What are some Medifast tips?

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Hello All! I just started Medifast TODAY and am really excited and nervous and afraid of failure and hopeful it'll be great and determined...all those mixed emotions. I've never used an online community like this and think I've been missing out. Reading your stories has helped me already. Now I'm looking for a bit more of your helpwhat do you wish you had known when you started Medifast that would have made it more successful for you?..

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Hi! Welcome to MF. You're going to love the way you'll lose weight on this program..

My advice is short and sweet. Drink water like crazy and use this forum to find the best ways to prepare your Medifast meals and lean and green meals. It makes a difference. Oh...and don't forget to enjoy the journey!.

There are lots of threads with advice for newbees. I found this one pretty useful when I was new: ing+MF..

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Welcome to the Medifast family, changing4better :-).

My advice is to post a list of when you want to eat your meals under or next to a clock in the room(s) you spend the most time in. The first week tends to be HUNGRY (at least it was for DH and myself) and it is easier to wait if you know okay.. just an hour to go, I can drink more water.. okay just half an hour to go, I can handle anything for half an hour...

Also, when you do eat - try to do it as slowly as you can and drink lots of water with it. For example I cut the bars into many, many pieces with a sharp knife (I started out with 24 pieces but can get as many as about 40 now if I have a steady hand that day). Chew each piece for as long as you can and take a big drink of water between bites :-) If you can take half an hour to eat, that is 30 min less to wait until your next meal..

Eventually that list will help you remember to eat, since after the first week or so you'll find your hunger gets less and less. DH and I are in our 4th month and often have trouble remember to get all our meals in at this point. Until you get to that point though, hang in there and do the best you can..

I was well prepared because of lots of reading, so there really isn't much I'd wished I had known - except to start by getting the Ninja food processor instead of wasting time with a Magic Bullet clone. The Ninja is awesome!.

I hope you like Medifast as much as I have so far, and I look forward to hearing about your journey..


Comment #2

Hi Changing4better...Welcome to MF! I'm new too. Just about to finish my first month. The first week was a tough one for me. But, after that it's been a breeze...scarily so! The food was a bit hard to get used too at first. But, the hungrier I got the more delicious it! Now, I like most of the foods & actually some of them I really LOVE & look forward to daily..

What got me through the first week was herbal tea. I drank about 5-6 glasses a day. Just sweetener {obviously}. For some reason the hot liquid really helped the hunger. I'm still drinking tea every evening & it's been a lifesaver for me!..

Comment #3

I agree about staying on top of the water - and eat all of the meals. Often I am not hungry enough to eat them all, but when I didn't I didn't lose - when I ate them all, I lost!..

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My advice is to stick to the plan as written. That may seem deceptively simple and perhaps not very helpful, but you'd be surprised at how many people immediatley start tinkering, adding in this or that or just don't follow the guidelines. If you stick to this plan you will succeed, it's pretty much that simple but it's has to be a 100% commitment...

Comment #5

Hi! I am also new to Medifast in fact I havent actually started because my food has not gotten here yet. Good Luck we will be doing this together..

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Here is what I always post for Newbees..

The Featured Blogger has changed, but Lealonnie is still one of the most inspirational folks on this site, so reading her blogs will be a huge benefit..

Be sure to click on the advice for newbees, it is great and has the approval of Medifast Support Staff here in MFLand.. g..

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Exactly. Go to Success Tools: Eat Right and print out all the PDFs. Carry them around with you while you get to know the plan. You want the ones for Lean, Green, Meatless Options (this is where the cheese lives, so even if you're not a vegetabletarian you want it), Snacks, and Condiments (this is where the healthy fats are listed, to go with your lean)..

Follow the plan materials and you're 98% of the way there! For the other 2%, come here to find out how to make the food taste better.


Comment #8

Wow! Loving all the positive support! Thank you, everyone...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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