What are some GoDaddy deals and coupons?What are the best GoDaddy coupon codes?

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I got a quick question: What are some GoDaddy deals and coupons?What are the best GoDaddy coupon codes?.

I also got another question: I have 3 .IM domains - should I renew or drop??.




Thanks for your opinions...

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Your question was: What are some GoDaddy deals and coupons?What are the best GoDaddy coupon codes?.

They don't seem to be very popular with the OUD crowd...

Comment #1

I can honestly say the only .IM GoDaddy site I have ever visited (apart from is - The new name for GAIM...

Comment #2

Thanks for your thoughts!.

The only one I am thinking of holding is YES*IM - positive and seems ripe for development ( if only I had the time and knowledge.


Comment #3

Trade them on OUD, They are better than what they have right now.By the way I like the best...

Comment #4

.im is really struggling right now. I sold for ~$125. It sat over at GoDaddy auctions for days with out any other bids.

The only one I'm keeping is and I'm going to let the rest drop...

Comment #5

Congrats for at least selling one why do you want to keep, does it get any traffic ?

People say house or homes, houses does'nt make sense IMO.


Comment #6

Didn't someone here sell awhile back for a nice amount?..

Comment #7

Do these get traffic as typos of .in names?..

Comment #8

I think you mean .im.

I would drop them as it's a very weak extention..

Comment #9

I just let drop.

Lots of interest but no solid offers in a year!..

Comment #10

Nope, he definitely means .in. He's asking if they get typo hits from Indian Websites...

Comment #11

Yes... I mean .in.

.I'm thinking outside of the box here..

Comment #12

I have three .ims it was hard to pay 120 pounds for renewal as I am broke but I am still confident that my names are pretty good. I am now planning on developing each one by one then promote and sell as a website..

If any one interested please pm all three gets traffic...

Comment #13

Yes would be the last one of the (3) i'd keep...

Comment #14

I will have to differ with you. When people are shopping around for a place to live the say "we're going looking at homes/houses". They don't say "we're going looking at some home/house".

I guess they could say "we are looking for a home" (but that would not help my analogy).

The same with cars. When you are looking to buy a new car, you can out looking at cars. Or you could go out looking for a car......

Anyway I kept the domain..

Comment #15

I am probably going to let most of mine drop also.

And a few more.....

Comment #16

Pretty good generics. When went through the whole auction process with a high bid of $125 I new that it was not a good market for .im.

At $75 USD a year to reg you can't afford to wait for them to become popular...

Comment #17

Fortunately I was able to get out early and sold for a decent profit..

It does seem like the extension is struggling..

Comment #18

I see very less sales for .Im.

I would drop them..

Comment #19

I have I think it may be a cool link on some of my sites for a young demographic. I don't expect any type ins...

Comment #20

The consensus is clear - at least for now .im has little value!.

In the future > who knows??..

Comment #21

Don't reg them if you don't plan on holding for a few years, naturally a new extension won't be worth the reg fee for awhile...

Comment #22

One thing to consider is that the local market is very limited with a population of just 80K. Even there the TLD is not much used..

Other than that a few people use .im as a vanity TLD (instant messaging)..

IMO the market conditions are not going to change in the coming years..

Develop or drop.....

Comment #23

Yes I have sold several very high profile .im names and still have a few left..

Comment #24

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