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First of all What are the best Nutrisystem recipes? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Just a question in regards to how you felt when you began your journey and finally settled on Nutri-system..

How high was your "believability factor" when you began? At what point did it finally click with you that "Hey, this may actually get me where I need to go!" ???.

I am feeling great about my loss so far and it has been almost automatic - but my version of "Marty" keeps whispering in my ear that ultimately it will fail. Perhaps it's some psychological thing, a fear of succeeding?.

You all have proven that it works (and that you are winners), but did you always have the confidence from the start or did you gain it through the journey?.

Sorry for the rambling post, but a lot of this is psychological, it seems, and I like to learn from successful people..

Thanks for any responses...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Mesturge, I was hoping you'd comment in this thread. Thanks...

Comment #2

I had no friggin confidence at all that I would succeed. I thought It'd do one month and then drop it like an rock. I really thought nothing would work for me cause I loved my food and hated all veggies. I also didn't think It'd give up all my sugary soda drinks. I think I really gained confidence that it could work and I could finish when I lost my first 100, I could start to see my goal then. You just gotta shut out that negative voice in your ear and keep going. When it becomes routine, that's when you hit your stride.Y.,..

Comment #3

Not a 100# vet, but my experience was similar to Bartlet's. Just gave it a shot and it worked...

Comment #4

I'm close 96.4 lbs. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started, but after the first week and a 9 lb loss, I was hooked. I felt good about the food I was eating for once, and I didn't feel like I was starving myself. I knew at that point this program was going to work for me. As for having the confidence from the start, I did not. Just knew that I couldn't continue eating the way I was. Now that I'm almost at goal I would say that my confidence has definately increased along this journey...

Comment #5

You guys are truly inspirational..

I was skeptical about Nutrisystem until I got here and saw the results real fat folks like me were actually getting..

You've not only helped yourselves but a lot of other new folks needing hope...

Comment #6

I didn't have any confidence at all either. I told myself I'd do it for one month and when it didn't work I would quit. I lost 36 pounds the first month so I decided to keep going but I still didn't think it would last. I'd lost weight before and couldn't keep it off. It's something I still struggle with because I have such a long way to go to reach goal, but a few months in I realized that I could do this and it became second nature..

Getting rid of a bunch of my old clothes last week was sort of cathartic for me. It was that public expression that I wouldn't be going back...

Comment #7

I have been on so many diets in my life. I would loose, cheat, gain it all back and then some. I was resigned to being fat and dying young. Nutrisystems was one last effort before gastric bypass. Im glad I made the choice, and Im glad that I finally get it. This is eating changes for life, to save my life...

Comment #8

When I started, I didn't really think I would ever reach my goal weight. It was more of a dream weight, not realistic (or I didn't think). I thought I could try it for a month or two maybe even three or four months and lose a little weight to be somewhat socially acceptable as just a big guy, not the sloppy fat guy..

Then I started NS, I could not believe my weekly results. So I kept doing another week and another week, the weight loss was slowing down, but I still liked the loss. Plus after 6 weeks or so it was easy, I was use to the eating smaller portions and eating more often..

Well those weeks turned into months, those months turned into a year, and then 16 months later I had lost 150 pounds. That was 14 months ago, so I've been maintaining for over a year too. So you can lose the weight, you can keep it off. I'm proof of that fact. I'm no one special, I'm just an average Joe. I don't even go to the gym, I just work out a little at home..

Below is a picture of my results. Just stay strong, stay true, you 'll find the success story in you...

Comment #9

/\ Hey Jonah, where's all your gross stretch marks??..

Comment #10

(Jonah ... this is the part where you say "On my d*ck!", b*tch!)..

Comment #11

Hey Sean, I guess that woman showing up in the men's room really fired you up today, or is it just another Monday!..

Comment #12

I'm cranky today, man..

The freaking receptionist who makes mindless office-related purchases read an article last week about the evils of caffeine and tried to slip in a tub of 1/2 caffeine (Lite) coffee without telling us .... So yeah, I started off my day b*tching with the other divas in the break room about that bullsh*t (I get up at 4:30am to lift weights y'all - I need a bump to keep me running into lunch) .... I guess she cried once she realized how bad she screwed up (and after a reprimand by her boss about pushing her views/beliefs on coworkers - she's done this crap before, btw)..

So yeah ... I got that bad karma going for me ... oh she's a cancer survivor too I case anyone wants to really pile on me...

Comment #13

Yea, trying sneak 1/2 caff into people on the sly is not cool. I mean, I've basically given up caffiene. I no longer have caffinated coffee more than twice a month. But that was.




Battle. Not inflicted upon me by people who should mind their own business. I mean, it'd have been fine if should made multiple pots of coffee and just labeled them correctly (fully leaded/half-caff/unleaded)..

To the original poster, I also had zero confidence at first. This was something I was gonna do for one month, so I could tell my dad "Look, I friggin' tried it alright? It didn't work now SHUT UP about me being fat." I mean I did want to lose weight. And I sure as hell didn't want to buy anything larger than size 48 slacks. And I have some scarily huge uncles who I really didn't want to end up like. One of them can't even walk anymore. He can't have many years left.

It's horrible. And I did not want that to be me..

I had a lot of conflicted hope/scorn-for-hope/leave-me-alone going on in my head..

Then I lost like 7 lbs the first week. And it occured to me that there just might be something to this. I wasn't sure though because there were still some hunger issues in week one. But those vanished at the end of week two and I'd lost another 6-7 lbs that week too. Then I started doing the math and said Holy sh*t I could be done in a year, easy. Well, I didn't count on the fact that the rate of loss does decrease.

But still. Compared to seeing people riding the motorized scooters at the grocery store and morbidly wondering if that was my fate.... hell ya, a year and a half? I can do that on one leg! Once you get a shot of this, and see it's not that hard, and the weight does come off, you'll hang onto this thing like a pit bull...

Comment #14

That is.


Man. While *I* gave up caffeine for over a year once, when I was in the break room, if the regular needed a reboot (it wasn't uncommon for some schmuck to leave a splash and not make a new pot), I'd reboot it - whether I was going for decaf or making my herbal tea. I know what caffeine withdrawal feels like and nobody should be forced into that unawares!.


Signature deleted to comply with Menz Rulez..

Comment #15

I needed to lose 107lbs when I started this past January. I was going to give Nutrisystem a try for a month and see how it worked out. Didn't have much doubt, but didn't have alot of faith either. I've put myself on plans like Nutrisystem before - only much less healthy - so I knew calorie restriction would work. I just didn't have much faith in my ability to keep it off. I lost 12 pounds my first week (mostly water, I know) and that energized me.

Soon, that 107 didn't seem like such a big number. Not that I've been an ace at this weight loss stuff the entire time I've been here. I've slipped. Heck, when I finally lost 100 lbs, I immediately put on about 10. Working that off now, but that's how it's gonna work. You gain some, you lose some.

I've gotten long winded and probably off the point of the thread, but what ya gonna do?..

Comment #16

You guys all are really motivating. I don't have the 100+ to loose, and taking my targets/goals in phases. My ultimate target would be about 75 lbs (from about 245 to 170). The first phase is 40 pounds before mid November when I'll hit the 40 yr mark (therefore 40 x 40). I started in mid July and already down nearly 30 lbs. I too was skeptical, especially about the food, my own love of food/different cuisine etc.

I do tweak most foods by adding hot sauce or doctoring things like the southwest chicken wrap into a mexican pizza. The one thing I do a lot is drink water. I am sure I easily exceed the 64 oz significantly. This is definitely an education/lifestyle change in understanding to eat to live, rather than live to eat...

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When I started Nutrisystem the first time, I was skeptical. My kids bought me 2 weeks for my birthday (must want me around for a while). I told them that I would order 1 month and try it. I knew 2 weeks wasn't a fair assesment of NS. So 6 weeks later I was losing wieght, feeling good and had better energy. Best program out there for getting healthy. Made me a believer...

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