What are the daily Point targets for Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: What are the daily Point targets for Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... I have no desserts and my shipment wont be in for a few days...oops..

Is there something else I can eat instead for the dessert serving??.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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I was going to check the sugar free jellow pudding stats next time I'm in the store...

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Dessert about 100 cals = 1 dairy & 1 fruit.

NS Dessert Entree averages = 110 cal, 3.25 g fat, 12 g carb, 10 g protein.

(range 80-160 calories).

Try the 100 calorie packs, various snack bars (read labels)... Note - they usually do not contain the same amount of protein that the Nutrisystem desserts have - you may want to select dairy/protein grocery addtions that contain more protein to compensate..

Check into the various protein bars - some may have reasonably close calories to the Nutrisystem dessert bars, but again, may not have comparable protein amounts..

Genisoy soy chips are near matches for the Nutrisystem soy chips....

I've also seen some pudding mixes with high protein at CarbSmart - don't know how they taste though..

You could also try the No-Pudge brownies - can make indiv servings - they don't have the protein, but someone posted about adding whey protein to them..

The south beach cereal bars @ 140 cals & 10 gr protein are pretty close to Nutrisystem breakfast & dessert bars.


Comment #3

GenSoy Ultra bars, PureProtein bars (the small ones, not the Mega-Ginormous ones.

), sugar-free pudding - I use/add powdered milk to punch up the protein and I'm about to jump on whey protein due to lactose issues, 1/2 a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, Schwan's mini ice cream sandwiches, Luna bars (Lemon Zest and Dulce de Leche are lowest fat choices), Kashi GoLean bars (but pick the lowest fat flavor you can get) or nut rolls (a little higher total calories than many Nutrisystem desserts but lots o' protein)....

Can you tell I LOVE dessert?!?.

This is the hardest part of Nutrisystem for me to miss when I run out. I can wing it with the meals but dessert is a tough one. Hope you don't have to wait too long!.


Comment #4

Thanks everyone! Too bad I didn't read this until 10 o clock and the store is closed! I put some waldens farm chocolate on half a banana and stuck it in the fridge to get my chocolate craving..

I might try some fat free sugar free pudding too. (Thanks Kathy!)..

Comment #5

Fudgcicles are good and low cal. Also Skinny Cow has good ice cream desserts. Klondike also has Skinny Bear products that are good choices...

Comment #6

I had some subsituted items in my last shipment which I saved till the end of the month...deciding I didnt want to try them I used the zone protein bar for 2 or 3 nights. They were pretty tasty...

Comment #7

I like the slim-a-bear's 100 calories "klondike bar" almost as good as the "real thing" and helps with my choc and icecream cravings!..

Comment #8

Kashi granola bars are perfect for the stats. Whole grains, good protein..

Comment #9

Go to They have substitutes for all Nutrisystem foods..

Comment #10

Well I went to NYC for an internship for the summer and I left all my food at my parents house thinking I wouldn't be able to stay on Nutrisystem there. When I came back all the desserts were missing! My mother swears no one ate them and blames the dogs....hmmmmm, I don't think soooo! lol..

Comment #11

That is so funny! I've caught my husband sneaking some of my desserts as well. It just shows how good they really are!..

Comment #12

I make sugar free Jell-O pudding with FF milk, and add 1 scoop of soy protein powder to it (to up the protein like an Nutrisystem dessert). YUMMMIE!..

Comment #13

I love the Skinny Cow Mint ice cream cones. I forget the exact #'s on the packaging, but they're satisfying and definitely not overboard with the calories, etc. Pretty yummy for a frozen change of pace..

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