What are the best Dukan Diet pills to lose only a few pounds fast?

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First off, What are the best Dukan Diet pills to lose only a few pounds fast? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I bought my puffer several days ago and got all the receipies from Kathy and finally this morning I made them and wow they were great!!!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Yum!! What did you make?.

I'm like Birdie... I used it a lot at first then not so much, but I puffed just yesterday at lunch-time! So good it's back in the rotation!..

Comment #2

I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. with a 20% off coupon..

If you go to their website you can probably get a 20% off coupon. Target sells them and I think you can also purchase online at

Comment #3

Oh yea...I puff every Saturday.....6 pancake puffs with yogurt for topping....YUMMO!!..

Comment #4

I made "Super Fluffy anilla Cinnamon Puffs" oh they were sooooo good! Tonight I am going to try the "Chocolate Chocolate Chip Kahlua PB2 Puffs" from the Dukan Diet cake mix sounds yummy hope it's good! I will get everyone Puffing again!..

Comment #5

You have the same stats and I am shooting for - 100 lbs off with the same start and stop weight, but I have only lost 60 lbs since the first of the year..

I can't wait to be where you are!!!!! Congratulations..


Comment #6

Ya know, I bought that pan when the thread was postings quite often, but I never once tried it. Then it kinda died out, and I forgot about it. I think maybe I should get it out and puff something!..

Comment #7

I'm still puffing and puffing and puffing and puffing, but I haven't come up with anything new because I'm so happy with just the basic blueberry puffs and chocolate puffs, my 2 favorites!!!..

Comment #8

I have a question? What is a puff?? Puff pan??..

Comment #9

Look at this thread.


And check out post #23. Enjoy!!..

Comment #10

Debbie, Would you mind emailing me the recipes? I'm planning to go out and buy a puffer this weekend. My email address is:.

Thank you! ~Tracy..

Comment #11

Tell me about these "puffs". How do you make them?..

Comment #12

You never tried it - - - OMG, you don't know what you are missing....!.

I haven't puffed in a minute but you have got to try it.......

I haven't come up with any new recipes but I have an entire Word Document dedicated to Puffing.... Girl, PM me your e-mail address so that I can share the goodness with you. LOL..

Comment #13

Congratulations Debbie on becoming a puffer. It is quite the addiction. Amanda nearly gave me a heart attack when she sad she has it and hasn't used it once..... I just don't understand...

Comment #14

Welcome to Puffdom, Debbie !.

It really is addictive, but a healthy addiction !..

Comment #15

Tracey I sent you the receipes I got from someone else (Kathy) hope it goes through! Angela I am a puffing fool now. Made the one that you wrapp thin ham in cheese but did not have the ham so I used turkey pepperoni and yummy what a great lunch. Last night I made the chocolate cake, this morning I made the Banana Peanut butter puffs oh my god I am soooo hooked!!!! Thank you for any of the receipes you came up with! Why didn't I buy one sooner????..

Comment #16

I puffed for my husband tonight!!!!!!!! LOL....I made him the crab cake puffs in the book that came with the puff panhe said they were very good (and I eat NO seafood!)..

Comment #17

HI JUDI!!!!!!!is there a link to your 2 favorite puff recipes???..

Comment #18

Hi, sweetie!!! Basically, it's post #6 in the Pancake Puff Recipes thread, substituting Splenda, Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa and Da Vinci White Chocolate Syrup for the chocolate puffs, and then I use Da Vinci Blueberry Syrup, leave out the chocolate, and stuff 3 blueberries into each puff, rather than the chocolate chips, for the blueberry puffs. I just love them both!!!!..

Comment #19

Judithank you! and I have all of those ingredients in the house to make the chocolate puffs in the morning-that never happens!I printed the recipe from #6 and made your notes...great!..

Comment #20

Oh my god stop me I can't stop puffing!!!!..

Comment #21

It's like a healthy high - right.... Just keep puffin', just keep puffin', just keep puffin' LOL..

Comment #22

Someone mentioned earlier this week, that she bought hers at Big Lots for $10.00. ( Sorry,I can't remember who shared this information with us)..

Comment #23

I have not bought a puff pan yet, but it sounds so good, I think I'll order one today. Can someone send me recipes, using Dukan Diet pancake mix or do I substitute Dukan Diet pancake mix for the other baking mix? I'm fairly new to Dukan Diet and I'm not sure how to count food values yet (I've just seen recipes using other baking mixes)..

Is there a list of recipes out there on the boards?..

Comment #24

If you go to this thread you will find the majority of the recipes created by Dukan Diet Members.


And check out post #23..


Comment #25

I need to get CG's pancake subs mix recipe out. I'm out of breakfasts and I think this would be a good time to finally get myself a pan (not to mention I have a half dozen BB&B coupons) and try out some pancake puffs...

Comment #26

After making my somewhat flat yet still yummy blueberry pancake puffs (stuffed with a Morningstar Farms sausage patty!) I decided to try and find out what the trick was to making them fluffy. Behold! Arne is the pancake puff (aableskiver) master!.

If this helps even one person make their pancakes fluffy then I'm happy..


(Wait for the video to load and skip to the cooking part, it's worth it).



Comment #27

Joanna...he makes it look so easy..mine did not look anything like that but were good! LOL..

Comment #28

Wow that video was great he does make it look really easy will have to try his way tomorrow. Thanks for the video!..

Comment #29

He offers some great tips, Joanna. Thanks for the link!..

Comment #30

I just got my pan today! i'm still waiting for my food to get here. i've been craving bleskiver since I got back from denmark! now I can have it and not worry about getting an bleskiver booty...

Comment #31

I bought some Insta Bake to use when I run out of Dukan Diet pancake mix (I also have Any Whey on order). Anyway, my question is, since Insta Bake is whole grain, will it work for making puffs? Anyone using Insta Bake? Thanks..


Comment #32

Maybe this is a stupid question, but how does the puff pan fit on the stove burner? what does the bottom look like? won't it "roll" over?..

Comment #33

No question is stupid - how are ya gonna know if ya can't ask ??.

The bottom is flat - the little round wells all connect on the bottom to a flat surface ..

Your question did make me smile - I had not thought about the ''roundness'' issue and all of a sudden I had visions of little puffs rolling all over the kitchen !..

Comment #34

Sure!!! Any mix that you can use for pancakes can be used for puffs!..

Comment #35

You will become a puffying fool like me while you start! Enjoy!..

Comment #36

I just bought a new puff pan! RAN home and made blueberry pancake puffs! Yummy!.

I wanted a special breakfast for myself, so I set the table with a placemat!.

If I can puff anyone can......I "cook" so infrequently......the DOG cannot stop barking at the pan.....seems out of character for me to buy a new pan!.

I'm hoping to graduate to a trickier recipe....perhaps something like a cinnabon.....any ideas/ suggestions/ recipies?..

Comment #37

Can someone please send me some puff recipes that are Dukan Diet compatible? The Only ones I have are the crab puffs and chocolate puffs. Just bought my pan last week but have only used it the one time...can only do crab puffs so often, and until I know how to fiddle with the Dukan Diet plan more, can use all the help I can get. Thanks!..

Comment #38

I would also like Dukan Diet legal puff reciepes lol help, new at this puffing thing, I ordered one yesterday and am waiting in anticipation...

Comment #39

I would be happy to share the puff recipes I have collected from the Dukan Diet recipe threads. Just send your email to me via PM and I'll get the set right out to anyone who wants it...

Comment #40

I went to Target to get my puffer this weekend but they didn't have them and the guy didn't know what I was talking about. Then I went to Bed & Bath and they just clearanced them out as they're no longer going to carry them except for in their very large stores. They had just sold the last one. So now I had to order it and hope to get it soon. Can't wait to try all the wonderful recipes!..

Comment #41

At Target it was in the section "Made for TV" items. I just love mine!!!..

Comment #42

Ok what is a puffer. I have never heard of it..

Diane M...

Comment #43


Now I will have to go get one..

Diane M...

Comment #44

I haven't been able to find many recipes on these boards even though there are many pages of posts. I would really appreciate it if someone would email me some of the recipes. I do have the crab one and printed that but anything else would be great to have. thanks.


Comment #45

If anyone is thinking about getting a puff pan and have a Bed, Bath and Beyond near them, check there for the pan. They are selling them for $20 and you can usually find a 20% coupon. ( the heavy cast iron ones)..

Comment #46

I think it was Big Lots that had them for $10. a while back. Not sure if they still do now. I kind of doubt it...

Comment #47

If you missed out on the $10 puff pans at Big Lots don't feel bad. You wouldn't have been happy with it. They were light weight and flimsy. The ones at BBB are cast iron for $20 minus a coupon. A bargain compared to the ones on-line...

Comment #48

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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