What are some good low point items on Nutrisystem diet?

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First question I have is What are some good low point items on Nutrisystem diet? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Seems like it has been a rough couple of weeks for most of us trying to get our workouts in. Whether it be crazy weather, work, kids, grandkids.

, sickness and/or injury or a combination of all of the above seems to be that the workouts are falling to the wayside. What are you going to do this week to make sure you get your workouts in? To make them a priority?.

For me it has been a wild January and I need to workout more than I have been, I LIKE the way I feel when I am done and feel better about myself for having worked out. For this week, I will workout a minimum of 4 times. Let's Get Moving!!.

And Rick, this link is especially for you!.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Sally you have been one of the consistent ones recently without a doubt.

A workout is a workout no matter have been MOVING! Enjoy your weekend, I am about to get ready for Boot Camp......brrrrrr..

Comment #2

My "bed in a bag" from Amazon for the Rainman's new IKEA bed is on the FedEx truck, out for delivery (I can't even remember how to walk into a bricks-and-mortar store to buy something anymore). Great timing! I do not own any single bed sheets so would have had fun trying to make the bed up for him...

Comment #3

There is nothing wussy or old lady about your workouts and definitely not wussy or old lady about those muscles!.

Have fun with Rainman and safe travels!..

Comment #4

I love the convenience of on-line shopping, especially when I need something unique for a gift, but I still enjoy shopping in brick and mortar stores when given the chance...

Comment #5

Beth - Have fun at boot camp!.

DS1 and I are going to see Stomp this afternoon and I can't wait! This is our first trip to the theater together and I can't wait to see his reactions. We've been looking forward to this since last summer!.

IDK if I'll workout this weekend or not, kind of playing it by ear for now. Cough is a little better today and I don't want to push it and risk yet another relapse. It's 9 degrees with a wind chill in the negative numbers and snowing, no way am I running outside today!.

Need to call out a repairman for our TM too. DH tried to use it last weekend and it shut down every time he tried to increase the speed or incline. He'll be out of town for the polar bear run next weekend and I'll make a game time decision whether or not I'm running...

Comment #6

Good morning, guys!.

Looks like I get a little R & R this morning...

Comment #7

LMAO Great opening Beth. You are right I do need to figure out a way to exercise more and I will..

And please listen to this in it's entirety. {{smOOOOOOOOches}}.


Comment #8

Not much. Grocery shoppin in a bit. Katie has a B-day party from 4-10 so will just hang out between there. Maybe get to see True Grit..

Comment #9

What an Great way to start The Day!!!!!!.

Good Morning Gorgeous. Sounds like a great day for you and DS1..

Enjoy it and stay warm!!!! Glad you are feeling a little better...

Comment #10

Morning Roddy. Do you want to be the R or & R. this morning???..

Comment #11

Let me know what you think of the movie if you see it. DH has mentioned wanting to see it a couple times but we haven't made the time for it..

I could use a gallon of 2% milk if you don't mind picking it up for me while you're at the store...

Comment #12

It's FN cold here! What's on your agenda today?..

Comment #13

Right at the moment not too much. Gonna clean up the snow a little more. Have to get ready for the next dumping. They say Tues into Wed we could have another Major Storm...

Comment #14

I have been wanting to see it too..

Glad you mentioned that I forgot to put milk on my list..

Comment #15

How's your shoulder? Careful moving that snow! We're not getting anything major snow-wise here (thank goodness!), just flurries and minor accumulations...

Comment #16

DH rarely wants to go to the movies. I'm not sure he can sit through an entire film without checking his phone at least once...

Comment #17

Since it's a little chilly outside, I think I'm gonna make a little chilli today..

Comment #18

Shoulder getting better slowly. No more sharp shooting pains, just a dull ache now and then if I overdo it. I also sleep on my left side (in case you were interested) LOL so when I wake in the morning it is a little sore because I have been sleeping on it...

Comment #19


Hell, I leave mine in the truck most of the time at a movie. Because of work mine is usually attached to me 98% of the time... I need a break sometimes!..

Comment #20

What's "a little" chilly? Chili sounds good on a day like today!..

Comment #21

Morning Vicki, Rick & Roddy!!.

We saw True Grit over the's worth it!!.

It was better than the original imo.......dialogue was GREAT. We got to the theater late & had to set in the third row........those guns were HUGE from there!!!..

Comment #22

I wasn't going to tell the others I already knew that. Thank you, gutter cam!..

Comment #23

Phones are the best and worst things we have ever invented...

Comment #24

The only break he takes from that freakin phone is when we're sleeping. The phone isn't allowed upstairs at night..

Even if it's plugged into the charger, he's checking it constantly..

Sadly, he IS that guy from those "really?" commercials...

Comment #25

It's only 34 here at the moment..

S'up Gene.

OMG, my eyes! Is it really a Donkey sighting?..

Comment #26

I make a point to turn mine off and put it away when he's home, same with the computer.We went out to dinner the other night and I threatened to dunk his phone in his water glass...

Comment #27

Just as long as he does not fall into the reflecting pond at the Mall!!!!!.

Which BTW is one of the funniest things I have seen. But that is just my sick sense of humor...

Comment #28

Hi gutter!.

Live on iPad technology from the donkey hospital bed. Passed out at work thurs a had a little ambulance ride to the er. I have internal bleeding somewhere. Have not improved so looks like I'm watching steelers in the hospital. And they're calling my dizzy doctor too..

The worst thing is no food. I am starved and miserable. Last food I had was eggs Thursday am. Had I known that was my last meal I'd have had bacon and home fries!..

Comment #29

Phone cameras.... blah.

Can't even go out to dinner without ending up on someone's FB page..

What commercials are those? It's not ringing a bell..

Comment #30

Jeez Annie!!!!. I hope they figure this out ASAP. You are in my Prayers, however, The Steelers are not..

Feel better soon...

Comment #31

WTH Annie? I always told you something bad would happen if you kept slinging those bras!..

Comment #32

Hi Annie!!!.

Find something to rub warm up.

You do hake a good point!.

It's chilly here too......supposed to see 5 to 6 inches of snow by tomorrow morning...

Comment #33

Thanks for the prayers! And you better light a candle for those jets! Theyll need it!.

I can't believe how cold it will be for the game. Fans are gonna be crazy if they drink beer in that. But they will...

Comment #34

CRAP Annie!!.

I hope they get you figured out & you're home soon!!.

Get Well....NOW!!!..

Comment #35

I flung my bra as soon as I got to the er. They couldn't wait to free the girls! Apparently I have a fan club...

Comment #36

Thank you dr gene. Can you please prescribe a western omelette to make me well?..

Comment #37

Hope they find the problem Don't get to excited for the game tomorrow and cause more blood loss!..

Comment #38

ANNIE!! I come to the gutter to see this? I am devastated!!! You better get well soon, woman. And please let us know when they figure out what's wrong with your Donkey Butt. I will officially cheer for the Steelers to show my solidarity with my favorite Pittsburghian...

Comment #39

You're in my prayers, Donkey! Want me to head over and keep you company? I'll bring jello...

Comment #40

I know, right? Put the phone down, people! (Unless you're going to do something really stupid that we can all laugh about..


Comment #41

If I could I would!!.

You want jalapenos on that??.

Hey Hey HEY Heidi!!!.

Mornin Rrrrrob........

Comment #42

Annie! You can't have just bacon and home fries for breakfast!!! At least wash it down with some Canadian beer! Get better soon..

Comment #43

Putting on another pot of coffee, anybody want some?..

Comment #44

I'm good, kids. Just busy and buried under work, snow, and school starting back up this past week. I think about all of you often and wish I could play more...

Comment #45

Which one is he??.

I'm sorry..

It is funny tho... Windows 7, designed to get you in and out fast..... Isn't that the problem to begin with??..

Comment #46

Having your steeler support makes this h$ll more bearable! Thanks Heidi!..

Comment #47

I'm well aware of the good part!!.

......Just keep diggin out & showing up when you can!!..

Comment #48

Oh dear!!! I hope they find it and fix it quickly!..

Comment #49

I'm trying to convince them miller lite is clear liquid. They are tough..

I finally begged my way with gi doc this morning to score some ensure later today since they won't let me take any vitamins..

There is no plan to feed me any food before after tests Monday if even then..

Comment #50

LMAO! Fast isn't always a bad thing..

He's all of them! (Well, except the guy in the bathroom!.


Comment #51

I was wondering if school had started up again. No more hunky professor?..

Comment #52

I'll take mine iced, thanks!(right now it is 25 degrees and I am eating a blueberry smoothie - I must need my head examined)..

Comment #53

Cherry, of course. Only the best for the Donkey!..

Comment #54

As far as you know anyway! lol.

I'm off to "make Groceries".

Hope everyone stays warm and has a great day..

Comment #55

LOL. My favorite time to eat ice cream is in the dead of winter...

Comment #56

If that's all it takes to make you feel better, why didn't you just say so in the first place, ya big drama queen!? Now I need to go look for some Steelers flair for my siggy..

Aw, so sweet, Gene-I-ous. Well, I'm here in spirit, if not the fleshy parts. Bracing for more snow next week (the mountains from the December 26 storm are still here and piled higher than me); this is starting to remind me of the year I went to grad school in Montreal. The snow didn't melt until May..

As for work, I just picked up blogging responsibilities for the other magazine too (no extra $, of course), and my managing editor just told me last Thursday that she's expecting her first little editorette in August. While I'm thrilled for her, that's gonna make for a nasty July, August, and September for me. I'm sure my boss won't let me hire anyone temporarily to assist. So unless I can finish my last IT class over the summer (unlikely), I'll probably have to put it off until this time next year. Unfortunately, the class was full this semester when I registered, because I was TOO late. My bad.

I hang my head in shame..

So this semester, I am taking GROUP PIANO of all things, but I refuse to cut my nails. Good thing I'm only auditing it. She'd probably fail me, otherwise..

Hey Rod, how are things with you???..

Comment #57

Want us to smuggle in some beer and Primanti Bros sandwiches?..

Comment #58

How about yellow (lemon) and black (licorice)? Ew...that sounds disgusting..

Vic, no more hunky prof...but I did get an A and made Dean's list..


Comment #59

Now the piano haiku makes sense! LOL.

Sounds like you've got a full plate!..

Comment #60

All those wardrobe malfunctions really paid off!.

Congrats on the Dean's list!..

Comment #61

I wish I had a plate full of Primanti sandwiches, to be sure!.

Eh, it's not terrible now, although we do have to fast track the February issue so it can make an event mid-month. We'll do our best. Much will depend on how well the weather cooperates...

Comment #62

WOW! You are a busy little beav..........uh......person.

You WILL be a piano virtuoso ....please remember all of your little friends when you're famous!!!..

Comment #63

Doesn't seem like Mother Nature is feeling cooperative lately..

Good luck with the fast track issue!..

Comment #64

I laughed when I opened the announcement. I really don't believe they wasted the paper and posted to send me that announcement for one silly class. I did learn a ton though...sadly, I'll probably forget most of it if I don't continue creating Web pages...

Comment #65

Who you calling little!.

<jumps up and smacks Gene on the shoulder>..

Comment #66

Oh the possibilities! I can just imagine the fun web pages you'd create!..

Comment #67

I took piano for YEARS as a kid; I want to brush up on my music reading skills since I have gotten extremely rusty. Virtuous? Nah. Just a little better at doing something I already know how to do. Thinking about auditing a language class over the summer if I can't get into that last IT class. I know Spanish is most practical, but I really want to take Italian instead.....

Comment #68

I heart FedEx - bed in a bag was delivered mid-morning!..

Comment #69 caught that one!!.

I just didn't want her to forget you!!!..

Comment #70

The little lady with the skillful fingers, maybe?.

I agree, Sally...hiya! LTNS!..

Comment #71

I was folding the kids' laundry this morning and DH asked if the pants I was folding were mine...

Comment #72

LOL......Good job!!!.

It does say something about those kiddos soon to be taller than Mom tho!!!..

Comment #73

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