domain, manually activate privacy ect.. Might be thats the reason why people re not much impressed with it.

Hey by the way can you help me a bit with the DNS???.

How do I configure it there???.

It says Cant get what they actually ment. I changed all their NS to the one's of my host but then this comes up and still the HostGator points to the parked page itself??.

How do I fix that...

Comment #10

The manual function of unlocking and the privacy is actually a lot better than most other registars. I have heard that some registars make you call them to unlock domains eeeekkk!!!.

As far the DNS stuff that is just a disclaimer to let you know that the apps and such that offers will not work unless you point to their nameservers. Which is fine because who uses that crap anyways lol.

The site has not prognated to your server yet that is why it is not showing up. It has nothing to do with It can take up to 72 hours for a site to resolve correctly on a server.

Good Luck!..

Comment #11 and are both under the same company.

You may find the same people reply to both registrars.

It's one of my favorite so far (the last years).

If you see most of my current names are under

Not that they are 101% perfect but I solved them without any significant problem..

Comment #12


Yes! You were correct. kinda funny disclaimer. Now after 6hrs I see that it's pointing to my siteRelaxed a bit no.

Untill now I have used only Godadday and there most of the things are auto, domains get locked once you buy them, forward, DNS change start working within couple of minutes. And you get a mail for security reasons stating that your DNS has been changed,..

Comment #13

GoDaddy just kind of does everything for you basically so they can make more money. For instance they automatically check the box for auto renew. Which IMO is kind of lame if you are not paying attention.

Where as lets you set a remider to send you an email how many ever days before the HostGator expires. Which I think is way better than auto renew.

I think that is kind of a "Let YOU do what YOU want" kind of registar. I have never been asked to add something on to my purchases that cost money, nor has any extra boxes been checked that I dont want, unlike GoDaddy which trys to sell you about 300 things at once.

Good Luck! Hope everything works out!..

Comment #14

Ha ha ha!!.

Agree to your point there. That is the case. Actually while registring at Name I was looking for the page asking you to add stuff so that I can deselect and checkout!.

Anyways it's great! This is the first time I have used them.

By the way dont they provide WHOIS privacy with .us??? Or is it that you cant take privacy for .us registered anywhere?..

Comment #15

I dont think you can get WHOIS privacy on a .us or .uk name anywhere...

Comment #16

Oh! Got it!.

Just gave it a glance cos the HostGator which I was registering it's .com .net was inavailable but .biz and .us was available. So had made up to buying the .us but then finally changed it and bought another .net cos of the privacy issue...

Comment #17

I'll vote for as well. I do all my fresh registrations with them. Their bulk change tool is easy. I have absolutely no complaints thus far. doesn't do coupons really, but for $5.99 do they need to? Top notch registrar...

Comment #18

There was a 10% off coupon for .coms a while back but it expired. They get them every once in a while for like big events and such. Other than that who really needs one at these prices LOL...

Comment #19

Also offer this...and they're pretty cheap too, I use them for most of my domains....

Comment #20

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