What are some good Dukan Diet and exercise plans for a 14 year old?

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Quick question... What are some good Dukan Diet and exercise plans for a 14 year old? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... Hearty Beef stew tonight for dinner! YUM!!!.

My sister's husband got the deer this fall and gave me the tenderloin...So yummy! I can't eat much beef (stomach issues) but this was just devine..

Sliced the tenderloin into medallions then cooked in pan with salt and pepper. After done, I sliced two medallions (one ounce) into my beef stew. Sorry, no picture...I ate it before the camera was ready! LOL.


PS...I think I have enough of the tenderloin to make about four more protein servings! Wahooooo!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably know..

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Mine was fresh, smelled like beef...No strange smells here...

Comment #2

If it's young and fresh, there isn't usually much of a smell and it isn't gamey at all. I grew up eating deer, elk and antalope. I guess I'm used to it..


Comment #3

Yep FerretJunkie...Fresh and melted in my mouth like BUDDAH!.


Comment #4

I guess I just had a bad experience with it. My father-in-law thinks he is funny to slip it in when we go to dinner. I can alway tell because it always tastes wierd to me. He must not cook it correctly. Now when he says he is cooking a roast, I eat before we go!..

Comment #5

If he is hunting for a rack, the deer is older and that will be strong and gamey. If that's all you have had, it isn't super tender or yummy. It's ok not to like it, my sister won't touch it at all..


Comment #6

Yep, my sister won't touch it either (other than deer sausage) so she gave it to me! LUCKY ME!.

I remember having some gamey meat when I was a kid. I hated it. This wasn't at all gamey..


Comment #7

I think it depends upon where you got the deer. In Wisconsin most of it is corn fed around here - they are in all the cornfields. The only difference around here between venison and beef is that the venison doesn't have any fat. We just love it and would take deer before beef anytime...

Comment #8

I have a freezer full of venison. We go through a freezer full every year. I hadn't thought of putting it in the hearty beef stew. I keep putting off eating those. I cooked venison & gravy w/mashed pot. for my family yesterday and just ate a small piece with my Dukan Diet lunch.

Sounds like a good dinner tonight!!!! My venison is never gamey. We don't like to eat beef unless it's a good steak. Just have to season it right...

Comment #9

I think my father-in-law cooks the same thing you had as a kid. I may try it again if someone else cooks it. Thanks for the info...

Comment #10

Ohhhh, I miss venison, my husband was an avid hunter so we always had good meat in the freezer. I grew up on venison and didn't like it all that much(always had fat on it and cooked very well done). My husband always let it hang in a cool place then cut all the fat off if it. Tenderloin medium rare...OMG...with biscuits and gravy even better! My husband passed away 6 years ago and I have had it several times since from friends...never as good as his was though...our deer in Alaska don't get corn so I am guessing it has a lot to do on how it is aged, cut and prepared on how it ends up tasting. Rexanne..

Comment #11

Our deer in Nevada don't get corn either! They live on sage brush and whatever they can get. So if it's old, it is gamey!..

Comment #12

If you soak the meat in apple juice or buttermilk over night, even the tougher cuts get tender and juicy. If it's gamey, it was probably a tough old buck...

Comment #13

I love venison loin and so low in fat. I had the stew for lunch today and I believe it would have been so much better with teh venison. Nice idea...

Comment #14

The same here in Wa. We raise wheat and the deer love it. Farther north where my parents always hunted the deer at Pine needles along with their grass diet. Huge difference in taste and smell..

Also processing makes a world of difference. If you don't get the deer chilled after cleaning it then you can get some off taste. We field dress and then bring them home and thoroughly wash with cold water. Then they hang a few days in our shop, depending on the weather and we cut them up and freeze. If you don't field dress properly or get them cleaned you can effect the flavor...

Comment #15

My experience with venison is DON'T EAT ANYTHING WITH ANTLERS!!!! Young bucks (button bucks) are the BEST and does are a close second. Age and gender are huge factors in how the meat tasts but also the big bucks are the MOST gamey during rutgo figure! My kids are my hunters and luckily they usually bring me home does!!! Bucks go into sausage!!!..

Comment #16

Depends on how long the deer ran around before and after the shot, too. Lactic acid builds up in the muscle if the animal is prouncing around before (go figure, in the rut), or if the shot was not a quick/clean shot and they flail around a lot after. We had some AMAZING antelope this last season due to the short "running time". WOW! Seriously melted in your mouth...

Comment #17

Oh I.


Venison. I'm not back home so I'm not on the "freezer" rotation for the hunters in the family that bag more than their family eats and hubby isn't a hunter. I can.


Get some from a friend who ends up with lots from nearby hunters who's wives won't cook it for them.....

*** vegetarians, stop reading.



Older deer will be more gamy as will one that's run. If the first shot doesn't kill and it runs for a while, it'll be gamy - which is why venison from certain family members is always best - they aren't looking for a trophy and are very accurate with a head shot. I also prefer that since the deer doesn't suffer.....

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