What are some good zero or one point snacks on Nutrisystem?

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First off, What are some good zero or one point snacks on Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Good afternoon!.

Back from Florida and working on getting settled in..

How was weigh in?.

I am petrified to get on the scale post vacation. I will do it on Friday..

What are goals and challenges for the month?.

My goals are to get the scale back down to the mid 140s. To do this, I will be 100% at least for the next 7 days. I will log in my food, drink at least 64 oz, exercise 5-6x and increase the aerobic portion by doing the couch to 5k where I left off..

Anything else?.

Feeling that I let things go too far but I am (hoping) that I am ready to get a good handle on it. I have been reading and getting emails on juice fasts/cleanses but I am going to put my Nutrisystem blinders on and go for it!!.

My birthday is this month so that will be a challenge-And I do love corn beef even though I am not Irish!!!.

Fran-Congrats on the 99!!!.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Fran-never apologize for "dumping" -that is what we are here for. I have certainly done my share. While totally different, your D situation reminds me about my work. Do you miss him or the idea of him? There were so many negatives that came with it-I don't remember your being totally happy then either for alot of the time. You were out until 4am listening to his band which you didn't always appreciate. He had other priorities-band, kids, etc and you never were sure where you stood.

Just giving you the other side. I do not doubt that there were positives but so many negatives. Why not just email Scott back and see what he wants since it's on your mind. He may just want to see how you are doing since you were part of his life? Don't discuss D....I hope in time we can both move on. I spend so much time thinking about things I did wrong, etc, etc.

Tell me to "shut-up" if I am being too direct...

Day #2 is going ok-took my son out for lunch and I did have like 6 french fries.

I will count in my DP journal and make it up. At least, I had a very good workout today..

Bought a water bottle with ounces it is really helping with monitoring my water...I still struggle to finish 64 oz!!..

Comment #2

Having technical difficulties so I thought I'd take a break..

Very good, awesome news today ~ I hit 100# lost ... again!! To say that I'm thrilled is an understatement! So far beyond that. Over the moon!.

Allison ~ Thank you! I appreciate your input ~ no need to shut up, especially since I asked for it. Feel like I'm floundering here, I have thought quite a bit ... too much ... whether it was Dave or the idea of having a boyfriend that I loved. It was both. I felt like I was last on D's list and knew I'd be the first thing to go.

In retrospect, I can see that D was out of his league with me and as much as he wanted to be with me (or someone like me) he just couldn't do it. Doesn't have what it takes. Thought he didn't deserve me. (Probably doesn't.) Tried dragging me down to his level. The fact that I gained weight while we were together and maintained the weight gain speaks volumes to me.

I need to find and make other friends to do things with and it's been very hard to do that. I also need to stick to my rules when it comes to men. Normally I wouldn't have given a guy like Dave a chance. Meeting him in person, I felt like he was going to be someone very important in my life, someone who was going to teach me a very important lesson. I was right..

Have a great night!!.


Comment #3

Fran-Congrats on the 100!! That is amazing!!!! Something to be very, very proud of. I am proud to witness just how hard you have worked these past several months..

I think every day about all of the things I did wrong at work. I get so angry at myself. I cannot move forward because I am too focused on the past and it is pointless..

It sounds like you learned several valuable lessons and it was not a waste and I am hoping to get to the same place. It was unfortunate, that in the end we both suffered a lot of pain. I am working thru a lot of these issues and I understand that from a self-esteem point of view I should have made an active decision to get out from a bad situation rather than the passive BS..

Today proved to be very challenging foodwise because I had to go to the city early and I was not well prepared. I stopped to do an errand and that screwed up lunch-I wound up having 3/4 of a soft pretzel and some sushi..I already had the one bar I had for bkfst. Good news is I have a box waiting...Have plenty of dinners but no breakfasts or desserts. Tomorrow is another day!..

Comment #4

Hi guys....

I'm still just got busy. I hate when that happens. DH is due home today, but for only 4-5 days, then he's back to work in Georgia! That's a good thing because we are still playing catch up with bills. It's getting better slowly. I think I have a new stray cat hanging around. It's very wild and we can't get near it.

That right there pulls at my heart and I will help it if I can. I just hope it doesn't get into fights with my other outside cats...On the brighter side, my oldest son who's almost 25, is planning to elope with his girlfriend of 2+ years the weekend after next..

I wish they'd do a regular wedding, but they are very responsible as a couple and they don't want to go thru the fuss, and especially not the money. I think maybe we can talk them into a reception, at the very least. Either way, I'm so happy!.

Fran, congrats on the 100# mark again! WOOHOO! If the Scott/Dave thing is still bothering you, then I think Allison is right. At least you can ease your wondering....

Allison, why does sushi and a soft pretzel not sound bad to me?? I though sushi was very lo cal?? Pretzel has white flour but still not real bad is it??.

I wish you both weren't sad. I deal with my share of that some days, but today I'm in an exceptionally good mood. Wish I could share it with you...Hope you have a good day today! Maria.

UPDATE on the wedding plans...might not happen, son is attempting college this fall and his gf is afraid if they marry right now, it might knock him out of financial aid...oh well, still in good mood, they will marry someday! At least she has a level head on her shoulders! He doesn't know she's thought of this yet, hope it doesn't upset him too much.


Comment #5

Maria-Great to hear from you. I hate when life gets so busy that there isnt time-which is usual here too! Congrats on your son's marriage-wedding or no wedding that is exciting. Thanks for the offer of sending good mood here! I suppose there were worse lunches I could have had -the main problem was as you pointed out the carbs especially white flour! Next week I will be more prepared...

I am doing everything to procrastinate doing my taxes-or at least getting them in a reasonable condition so I can hand them off! What a nuisance...Fran-I empathize with you this time of year....

Doing ok so far today-a bit on the hungry side...

Comment #6

Can't seem to get any work done today and there is so much to do. Need to find my focus..

Part of the reason for my distraction is the fact that I am now 1# away from my formerNutrisystemweight! This means I will be blasting past that milestone during the next week and making progress toward the 130's! Woo HOO!!.

Maria ~ great to hear from you. OMG, not another cat! The poor thing sounds so pathetic! Congrats to your son and his soon-to-be bride, whenever that might be!! Personally I think they are smart to elope. Many people put too much emphasis on the wedding and not the marriage, JMO..

Thanks to both of you for your support through this breakup with Dave. It's been really hard on me and it's time for me to get over it. I have been trying to understand and cannot, and I need to stop taking it personally. I know in my heart he is not the right guy for me, that I wouldn't take him back if he came back, and he did me a favor by breaking up with me ~ just wish he would have done it sooner..

All right. Enough goofing off. Gotta get some work done!.

Make it a great OP day!!.



Comment #7

Good morning:.

Fran-130s-woo hoo! You go girl! You deserve someone so much better than Dave and when you are ready you will find that person....

I have had a better although not perfect week. Tried the butter popcorn -really good but made me want more. Also, maybe too high in carbs but tried these TJs protein power muffins in banana choc chip-130 cals, 7g protein, 21 g carbs, 2 g fat.....

Did some TM and now ready to start the day..

Have a great day!..

Comment #8

Good morning!.

It won't be long now before I break thru that 144 barrier on to smaller and better things! Not sure what I'm doing differently now that is working compared to what I was doing when it wasn't working. Not gonna argue, just gonna enjoy the ride! Oh ~ one thing I know that's different is that I'm not doing weight training. I hit the wall big time when I started that after losing 100# the first time. Gonna wait a while longer to start working with weights ... other than carrying two 3# weights with me doing my walk/jog dvds..

Allison ~ glad your week was better. MostNutrisystembreakfasts have 3g fat, 23-28 carbs, 7g protein and 150-170 calories so I think you're doing better with Trader Joe's. When I eat more carbs than usual at one meal, I try to balance out the day and eat less carbs at the other meals. I'm really looking forward to adding carbs back into my menu. Yesterday it was sooooooooo hard not to eat any homemade Paczskis. But I didn't.

On my low carb board, Bernadette reached her goal of 135# lost, then went on a weekend binge and regained 20# in about a week. I don't want to make that mistake!! I know that I cannot go back to my old way of eating if I want to stay trim..

Maria ~ thanks for sending your good mood vibes the other day. They must have arrived because I'm feeling better. The cloud is lifting. Thanks, Hon!.

Make it a great OP day!!.


Comment #9

Good evening,.

Fran-Good job resisting the paczis ...I am glad you are feeling happier.

I just looked at theNutrisystembanana muffin and you are right -28 g carbs 7 g protein and 170 may be a tad bigger but does not have delicious gooey chocolate.- these TJ muffins are a find. I am assuming your friend's weight gain was mostly water that will come off rather quickly. I can't imagine anyone consuming that amount of cals to gain 20#s in a couple of days. I definitely have known people who have gained 10 lbs in a weekend-if they really went to town..

I have sooo manyNutrisystemdinners-I am now usually eating a reasonable portion of what the family eats...I am afraid when we are all together to eat something different and start my boys for asking for "special requests"....

I will have to use these dinners though...I seem to run out of the breakfasts and snacks first..

Have you tried theNutrisystempopcorn-the first time I loved it-this time there was a weird aftertaste from all of the butter-like stuff they put on it...

Matty is very funny -I tried to explain daylights savings time to him and he went into a panic-afraid he would somehow miss a meal -that is my boy!.

Had a very hard workout today which is good......

Comment #10


At 144.8 this morning. My priorNutrisystemlow is 144.2. Getting very close! Just got done doing my 4 mile walk/jog with 3# weights. Phew! I'm loving the fact that a lot of my size 8's are fitting again. Yay!.

Bernadette admitted to going hog wild ~ she reached goal at Christmas time and there are just too many sweets and treats around then that she could not resist. I still think much of her weight gain was because of a food allergy or gluten intolerance or whatever because once she gets back on plan she can lose 10# in a week. Unnatural stuff..

Allison ~ Matty is so cute! Here I'm worried about missing an hour of sleep!! What if you eat the extraNutrisystemdinners for lunch and eat a smaller meal at dinner time. I've eaten them for breakfast to shake things up and get the scale moving. Will look for those TJ muffins..

Maria ~ hope all is well with you!.

Better get back to work! Make it a great OP day!..

Comment #11

Great news Fran on the scale!!.

I did an hour of Pilates and 2 miles of walk/running....My clothes are definitely fitting better. I actually did get on the scale on this AM...I lost everything I gained on vacation and my ticker is accurate. I am hoping to change it to a lower number on Saturday.....

Not looking forward to Daylights Savings either=so much to do in each day. Not sure how I actually fit work in!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #12

Goodnight! Hope everyone has a good day...I am very tired-see you tomorrow..

Comment #13

Allison ~ so happy for you that you've lost your vacation weight! Yay! Keep up the good work..

I am still working my way very s l o w l y to my formerNutrisystemlow weight ~ now only .4 away. Official weigh in tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Just ate a double serving of chicken for dinner. The good news is that I dug the rest of my size 8's out of the garage and they fit pretty well. So I have a whole new wardrobe without spending a dime! Yay!.

Have a great OP night!.


Comment #14

Can't really complain ~ I'm down 2.2# this week (3# for the month so far), and I finally hit my formerNutrisystemlow weight again this morning. (Haven't seen this number on the scale since April 2009.) Why do I always want more? Why can't I be happy with the progress that I make and be satisfied with the fact that I've taken off all of the weight that I regained? I should be over the moon, and I'm disappointed because I wanted the scale to show a few more ounces gone. Geez! Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Now I'm focused on getting out of the overweight category ~ less than 8# to go. It was my goal for March 31, but at this rate it will probably be the middle of April.

I know it will happen..

Saw a post from the mods about a new breakfast sausage so I ordered a couple to try. For a while they had a little banner on the new foods, which made it really easy to find them. Not this time..

Make it a great OP day!..

Comment #15

This morning I got to log in my weight on theNutrisystemsite because I HIT A NEW LOW WEIGHT!!!! 143.8. Woo HOO!! Doing the happy dance!!.

Have a great day!.


Comment #16

Good afternoon!.

Fran-AWESOME JOB! You rock and deserve to be thrilled!.

Did my class today and got a DH is off to work. Had the PJ bar for lunch-it is quite good!.

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #17

Good morning!.

Could really use the extra hour back...Was not a good food day yesterday. I think I am playing with fire when I think I can eat 1 cup of popcorn as a snack...and it just snowballed. Did a short TM workout instead of a "rest" day today and am hoping to get on track.

HAVE A GREAT 100% day!..

Comment #18

Allison ~ thanks for your kind words. I hear you on this dang time change. Ugh! I don't sleep enough as it is! It seems like carbs fuel the hunger for more carbs. Or is that just me? I noticed it onNutrisystemtoo ~ if I had the pancakes or muffins for breakfast I was hungrier all day than when I ate eggs or other entree with more protein. How about those 100 calorie popcorns? It's more than a cup and with all those kernels, it takes a long time to eat. They seem to satisfy me when I just want to be chewing on something while watching a movie, etc.

Make it a great one!.


Comment #19

Hi guys...I'm still here and getting serious again. DH left Saturday, did housework and entertained random visitors all weekend long. Today will be day one of my own personal challenge. Gonna treadmill tonight, must get back at it...early shift this week, so should be easy to get it done....

Sounds like you two are doing awesome...keep up the good work.


Comment #20

Holding my own after corned beef & cabbage dinner at mom's last night which tasted very very salty to me! So I'm surprised the scale didn't bounce up a few lbs. Yay! The month is almost halfway done. I've reached one major milestone this month already ~ not gonna let that stop me from reaching others ~ like getting out of the 140's!! Would also love to get out of the overweight category, but running out of month in which to do it! Yikes! Have an order shipping on the 26th ~ want to take advantage of the price rollback. May leave the food boxed up in the garage so I don't break out the desserts. At least until I hit these next few goals..

Maria ~ good to hear from you. You have the discipline to get that dreadmill going again! You have a great attitude..

Allison ~ hope all is well with you. How's your dad doing?.

Have a great OP day!.


Comment #21

Hey..I'm here twice in one day! I just need to post that I did my first mile on the treadmill YAY! I feel like yoga now but think I'd better do that tomorrow. Gotta be able to move tomorrow for work... oh yeah, also did a round on the weight machine. 40 lb resistance on all the stuff, I was too tired to change it...have a good night.


Fran, keep up that momentum!! Your kickin butt!!!..

Comment #22

Maria-Good to see you! Great job on the workout! I love my treadmill-it is so convenient.

Fran-Glad the corned beef and cabbage did not do major damage! Maybe the cabbage counterracts the beef? I have so muchNutrisystemfood. I have a Buddy Bucks that is expiring on 3/28, I do not see how I will use it..

Did you do the 10 days of frozen?.

I had a very busy day. Matthew has break from school. I also had a meeting about him and violin. Tomorrow he will go to my mom's..

My gym membership expires at the end of April. Between my Pilates classes and TM I do not think I will rejoin~big decision since I have been a member for 12 years.....

Had an ok food day today...and am staying away from the popcorn!.

Have a good night!..

Comment #23

Just checking in...made it to work.

Not as stiff as I thought I'd be...bbl, everyone have a good day! Maria..

Comment #24

Hope everyone had a good day! Got in 2 workouts-food was ok....I gotta get thru thisNutrisystemfood-for rest of weekSaturday and maybe Sunday I will have cake for my birthday!!.


Comment #25

Allison ~ Happy Birthday!! I was thinking about it last week and got preoccupied. Sorry! Great job with the workouts! If you're not using the gym, no reason to keep up the membership..

Maria ~ way to go on the treadmill and weights! Keep it up!.

Yesterday I felt dizzy and nauseous. Spent most of the afternoon in the bathroom. Finally kept down some ginger ale and had some chicken noodle soup. Don't know if it was the flu or because I took my vitamins and supplements on a nearly empty stomach instead of right after eating. Won't do that again any time soon! Feeling much better today..

Also yesterday I was dealing with a computer virus, so other than meeting with clients in the morning, I got no work done. Ugh!!! Think I got rid of the computer virus this morning so the computer is better today too. What a day!.

Yesterday I had a delayed reaction to the corned beef and I'm down .2 from my prior low weight. Yay! BUT ... it's half way thru the month and I'm only 1/3 of the way to my goal for the month. I realize that it's gonna get tougher the closer I am to goal, but I'm still over 20# before I get there. Will be happy to break into the 130's by the end of the month..

Have a great OP day!!.


Comment #26


Just checking in here...didn't get to exercise yesterday, my son wanted to watch movies as soon as we got home so we did. He's 16 now so I'm savoring the few moments he actually spends with me. Good news is I pretty much jogged another whole mile on the treadmill tonight. Seems like I feel better already, but it's probably in my head :P..

Hope everyone is having a great night! Maria..

Comment #27

Good evening-.

Fran-Glad both you and the computer are better!! Yes, it makes sense that the going will be slower the closer you get to goal...My birthday isnt until Saturday so you didn't miss it!!!.

Meri-Glad you spent time with your son! That is important too....and you still got your TM in....

I am a bit drained -had a long meeting about Matthew's therapy. The carbs are still calling big time. There must be something to the carb addicition!!!!I am getting up early to head in for a quick appt in the city and then to lunch with a friend back in Ct.....

Have a great night~~~..

Comment #28

That's right Allison, you share birthdays with my oldest son, who will be 25 Saturday. I remember that now, hope you have a great weekend..

Fran, hope the computer is still doing OK, some of those viruses can be nasty....

So, Happy Saint Patricks Day everyone!! I'm wearing a green shirt that I was not able to wear at one point so I'm feeling pretty good about things today. Drinking my coffee and vanilla almond milk this morning, sooo good!.

Well, that's it for now, will check back later...Maria..

Comment #29

Happy St Pattys!.

Meri, wish I was 25! Nice nsv on the shirt! Keep up the good work..

Hopefully, today is a solid day. I am meeting a friend who is taking me out for a birthday lunch. I know I will have a salad with chicken or turkey. Going to make a dent in theNutrisystemdinner box tonight! Wish I could get that "newbie" excitement back!!!!!!.

Make it a good and green day!..

Comment #30

Good morning, Allison and Maria! Happy St. Patrick's Day!.

I'm down .2# for the week so far. The corned beef, then being sick, not eating, not exercising, not drinking enough water, I guess that's why the scale isn't moving like it has been. Frustrating. Oh well. I will find my groove again..

My computer seems to be okay, which is vital at this time of year!.

Allison ~ have a great lunch with your friend ~ You know what to do to eat on plan. I know you will..

Maria ~ Your endorphins are kicking in, which is why you feel better. It's not all in your head. Believe me, those endorphins are what have kept me going for the last few months!!.

Make it a great OP day! Not too much green beer today!.


Comment #31

Wow. Got my whoosh ~ for my official weekly weigh in I am down 2.4# for the week. Now I am 2# from the 130's at 141.8 ~ a new low weight!! Love being in the VFZ (Virgin Fat Zone). I am one happy girl!.

Need to get back to exercising though. Took a couple of days off. Need to make time!.

Make it a great OP day!!..

Comment #32

Fran-that is great news!!! Congrats......

Busy day today-had lunch at Subway and was able to order a kids meal-turkey sandwich on whole wheat for 180 cals......

Do you drink Diet Coke or just water?..

Comment #33

Down another .4# today for another new low! Won't be long before I'm seeing a 3!! Yay!.

Sounds like you did well at Subway, Allison. I rarely drink diet pop ... for a long time now. Just water. Sometimes I make crystal light. When I go out with friends I have club soda. Hope you're having a great birthday weekend!!..

Comment #34

Thanks, Fran and congrats on the new, new low!!!.

Tomorrow I start back to the beginning...a little too much birthday!..

Comment #35

Thanks, Allison! Thankfully birthdays only come once a year! Glad you enjoyed it..

NowNutrisystemsends an email confirming shipment delays. I called over the weekend because my next shipment was scheduled for Saturday (.

They don't ship on Saturdays), and I wanted to make sure it would go on next month's credit card. Can't wait to try some of the new foods. Scrambled eggs (with veggies this time) are back. Yay! I think I ordered most of the new foods ~ might have missed one or 2 because there is no indication of what is new. Oh well. Would love to delay until I lose 5# more so I could get my 110# bear!! Next time for sure!.

Make it a great day!.


Comment #36

Fran-Some of the new foods are the PB&J bar and buttered popcorn and that new breakfast that you mentioned the other day. That was all I noticed. It is annoying I have these Buddy Bucks that expire but I have soo many dinners and lunches I cannot get another shipment. Guess it's good incentive to stick to it!! The breakfasts and snacks are always first to go. Part of it is DH shares some...wish he would take some dinners!!!.


Comment #37

Good morning!!!.

A store nearby gives 15% birthday discounts...They have nice bathing suits, lingerie, etc,etc....I actually tried on bathing suits and boy, I had better stick to plan-there is no way I can wear a two piece now!!!!.

Really going to try to do thing right....

Have a great day!!!..

Comment #38

Allison ~ I agree that sometimes it's not worth it to order the food when you still have a bunch in the cupboards, notwithstanding the expiring coupons!! Especially if you are doing the frozen Select menu. At least with the boxed food there's not the issue of freezer space! This month I am using 2 daily dose coupons and with the rollback pricing my order is under $200. I probably won't even open the box for another month or so (otherwise the desserts will be gone). Not sure when I'll get back to doing theNutrisystemprogram. A few of my otherNutrisystemfriends have switched to Medifast and one friend went Paleo/Primal eating. They have made really great progress with the new programs, just as I have done with the low carb.

What great incentive to be 2 piece ready and stay on plan!! I am hoping that some day my skin on my stomach will tighten so that I can wear a 2 piece other than a tankini. It's not pretty!!.

The peanut butter & jelly bar is already on low inventory. I really hope they don't substitute. There are a few menu items that didn't look familiar, so I ordered them just to try. Breakfast items are maple sausage and scrambled eggs w/veggies. Lunch = italian & mexican soups, pb&j bar. Dinner = cajun chicken, chicken tortilla soup?.

If there is anything else, please let me know ~ my order ships next Monday..

Bought a new Jillian Michaels workout video ~ Ripped in 30. Haven't tried it yet. She kills. Not ready to be wiped out before I even begin the day! lol.

Maria ~ how is everything going with you??? Hubby still on the road? How do you like yoga? I need to get back doing that. Got the most compliments about looking youthful when I did..

Better get back to work. Make it a great night!!.


Comment #39

Fran-I have heard mixed reviews on Medifast....I hope you get the PB&J bar. I think they have been better with not subbing because it results in them having to give free food. I actually like subs-because then I get the original item and keep the subbed....I do not like any of the chicken items-I think I got a chicken tortilla soup buried in my stash...Missed the butterscotch pudding....

I really think there is something to carb and or wheat addiction. I notice when I have pretzels my stomach really bothers me. It is also hard for me to stop at a serving...I am much better with individually packaged items..

Let me know on the video..

Feeling a bit under the weather and have meetings today. Was supposed to try Zumba today but not in the mood to gear up. I am a creature of habit..

Had a good, solid OP day yesterday and hoping to duplicate-bathing suit season is around the corner despite the fact we have snow this AM!!!!.

Hi Maria!!!!!..

Comment #40

Allison ~ SNOW!!! Egads! I hope you are feeling better. When I eat mostly carbs for breakfast, I am famished all day long. When I eat eggs or protein, no problem. I read somewhere that the carb cravings, especially breads, etc, also could be from a yeast infection. The bad yeast in your system craves more yeast in your food. Something like that ~ not exactly sure how it works..

It's hard for me to stop at oneNutrisystemdessert because they are so dang TASTY!! Love most of them. Thankfully I cannot eat too many at one sitting because too much sugar alcohols make me sick. I tend to do better with the desserts that take a while to eat ~ like the honey mustard pretzels or chocolate chip walnut mini cookies. Used to get a lot of the rice cake desserts too, where you get a bunch in the bag. There was a spicy potato or tortilla chip that I liked too. But salty snacks aren't really my thing ~ fat and sugary snacks are..

My scale seems to be stuck again..

Really really really want to break into the 130's with this week's weigh in. Need to get sleep at night..

Didn't get a chance to exercise this morning before work, probably won't get to tonight either ~ working late. Oh well. Will make it a priority tomorrow..

Make it a great one!.


Comment #41

Good afternoon:.

Fran-It is normal for the scale to be "stuck"-it is at a high resistance level after all of the weight you lost. Just hang in there and it should move. I am sure you are quite busy at work, and it is difficult to fit in working out..

The scale is showing me no love.....I am actually up 2 lbs!!!!! It is the curse of the carbs. I have been getting exercise in -I have done my classes but need to get more aerobics in...I have been very busy organizing and cleaning and of course, taxes too..

I am going away Friday night and next week we are at my ILs so I need to plan for that..

Have a great day!!..

Comment #42

Good morning!.

Officially down 1.2# for the week @ 140.6. Yep, things are slowing down. This is where I start getting scared, so I need to stop that and not start sabotaging myself. I feel like I'm ready to break new ground ... ready for those 130's. Loving all the compliments I'm getting from clients who haven't seen me since last tax season! And the other night my boss at my part-time job called me "Skinny"! Helps to wear clothes that fit properly ...

Alison ~ there are so many factors that go into those scales ~ not drinking enough water, not enough sleep, too much sodium, sore muscles retaining fluid, etc. ~ not just eating too much food especially junk or off plan. If you haven't overindulged by 7000 calories, the scale lies. Still frustrating, but true. It's hard to find the right combination that keeps the scale moving downward consistently..

For this last week of March, I decided to start back with my abs video. I want to make sure I lose a bunch of inches when I measure myself on April 1 and that video always seems to tighten my midsection. Still scared to try my new dvd from Jillian..

Make it a great day!!!..

Comment #43

Hey, Skinny! Great NSVs...what a difference a tax season makes. Being ready and willing to penetrate the next level is more than half the battle!!.

Today, we are traveling. It will be difficult with lunch and dinners out. Then tomorrow my ILs are taking us out for our anniversary...last night was tough, too much wine which led to not great choices when I got home...I am starting to question my own "want power"BTW good Dose we want to settle for a life of mediocrity??..

Comment #44

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