What are some GoDaddy deals for 2011?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What are some GoDaddy deals for 2011?.

My next question is: All of you guys are ahead of your time. Someday people are going to look back and say geez I wish I bought some HostGator names, .com's are selling for millions. Im in real estate and have been thinking of investing $$.... I dont trust stocks, or mutual funds... and it takes a lot to make a lot.

I mean, I can buy a HostGator for $7 and sell it for $14.... where else can you double your money like that?.

I'm sure we all have different goals here... but the main goal is to make $$.

I am brand new to this I have only purchases a few HostGator names. One thing that is intriguing me.... is the fact that .web, .asia. etc is coming out soon which will be a gold rush.

I have a few questions about new HostGator extensions:.

1) Is there normally an announced date a new extension will come out (i.e. ".asia will come out Feb 1st 2008").

2) The day a new extension comes out will godaddy, and the HostGator sales websites be selling them that day??.

3) I heard some companies can get reserves of these names in advance if they have a trademark (i.e. www.Nike.web) ..... But what about names like beach.web travel.web business.web shoes.web realestate.web ? Is it a complete rush for these names on one specific day?.


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Your question was: What are some GoDaddy deals for 2011?.

My advice at least stick to the current tlds. or at the very least, do a LOT of reading on these boards before regging any names..

We all made mistakes when we first started out..

There wasnt forums or info like this when I started..

Good luck..

Comment #1

Don't waste your money on those made for making registrars money extensions- If you are new to this business get ahead of the vast majority of the crowd here and start researching IDN's.

As of the last couple of days most of the world will now be able to access IE7 which will create major changes in inet access...

Comment #2

Don't know about IDNs but I'd recommend you stick to .com, to start with you can always sell a dot com for reg fee if not better.

.asia is purely a speculatory tld, don't see any regional significance like .eu.

Domain Investing is also possible through NamePros - buy generics cheap, sell high. Coming soon are two services - ClubDIN (Club for HostGator Investors) and DBC (Domain Buyers/Brokers Club), but doing your own research is always recommended...

Comment #3

Also remember there can be restrictions on registering cctlds. I think there will be for .asia, so be sure that you're eligible...

Comment #4

You really need to do your homework. Take for example the failures of .eu (similar to .eu) and ask why? Is the extension truely neccessary or do these countries prefer their own ccTLD's?.

The truth is, HostGator investing is complicated. It involves a healthy dose of understanding and making sure your information is up to date. As a rookie to these waters, the advice everyone is going to give to you is to slow down. Although it sounds like money is made overnight, you must understand the people making the money have been in this game for some time.

Be careful not to get suckered in. Diversify your HostGator holdings, but as a rule of thumb, ESPECIALLY as a rookie. Focus on .com as the majority of your portfolio (if not all of it).

Stop registering new HostGator names now, and start talking to Domainers on this board. Visit the chatroom, there are plenty of people on this board who are happy to assist you and direct you...

Comment #5

Alot of people would disagree with you...I like .in / 1 billion plus, but alot of experienced domainers don't bother with India....I imagine those same domainers would stay clear of I'd say that nothing is a sure bet.

I'd also like to add that statistically, I would bet ( I have no documented proof) that investing in HostGator names is riskier than investing in. lets say a money market mutual fund or a GIC....however, with greater risk, comes greater reward. Hence the interest in domaining....

I have the sense that a lot of new people ( and I am very new) think they are going to make an easy fortune. Just as anaside, take a look at generic tld names that have hundreds of millions of returns on google that are sitting parked and for sale on sedo.

Just take a look at the various tld's for anime on sedo....there are plenty. If your loaded with extra cash, knock yourself out...but if your strapped for cash, tread carefully and very very slowly...

Comment #6

Yes, you will work harder in this business than most. A person recently posted that it's easy to make money in domains, all you have to do is spend a few minutes and register a domain. His point was developing names is more important than parking. Many domainers only buy names to sell and park them for pay per click profits, until the names sell.

I can attest that the person has no idea of the hard work and hours upon hours of research it takes to pick a winner. Yes domaining is not a easy way to make money. Roll up your sleeves and work hard...

Comment #7

Heed this advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!.

I hate to see newbs waste their money in the beginning. My suggestion is to buy dot coms on the aftermarket that were registered in 2005 or earlier. Plan on spending more than $100 per name (probably much more). Buy for $7 and sell for $14 doesn't scale well in most circumstances and it ends up being buy for $7 and let expire...

Comment #8

I'm Asian but companies in Singapore prefers or .sg to .com. Even .net is quite popular here. I have my doubts about .asia...

Comment #9

You should Tend to agree with .com and some of the top country specific tld.

BTW - looks like IDN may be going mainstream, heard ,not confirmed yet, there may be some "live IDN" at the upcoming Geo auction in November. I think the success of Sedo's recent auction is going to start the ball really rolling...

Comment #10

I think that .Asia will be a lesser replay of .eu. The .asia registry is more clueful than those morons running .eu (EURid) and will probably not turn the landrush into a disaster. However .asia does not, as people have pointed out, have a unifying aspect such as a common economic market or set of laws. So what might happen with .asia is an initial talk-up and landrush. A few domains will sell for high figures but the vast majority of domains registered in the first six months post-landrush will be complete rubbish and will not sell. At Landrush+18months, the extension might find some kind of value.

Like most of the new extensions launched in the last seven years, it is a gamble.


Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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