What are the best GoDaddy coupons to use for 2011?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What are the best GoDaddy coupons to use for 2011?.

My next question is: I just created a new account yesterday, I then was sent my account details and I ordered a new HostGator name. The transaction went through and the money came out of my bank account & I see the new HostGator has some sort of parking page assigned to it. But I can't login to my account, I have tried using one of the various methods they say to use, email, login name, account ID etc and nothing works, requested new password still doesn't work. I have also sent emails to their support and no replies. I really hate this sort of thing!..

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Your question was: What are the best GoDaddy coupons to use for 2011?.

Ok thanks yandig, I will wait to after weekend & see if I hear from them, if I don't I will pm you...

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Yeah, prob cos of auctions, but they seem to have no weekend support at minute for some time. love Moniker but hope they're not going down GoDaddy route of shutting up shop for weekend..

Hate that about sedo, so unprofessional. but then, that is sedo..

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Do a search on google and you'll find many others who have experienced the exact same problem over the past year...

In my view, Moniker is best avoided whenever possible. I won't go into specifics in this thread - see link below for some reasons:

Getting back to your question, expect about a week before you get a response ... if still no good, then email them again and/or call them.


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Can't agree with that i'm afraid, if you check any forum , Moniker are the domainers choice every time & the most trusted.

However, at moment they are taking a time to get back. they have some excellent staff, just think they are a victim of own success and need to get some more due to workload.

They need a guaranteed wait of no longer than 24hours imo..

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Moniker is not "the domainers choice every time..." for the numerous reasons that are outlined in the thread I linked to, along with others, such as on DNForum and elsewhere; do some googling.

Blind trust can be costly in any business ... domaining is no different.


Comment #5

Not blind trust Ron. Experience.

I'm with about 15 registars for business reasons..

I hold the bulk and best names at Moniker & am actively transferring most to them..

My 'experience' with Moniker is tops. You obviously don't have a great experience with them or some other issues i'm not aware of..

However , across the board, or boards come to that I know of no other registar that gets so many thumbs up from domainers..

Noones perfect granted though.

Moniker pricing structure for domainers (dnf), the fact they have never lost a HostGator & the fact that you get the ceo rubbing shoulders with domainers and answering questions on the boards from time time are pretty much unprecedented.

Also, I checked the link you mentioned & I would say two thirds of the domainers expressly mention Moniker as the best..

It is only you who seems to doubt their capabilities.

Interestingly you mention a thumbs up for enom, this is bad advice for anyone & suggest you need to read-up on some matters yourself. Seriously..

Check the enom section on dnf..

There is a really scary thread on enom where people give an individual password to a domain, they then sell it, push it..

Then they can log back into an individual HostGator with the password and steal back..

A lapse like this which they are aware of and do nothing about is staggering & shows a complete disregard for their customers and security. LINK IS HERE.

Their tiered pricing structure is also abhorrent to most..

The enom section on dnf is just a mire of complaints...

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I had the exact same thing happen to me as the original poster. The moniker rep will be able to fix it for you. I believe that they said my account was inactive or something to that nature and they will fix it. All you can do now is try e-mailing them again or calling again...

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I had this happen less than a month ago. Just call in with the account number on the email they sent you and they will activate it. The rep said it is a precautionary measure they take for security reasons.

Hope this helps..

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They replied back today as below: My account works now !.

I purchased a .gd HostGator from them since the .gd extension was one of few available for the name I wanted which is

All looks ok, thanks for the feedback, just be prepared to wait if you open an account at start of weekend, I hope they improve their system to let new account owners know of this in the future...

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I'm glad it all worked out OK. My experience with Moniker has been good so far.....

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