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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What are some GoDaddy coupon discounts for 2011?.

My next question is: .

Can you say Scam Artist?.

Stay away one and all....

I'm sure some already knew this..for those that don't, take my advice.

I know a few others here can attest to this...

Comments (33)

Your question was: What are some GoDaddy coupon discounts for 2011?.

Opinions are like assholes?.

I get that..this is first hand experience take it as you will....

Like I said it's my experience and I know 2 others who have had the same...

Comment #1

No, chappy. Your post said "confessions" , but you didn't confess anything. Just gave a warning. I am interested. Unfortunately, I have zero clue as to who/what/when/where/why ...etc..

Without know this, you're Spam King could crap on my face because you failed to disclose who's colon I/we should watch out for...

Comment #2

What are you trying to accomplish by saying someone fucked you over but not disclosing any relevant information to the community? I've known many people that go by the moniker of "Spam King"...

Comment #3

Thanks Johnny..

Chappy that is not self explanatory. Why wouldn't you just say Bill Waggoner?..

Comment #4

Wicked Fire members Confessions of "spam king" is about my life in the industry..

And also about everyone who has screwed you over as well as myself..

So you don't want these things exposed eh? You want to hide in your deep dark corners of the net and never say a word? Let people trample all over your hard earned LEGAL money (with some of you the word legal is all bullshit) I could tell you so many damn stories that are real life it would blow your mind. ASK AWAY....

Especially you keyboard commando's who can't say it to my face..

Skype me lets talk............ BLOGTALKRADIO me lets talk.......... who's ruined your business? Are you the guys who buy cracked programs all day long and destroy peoples hard worked?.

Cmon guys fess up..... don't be jealous assholes...

Comment #5

No shit. This is an actual book?.

I thought that was a home-brew picture. I don't judge. If you've been there, done that - you 'might' have something to say about it..

However, if you've screwed someone over.....'they' might have something to say about it, too..

All-in-all, if you don't know by know that there's scammers and con-artists in this biz, then you're still a noob and will be until you get your first 'fucking' on...

Comment #6

I undestand that they're are many scam artists. I can name them by name and show data to prove everything that I say. I also know how hard it is to inbox yahoo etc etc. I also know people talk major shit about me and post killajew on a facebook and try to get me arrested...... WOW if you didn't hear about that your really out of the loop............ Take a look a fucking facebook how imposters there are of me. Look at youtube and see how many sick fucks are posting videos about my children and threatening my life for no damn reason other then I SPOKE BEFORE THE FTC and helped legalize this whole board!!!!!!!!!!!! And every piece of email you send out!.

Do I get any respect for that? Do I get any respect for generating millions of dollars for these damn CPA Companies ( won't mention names) that steal and scrub all your leads - Then I OUT THEM and I GET SHIT for it. Is it my fault you guys have a mailer meetup with a FBI informant as the MAIN SPEAKER? NO..............

Do I put my life at risk for YOUR damn freedoms YES!.

So lets put it this way if anyone ever says I SCAMMED them it means 1 thing. They have no idea how to 1. EMAIL 2. Be patient 3. Be respectful 4. Stop Stealing other people's software and make their OWN..

So my book............... YA a shell shocker............ I KNOW EVERYONE reading this will fucking buy it at your local book store just to see.... what I say.....

I call myself spam king cuz the media did pals............ SHOW SOME DAMN RESPECT PLEASE...

Comment #7

Using intimidation to get what you want is a way of saying that you are wrong. So dont raise your voice, dont scream, and dont threaten. When a person calls names, raises their voice or bullies in an attempt to intimidate they automatically negate and devalue their entire point. If your position is so poor you have to resort to name calling then I feel sorry for you because you've already lost...

Comment #8

How would you like your family killed over some jerk posting on facebook?.

So please excuse my tone...

Comment #9

That's serious shit, man. I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to other people(s) shit (kinda like it that way), but damn.

My question is: how does one's family get killed over a facebook posting? Is this a posting you made about someone, or is some 'jerk' posting threats about your family? (curious) - either way, that's some heavy shit...

Comment #10

It was a play on his title...I thought it was semi transparent. Sorry for the confusion. Is anyone drinking this guy's kool-aid? Just consider yourselves warned is all I am saying...

Comment #11


Not long ago on instant messenger you were all gung-ho about working with the "king" - I told you to be careful!............

Comment #12

LOL ego boost much ? .

You def are not some David Hawke. I would use your book to wipe my ass...

Comment #13

You didn't even make it onto The Daily Show piss ant..

Your grammar is fucked, no wonder you only have success pushing penis pills...

Comment #14

Actually I believe it was "Clitoral Cream"..

Just sayin...

Comment #15

Actually, I was referring to the piss ant 'spam king' fag..


Comment #16

I stand corrected.

Thought for sure it was pussy paste, but hey it's all the same in the end..

I at least respect Richter if for only how entertaining he was on "The Daily Show". Without that HVED would not even be in my vocabulary..

DOH Post 100 Biotchezzz!..

Comment #17

Yeah, Chappy, he screwed us over as well, at a really bad time. not gonna say anymore on here.

PM for options or to discuss further..

Comment #18

For a post outting someone, there is far too few details. I think the entire story / stories should be shared for all, so we can all enjoy a good chuckle...

Comment #19

I'll say I've known Bill for quite a while and he did get a bad name over somethings. If that bad name is deserved or not I'm not here to say either way, but he did do us a favor in 03 if anyone was around and remember it. He stuck his neck out and hopefully his input helped a little.

I do know from first hand experience people do threaten him pretty much on a daily basis (again I'm not here to say if it's deserved or not, but I feel putting his kids in the mix like people do is to far), because he did stick his neck out...

Comment #20

YouTube - Bill Waggoner: Confessions of a Prolapsed Anus.

Fun Times for a late Monday...

Comment #21

I thought you were talking about Sanford Wallace. I guess I'm just old...

Comment #22

Lmao @ spam king.. anytime they arrest someone no matter how much volume he's doing he's titled 'the spam king'.

The real spam kings = the media..

Comment #23

Let me post the skinny so as you don't think I'm just some pissed off customer.

After days of discussion and trepidation we sent him money upfront for servers, sw,.

Etc...and went into a contract stating that there would be hundreds of servers and his sw.

Running while we did all the day to day work. What the money was for I now know. He then.

Proceded to do nothing and blow us off for months. All while blowing smoke up his own ass.

The entire time yet never addressing the real issue of when we would be up and running. Non.

Stop discussions (us listening) about spam haus, Facebook privacy issues and his never.

Ending crusade for all of us. All correspondence was simply sessions in self promotion.

Finally the phone calls ceased. There were no servers, no sw, nothing. There never was.

Just the overinflated ego of a con man.

This guy is broke. He is bilking unsuspecting people out of thousands. Experienced people.

Too. Would I send 5k to some unknown spammer in Turkey? No. No offense to any spammers based out of Turkey. Our thought was this guy is.

Too outspoken and public to be pulling a fast one. I have been mailing for 10 years+ so of.

Course I have been screwed by multiple hosting cos and data guys. Not to mention Sender.

Score. Will I be screwed again, I'm sure. This thread is simply to publicize what this guy.

Is doing and hopefully save others the time, money and bullshit that this guy brings.

Since this post I have confirmed 3 other people who fell victim to the same exact scam. One.

Of which has posted confirming such. Did he just not get the servers up in time for all of.

Us? Then why has noones money been refunded? I'm sure if there's 4 people then there's.

Still more. Was he going to be getting 100 servers up for 10 different cos and making us.

All millions? Obviously not.

The facts are the facts and multiple others have since confirmed. Is this equivalent to the.

Bernie Madoff scam? I'm not saying it is. Will business continue as usual? Yes.

This guy is a hiccup in my day and a thorn in our industry's side. We just want everyone to.

Truly know what His Highness is really doing besides dabbling in horrible grammar and.

Sentence structure.

There is one other scenario. He's just completely bat shit and the sky's purple in his world. Either way, send back the cash before the feds come knocking...

Comment #24

I remember when he was putting spamhaus out of business. You better watch out!..

Comment #25

I suppose I'm glad that I didn't goto any of the meetups (although I'm still laughing that Brian won Keith's Robomail License)..

So who's this "informant"?.

Guess you'd only have to be concerned if you were non-compliant...

Comment #26

He was at the other meetup at Palms..

Here is a little fun background on how he got introduced to FBI: Spam Suspect Uses Google Docs; FBI Happy | Threat Level |

Do not forget to neatly upload all the proprietary details about your business into Google Docs!..

Comment #27

Oh I remember this. I know De Diego. Didn't realize they were speaking at the mailer meetups..

And I find another good reason I've never wanted to work with those guys...

Comment #28

I think it's funny alot of you don't know who the 'spam king' refers to in this industry. he's only had the title forever. scott richter, and for any of you who doubt, that fool has been paid for a-longgggggg time...

Comment #29

Scott is a good guy. He's always been fair to me...

Comment #30

I guess this thread is getting around. It was also posted in NANAE cloaked as some sort AIM message:.

A little pidgeon just whispered this - and it's not Andrew J. Stephens related (Yay!) - | Google Groups.

And now it is showing up in his ROKSO listing. lol.


Word spreads quickly...

Comment #31

I knew some of the mailers involved in this and the article is actually very poorly researched and borders on slander IMHO. No actual spamming took place, all mail sent was compliant hence why no charges were laid. The yahoo accounts were being used as seeds to monitor deliver-ability not for delivering any mail, this may contradict Yahoo's terms of service but not CAN-SPAM. I actually had a chance to see the Google docs referenced and they were nothing more than their filenames would indicate, a schedule of offers and which lists they were dropped to, no proprietary information...

Comment #32

I know and not saying there was actual violation of CAN-SPAM or any other law...

It is just if you put up ANY kind of details into Google Docs you can give the law enforcement and the press lots of facts to misinterpret. Just look at the comments on this article and it's reposts..

A cautionary tale for sure. Do not make it too easy to track yourself down...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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