What are the default A Names for GoDaddy's domain hosting?

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My first question is: What are the default A Names for GoDaddy's domain hosting?.

My next question is: Michael Berkens with an excellent post at

Looking at the draft flow chart that ICANN has posted for the process of obtaining new extensions, it looks like it may not be a quick and easy process as the press described.

Certainly you can count next year out.

An extension can be knocked out by if it is too similar to reserved names or existing TLDs and /or likely to cause instability.

If it passes that test it still can be knocked out if someone files an objection, on any one of 4 grounds:.

String Confusion.

Existing legal rights.

Morality and Public Order.

Community Objection.

Interesting that one of the objections is stated as existing legal rights which is very ambiguous which would certain go further than just trademarks and may cover,.

As discussed a few days ago, keywords on the left side of the dot trying to be made into a keyword on the right of the dot, especially for long established sites.

Here is the flow chart

Looks like #3 knocks out .xxx..

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Your question was: What are the default A Names for GoDaddy's domain hosting?.

Doesn't surprise me either Arnie, those who do not have great com/net/org names will champion it on jealousy alone, and before anyone goes off, I am not saying everyone, but some just like it because they think it will bring .com valuation down.

I still have not heard anyone intelligently state why the public who does not know .biz or .jobs or .travel and sometimes their own country code like .us. Why are they going to get .shop and .store and .whateverotheruselessvanity?..

Comment #1

Wow as I have stated, the only people that will be getting these will be huge companies like microsoft that will use them for their uses. Other than that I really dont see to many PEOPLE actually buying in to this and actually getting an application through this. As arnie has said, "market swamped and a global recession". This is a huge reason why new extensions will be hindered even if they do get through this.

Good Luck to whoever actually applies for this crap...

Comment #2

Hmm... money and a good enough reason.

Tell me, how is this different from the old way of applying for a TLD?..

Comment #3

Oh there will be applications, and some new extensions. A lot less, I suspect than ICANN hopes. And the office work needed will undoubtedly swamp their staff (wanna bet that ICANN is ready for this?).

The most disturbing part of this is for those who buy domains - including those who pay a lot of money at auction, only to have the registry close in a year or two. Wonder if those domains will be grandfathered somehow - or if the buyers will be SOL...

Comment #4

I have read alot on this, myself, and believe the cost involved to all parties, the technical management, and the mear confussion of the public will make this into a dead lump of coal for all but the biggest companies. I'm starting to think that, like most domainers, ICANN's eyes here are bigger than it's stomach. And domainers who are thinking this is going to be huge for them, had better realize it's going to take huge pockets to start with...

Comment #5

This will give the entity forming the extension a lot more control over the topic they are interested in.

For example, say the national basketball association created the .nba extension. They could then make web sites for specific NBA players, with no chance of the HostGator getting into a domainer's hands. Visitors could be reassured that .nba domains are all approved by the association, etc.

Or maybe that would just make a great vanity domain,

What about gaming consoles, maybe they will find a way to profit off of this. SgtRock.HALO could contain my personal stats for halo, and maybe a chance to get marketed to in a very targetted manner.

I just think this will allow large companies a chance to get creative with their domains. Maybe it will not amount to much, but I expect there will be a flurry of activity as companies try to figure out if this is an opportunity to dominate their niche in some manner.

A large part of marketing is branding for the future, not just getting the customer in the door, but making sure they remember how to get back. A unique extension might just do that.

I bet ICANN will work pretty hard with companies to ensure a flow of new extensions...

Comment #6

There will be big money to come if you can snare - .go, .fun, .sex etc. If the people behind .asia can sell as many as they did without idn support...

Domainers will always grab 25-30000 HostGator names in every extension when it first appears covering the best keywords etc...

Comment #7


Good point you made: I think the major benefit to the large companies that will be able to handle this in customers remembering how to get back to them. For those companies, this will be a huge benefit. For most, however, it will amount to next-to nothing IMHO. As to knowing it's the "official" website: That can be helpful also, but unless the TDL is a term they are world-known by without any confussion already, that won't help over the current status of who's really who in a domain...

Comment #8

I don't understand why huge companies would want to waste there money on this! If you are already a huge company ie Microsoft, then what would they actually gain from having their own ext .microsoft?.

For one you only have to type in microsft on any of the search engines and they come out #1 with, why on earth would they need to change to another extension? Even if they did, who the hell wants to type in a 9 letter ext? Nobody! So they would have to rely on SEO.........Why go to all that trouble when you are #1 now???.

Sorry, I cannot see this happening and believe this is going to go down like a lead balloon...

Comment #9

Yep, excellent example with .nbaI expect we'll see that along with .mlb, .nfl, .nhlI doubt there will be a landslide of new publicly available extensions, it will be mostly used privately by large organizations for sites like or ...

Comment #10

But, they may not need .microsoft...... Perhaps some other term that ties into a product. I think "Why?" will be the focus of a lot of internal meetings, as corporations try to figure out how this might affect them.

Not related, but a good example, several years ago, I asked why anyone would pay the premium price for a .TV when so many non premiums were still available...... and, uhhh, I seem to have missed the boat. Several boats, actually...

Comment #11

"An extension can be knocked out by if it is too similar to reserved names or existing TLDs and /or likely to cause instability.

So much for getting some nice .CON names..

Comment #12

Let me start by saying the obvious: NOTHING will dethrone the .com. That's a big 'no duh' to most but there are still ppl who think otherwise.

Now: All of this can benefit the industry a million fold if the right things emerged. I'm happy that the difficulty to get our own ext is high since if it was easy, EVERYONE would get them. Hell, I'd get .arch, just for the mere fun of it. So we should be thankful that it's as difficult as it is.

BUT why would anyne want one? Sure, .mlb .nba etc. would be fun but there aren't too many uses for them (whereas a .info could be used for info on anything, has no practical use). I do believe Yahoo, MSN, eBay, Google and/or Myspace will apply for one, just to better monopolize on. And I really don't see ANY vanity ext ever coming out. I doubt Myspace would ever get a .myspace, .go, .fun etc might make it someday.

And a .go would be GREAT! .com is king but who wouldn't want a .go?..

Comment #13

No two letter extensions - reserved for countries. So .Go is No Go.

It is good to see that the shock of this has worked through. A number of people were thinking it was the end of domaining. I doubt it will have much effect. But there will likely be more shocks - that is why they call it speculation...

Comment #14

As has been mentioned in this thread, .nhl .nba, .mlb would make sense for a some sports teams and companies with very short abbreviations, after 3 letters it's starts to get real slopy IMO.

But as for vanity and other wannabe domains, we already have them and no one cares about them: .travel who cares, .jobs who cares, .biz who cares .pro who cares .name who cares, would mention a couple more extensions that I have deliberately left out because the die hards would crash the thread.

Plus the icann stipulations (quote: equity78) are going to make it even hard for the rich and corps to push an extension through, I agree with the stipulated rights too, so there should be :.

-String Confusion.

-Existing legal rights.

-Morality and Public Order.

-Community Objection.

Also quote from maximum: "The mear confussion of the public will make this into a dead lump of coal for all but the biggest companies".

Quote from equity78: "Doesn't surprise me either Arnie, those who do not have great com/net/org names will champion it on jealousy alone".

That says it all, people who think this will affect .com in any way negatively are 'jealous' because they don't have 'quality' .com HostGator names like those of us that do.

It should also be noted, that once you step away from a perfect neutral extension like .com to say something that exists now like .travel or one that may exist in the future like .fun, you will create cross website confusion to a web surfer, your website under .fun is no longer unique, people will confuse unrelated websites as the same company, say and, people will think 'fun' is the 'company' and 'castle' is a subdomain and 'island' is a subdomain of a company called 'fun' when really they are competing websites that don't want to be related to each other at all. They just happen to be using the dodgey new possible future HostGator extension '.fun'.

Can't beat the short 'neutral' HostGator name extension .com, just isn't going to happen IMO..

Comment #15

.go would have been the only ext that could rival .com IMO since it's short and a verb. But it couldn't have ever posed a true challenge to .com. Since .go is, as stated above, a 'no-go' I guess this is a moot point at this time.

Vanity domains are pretty much a is too limited (other than vehicles, destinations and whatnot, most everything else wouldn't make practical sense. has a strong keyword but...). And .name? I bought a ( on ebay for about $2 & couldn't sell it for $3. I let it drop. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, I let a LLL drop. Doesn't that show you how worthless vanity exts are?.

I admit that this was a fun idea but it should have been left as that: an idea on the drawing board. It likely will not last...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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