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Got a question... What are the best snacks to each on the Nutrisystem plan? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... Hey Ya'll ..... good morning and welcome to the 3 day lets celebrate Alie's birday party weekend thread!!!!!.

<insert champagne popping and confetti falling pic here>.

Stop by and give her your lovings ... cuz shes an amazing person and totally deserves it!.

<insert 2 peeps hugging tight here>.

I have to admit this is the only time I feel like a LAME-O cuz I dont know how to do all them cool pics like she does in her threads I must make it a goal to learn that this year ... She'll have to school me.

But ....

<insert pic of teacher standing by a student sitting behind a desk>.

You dont need all them pics to celebrate with her this joyous occasion!.

On a personal note, let me tell you Ms. Alie just how much you have touched my life since you joined the ZONE. You are truly ONE amazing cookie for sure. You have been such a warm welcome .. my right hand with the biggest heart ever, I cant even begin to tell you!.

<insert sappy heart pic here>.

So on your birthday weekend, I hope you have the most FAB time and that DH treats you SUPER kind and like the queen you are!.

<insert pic of limo here>.

So enjoy your time, eat a small piece of cake and know that we owe you a few spankings!.

<insert really cool bday cake pic here with lotta flickering candles>.

Happy Birthday Alie We Love You!!!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1


Good Night all,.

I will be here on day shift Saturday..

Ok, Zoner choir here we go.



A- Three.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Alie.

Happy birthday to you.

Or we could of done the rocking version the play in the baseball fields, but I dont know that one..


Comment #2


Happy Birthday Alie!.

You are the Sweetest Friend Ever.

I totally agree with Aeri and Tim - you deserve the bestest Birthday weekend ever! And to celebrate, I'm taking Monday off !!!..

Comment #3

You know, I kinda figured with the license talk and all someone special had a birthday sneaking up.

I'm at work, imodium in hand and watered down gatorade in my coffee cup. WTH?? I miss my coffee, do you know the kind of headaches I'm having? My stomach just won't tolerate anything other than gatorade and non salted crackers.

Let's see how long I last or go home running. I need hugs, ok wait until I'm better, the doc says this is highly contagious.

Oh maybe I can pass it along to others at work? Ok maybe not, but I need to get some stuff done and then hopefully I can go home to my fuzzy slippers and very short walk to the bathroom...

Comment #4

Ty I worked really hard finding all those pictures.

I didnt want you to wake up w/out knowing how LOVED you are! everyone needs to know that on their bday .. and well uhm they would know it MORE had I made it to the post office as well.


Wow listen to that voice.

Nice job timmy.

Oh sweetness you have got to be miserable.

I can atleast say all my cooties stayed in my chest ...(ok boys stop thinking bout my chest.

) so thats why I still got the cough ... and I dont think I was contagious.

Honey bunny you should be in bed !!!!!!!!!!!! DH's motto on being sick is "sweat it out" so he always piles like 7 blankets on me lol course once he leaves I kick 6 off.

I sure hope you get to feeling better ....

Lemme tell you what my dr. says bout immodium ... I'll pm you! Muahz to your forehead..

Comment #5

Dances round the birthday girl ............ throwing glitter in the air .......

Comment #6

Aeri- Just find a pic, right click and select Copy location...then click the little icon above the reply box that looks like a mountain landscape and paste the addee in the box that pops up- technically that's hot linking directly back to the site, which is frowned upon but they can always boot you and then your pic's easier than saving it and uploading it to a hosting site like flickr, but you CAN do that and then just paste in the flickr addee..

Comment #7

Oooo dang I think those are MUCH better then my use your imagination pics LMAOOOOOOOOO ... LOVE it.

Oh oh oh Im gonna try that heh..

Comment #8

LMAO ok apparently Im still not quite smart enuff but that is a bday cake just so you know LMAO..

Comment #9

Well well well ... lookie dere.

You can teach an old dawg new tricks.

Ty ty ty so much marie!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #10

Ok so IT hottie is messing w/the laptop tryin to get it all dialed in so I can do some work from home this weekend oooooh joy! lol.

Omg now that I can do the lil pics.

Watchhhhhhh out world!..

Comment #11

Hey I wonder if it's that easy leaving it on someones page too? when you leave a comment?..

Comment #12

Hola amigos, viva Fiesta Friday!!! Feliz Cumpleaos Alie!!!!.

I don't do fancy pictures.... but here's a hug ((( ))) !!! Hope your day is a good one!!.

Work still sucks but the weekend is here.... ariva!!!!..

Comment #13

I got on from work to sneak in and say hello, responded to a bunch of posts in here and then, wouldn't ya know it....

My wifi stopped working..

Thank you sweetie! And thanks for helping to celebrate..

Hope you feel better reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllll soon! *hugs* don't worry, I won't catch what you got form this distance..

I know ya love me even with out the post office..

Dances with you.

Thank you! Love the cake and the tall drink ain't too bad either..

Woohoo! look at you! Just rememberthat it's a 15 image limit. Smilies AND images!.

Lmao You so smart!.

Thanks Mikey!.

Just so you all know, it's not till tomorrow but thank you so much! Don't worry, you don't hafta wish me happies tomorrow too...

Comment #14

I'm going to go spend some QT with DH so I'll see you in the morning...

Comment #15

Hey you.

Man you been MIA for a week now you must be crazy busy see what happens when you take vacations?.

Omg now I gotta count smileys AND pics? ffs .... we gonna celebrate ALL weekend btw.

Oooo that is "code" for some nookie.

Jus sayin..

Comment #16

Ok folks got IT hottie coming over early.

Hope early is noon LMAO ... see ya tomorrow birthday girl..

Comment #17

Goood Moornnnning..

How you doing this morning..

I see Kama is up to watch the sun rise this monring..

Working today, so I will be able to check in from time to time.


Comment #18

Happy Birthday Miss Alie.

Have a great birthday weekend..

Comment #19

This is the stomach virus My Bride and I had 2 weeks ago. It is frightening. I thought it was food poisoning..

Comment #20

Happy happy birthday weekend Alie!.

I hope ya saved me some vodka! Oh heck with the vodka, share the hunk!..

Comment #21

Lmao yes you do have to countNot so hard though... cause they'll let you know when you're over..

Good morning!.

Thank you Kama!.

Morning Tim! Hope you got some sleep!.

Thank you Rick!.

Thanks Annie... I'll share the Vodka...

Comment #22

Any hot birthday weekend plans?.

I know hot is impossible in most states including mine..

Steeler game and hot chili here later today. And some quality tub time to soak my old geezer bones!!..

Comment #23

Today is one of the few days, I will be rooting with Donkey, and Robby. Go Steelers, crush those ugly purple birds..

Comment #24

We fully appreciate the support Tim!!.

Wave the terrible towel!! (if ya don't have one, use your bath towel)..

Comment #25

Nope. Think I am going to go to Petsmart with my mom and then my sister is bringing me birthday brownies with the fam around 3. I figured DH could eat the brownies...

Comment #26

They are not those green brownies.

I used to see in college are they?..

Comment #27

I remember some intersting "college brownies" also. (loved the crunch!).

I think that was a fiber serving because "plants" are fiber wich is what I learned in Biology...

Comment #28

Yep, I wonder how many people have tried that line with the police? Honest officer, my doctor said I needed more Fiber.


Comment #29

I never got caught with the fiber line..

But here's a line that I can vividly remember being pulled over for. (there were plenty more).

We were under legal age driving home from a football game. There was free quarts of beer right there on the road..

Of COURSE we picked them up..

And were pulled over within 2 blocks..

The officer that witnessed it all asked what me and my friends were doing picking up beer from the middle of the road?.

I told him "Someone littered and we didn't want a car running over glass".

He took the beer away (d@mn!) but my spin on why we took it saved us..

None of us drank it anyway in that short amount of time so no point getting in trouble!!!..

Comment #30

Rick - it's so sweet you still call your sweetie your Bride.

Goodness it was awful! I would not wish it on anyone!.


Enjoy your afternoon sweetie..

Comment #31

Haha! No, and she didn't make them..

She bought them. They were the fudgy ones. I'm not a big fan of them anyhow so my thighs are saved..

That's a good point!.


That's entrapment! Good thing you didn't drink any!.

Thanks Kama!..

Comment #32

So my mom and I went down to Petsmart and picked up a couple things. I picked out matching sweaters for the boys, but they are all too small..

So DH is going to exchange them tomorrow. I also got Chewie a puff vest with matching booties. Again, too small and I got him the XL! Kitties got a little warming thingy to snuggle with..

Btt we got home, my sister & her fam and my dad and his s.o. were there. so we all hung out for an hour or so and then they all went home..

Now I am going to scratch some tickets, hope I win and go snuggle on the couch..

Thank you all for the special birthday and wishes!..

Comment #33

Good morning everyone!.

Happy Sunday!.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Not too bad here. The sun is shining so that's always a good thing..

Bad thing is that our roof is leaking. Good thing is that it's in the pool hall and not the bedroom or bathroom or movieroom. Bad thing is that it's a HUGE section of roof, one whole half..

Good thing is that it's only in one corner. Bad thing is that the whole roof on that side of the house needs to be re-done, boards to shingles... the pitch is too low. Good thing is that we have been waiting for it to go, we've known it had to be replaced for some time. Bad thing is that sh*t is going to cost a lot! God thing is.... well, I can't think of a good thing to balance that right now..

I've got to balance my checkbook, pay some bills, do the chores, run to the store and find some time to relax today..

What about you? What have you got planned?..

Comment #34

Ugh! Sorry to hear about the roof. Sounds expensive!.

I guess the scratch tickets didn't yield enough to take care of that problem?.

Nothing major going on here today. I still haven't unpacked from my Philly trip so that has to happen. Football, bill paying, garbage day..

Life is exciting!!..

Comment #35

Yah, as exciting as mine..


Nope, only got $5..

No extra zeros...

Comment #36


Sound like you has a.


Party for your birthday.

Don't know how you survived..

Back on night shift next week..


Comment #37

Since I promised to change my photo when Linda changed hers, here it is, it is a little old................

Comment #38

Good Night all. I sent Alie my most recent photo, I was much cuter at 18.

But like I said, all I did was promise to change my avatar when Linda did...

Comment #39

Hey ya'll IT hottie came over had dinner and got me drunk tonite.

Holy heck we drank a whole bottle of barenyager doing shots then moved onto another type of shot called almond joys.

Tomorrow Im gonna be hurting I can feel it lol ... but s'all good ...

So for all youz that gotta work tomorrow like I do ... see you in the morning..

Comment #40

Such a cheater..

No it wasn't a big party. A big party would have involved lots of people..

Or are you talking about that cake? lol.

*pulls out the super large mug, tall glass of water, aspirin and earmuffs to muffle the loud noises of the day..

You'd better take it easy...

Comment #41

Good morning gang! *yawns* I'm very tired..

DH got home around 9:30 and then decided it was a good time to watch Despicable Me. Cute movie..

Anyhow, of course it's past 11 when it ends and then up to bed and then he rolls towards me to "snuggle" and we all know how that ends up..

Needless to say, my alarm started going off an hour ago and I rolled outta bed about 1/2 hour ago. I'm too tired..

However, while he was out at a friend's last night, I did manage to pack my lunch for the next 3 days. Salad with cukes and baby bellas, broccoli with light ranch dipping dressing, a yogurt and a couple Clementines imported from FL..

That way I have plenty of snacks too. Next week I'll make some tuna for sandwiches..

I'm hoping not to get home too late this week as I'll be in Manchester. And I need to get some workouts in. No point in doing half the job, right?.

DH exchanged the clothes for the "kids" last night. I'll have to load up some pics tonight for you guys..

I do need to alter Neptune's sweater though. They don't give them enough shoulder room..

Okay, I've got to take someone out into the freezing tundra before he starts barking his head off..

Have a great day folks!!!..

Comment #42

Whatchu doing up so early.

Sec new thread on da way ......

Comment #43

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