What are some Godaddy promo deals?

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My question is: What are some Godaddy promo deals?.

My 2nd question is: Hi Guy's,.

I want to know what do you think of buying Traffic?.

Is there anything wrong with doing it?.

Do most people buy traffic?.

Who knows good traffic sending companies?.

Are there any that should be avoided?.

Is it illegal to send paid for traffic to PPC companies?.

Thanks for everyones help,.



Comments (10)

Your question was: What are some Godaddy promo deals?.

My experience with purchased traffic is that it is junk.

I strongly suggest you read the terms and conditions of each PPC company you deal with...

Comment #1

It is 100% against the TOS of every parking company as it should be.

This is not good for the visitors (if they actually exist), the PPC company, and especially not the people who are buying fraudulent traffic.

Sending untargeted traffic to a targeted parking page, is up there with this. You are doing nothing short of defrauding the advertisers and PPC companies when you do this type of activity...

Comment #2

I am think about developing some site and this would help send traffic and grow higher ratings but the other side is of course to make some cash from people comming to the site from ppc while they are parked.

I dont want computer generated traffic!.

I am looking for real person traffic!.

Thanks for your replies,.

Anyone else?.


Comment #3

I use to sell traffic, but I using I frame and script, every third visitor visit my site will redirect to my client site also, if I have 100k daily page view, my client should have 33k page view ...

Disadvantages is PPC won't work, against TOS, aint cheap and good tracker can trace ....

Most my client(web designer and so call SEO expert) buying traffic cause they need to show their client the SEO is working .....

Comment #4

Tried before and I strong recommend you don't waste your money...

Comment #5

You'll get the traffic but mostly junk and above 90% bounce rate. that was happened to me..

Comment #6

If you had a shop ,would you hire people to come and walk throught your shop..

If you had an office based business , would you pay people to ring your 1-800 number and waste your receptionist's time..

If you had a farm , you wouldn't pay for someone to walk through the cornfield..

SO why as a web based business, would you pay for pointless , non-productive traffic.

Any traffic generated as a result of those "Paid to Visit" schemes is usually just plain useless.

Any marketing money is better spent on growing your traffic. In the same manner you would increase any other business by marketing, websites marketed correctly will increase their useful traffic.

Most domainers / webdevelopers / website owners need to study business marketing..

Marketing websites involve more than listing on some crap directories, buying some crap link, buying sweat-shop 20 clicks a minute traffic and using some bookmarking site...

Comment #7

Thanks for your help guys, I think I shall give the traffic idea a miss and advertise instead!.



Comment #8

I did a bit of research on this subject once and unfortunately failed to find a single site that would sell "real" traffic. All were absolutely worthless autoclickers.....

Comment #9

It depends on what type of traffic you buy, there is an automatic traffic and there is manual traffic I'm speaking of traffic exchange.

Traffic exchanger site is a community of business opportunity seekers that are "rewarded" to view sites, is one type of traffic exchanger that rewards people but it's a manual traffic exchange as oppose to automatic traffic exchange which you can leave it open on your computer overnight and you gain credit and traffic. I both am an owner of automatic traffic exchanger site and a manual traffic exchanger site called ptp (paid to promote) people promote their links that randomly display urls thus if you got credits you get visitors to your site.

To people who only know ypn, adsense and parking at "sedo when it got traffic" to monetize their site this is definitely not for you.

I'm supporting manual traffic exchangers the most that delivers manual traffic/impressions/displays/visitors to your site because I got sales on my affiliate programs links. If majority of forums if not all does not allow referral/affiliate links to be posted how can someone living off affiliate programs make money after all it's by the use of this manual traffic exchangers.

Social bookmarks are a different specie as it's mostly to increase backlinks to your site not deliver abrupt visitors, this is in turn long term as most of social bookmark sites like and stumbleupon don't delete your sites once listed on them.

Manual directories are a different specie as well as it's also for backlinks and helps you get indexed on search engines.

Physical shops won't pay for visitors of course and pay for ringers to ring and consume all their money on 1-800 numbers but they "incentivize" people.

What shop will you buy from the most?.

A shop that when you buy you check out and there's no incentives?.

Or a shop that gives rebates after you buy and gives you a plus card (here in waltermart) that allows you to gain points on your purchases to be exchanged for physical items?.

In this practical day and age I will tell you I will go to the shop that "incentivize" and will support it long term based on experience.

Buying traffic online cannot be compared to buying customers offline, totally different. You optimize domains for serp but you put your physical shop on high traffic locations, before you do it you're aided with a feasibility study, which answers which is the most crowded place, that my friends you already bought the place because of the "traffic" of the people found on that location.

One negative thing that I need to remove from people most probably educate them is the removal of negative outlook regarding buying traffic since most of these happened to good people who owned traffic exchangers because there are abusive people out there that abuses the traffic exchangers sites/communities whose greedy for traffic since they know it will bring them money.

Successful huge sites that rely on this model of income are cj, linkshare, shareasale, clixgalore,,, what they're selling to you are leads, people to visit or accomplish some action on your site they're not your people in the first place but take a look at some of the merchants they have. Im blessed to be paid by all affiliate programs that i've mentioned because I'm both an affiliate member and merchant to some of them.

I say don't jump up buying traffic but do it for free, if you want to learn just pm me. and merry christmas in advance...

Comment #10

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