What are some Go Daddy promo codes for 2011?

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My question is: What are some Go Daddy promo codes for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: Anyone still think there's a possibility of making a million dollar hand reg? I wonder if forward thinkers speculating on new tech for example or Geos could still make a killing? Maybe with an up and coming CCTLD? What do you think?..

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Your question was: What are some Go Daddy promo codes for 2011?.

Short, concise, highly brandable new extensions could garner significant $XX,xxx+/+ resources and interest - depending, exactly, on how they're released and their final objectives and parameters etc. - among these to watch for would be both the .TEL and .WEB, IMHO.

Shrewd "geo" .COM registrations / snaps are always a good bet!.

Caveat: More information needs to be released on these pending TLD's to really know for sure, but this is my at first blush thought to the question, humbly..


Comment #1

.com's? A tiny tiny chance, only chance of that is if a company approaches based upon the acronym or setting up a company around an emerging "fad" such as iDomains etc.

More likely is a ccTLD, but still unlikely...

Comment #2

If you hit on an amazing brand name that just begs to be an actual product sometime in the future then I guess it may be possible.

....Think ipod sort of thing !.

I'm sure there are loads of domainers following new trends very closely and biding their time !.


Comment #3

Nope. You last opportunities to hand reg were in major ccTLDs and IDN. There are of course some ccTLDs that still have IDN to come, but most of those are going to auction off the goodies. Anything that is hand regged from here on in is going to struggle to pay for itself. The smart move is get to get into the secondary market, but buy those good names that still have some price appreciation left in them. Work out where the advertising spend is going to be coming from.

Then just maybe you see the light and corner a niche...

Comment #4

I think following the trends is the key.. and grabbing all the good Geos and .info's can't hurt IMO. Zip code regs might be a good bet too...

Comment #5

Million dollars, probably for now, yes... you can't.

But upto $50k seems doable, specially if you have the right skills.


Comment #6

Not very many domains can sell for more than a million dollars. You could go back and look at every HostGator that's sold for a million and more and check the original registration date. We probably passed the point of a "million dollar hand reg" about eight years ago...

Comment #7

Today the odds of making a 6-figure sale on a fresh reg are slim IMO. A stroke of luck here and there is possible but the big sales usually involve older domains...

I don't think that the gold rush of the mid-1990s is going to repeat itself. The some newbies jump into the business with both feet in the hope of making big bugs on fresh regs or new extensions. Big mistake.

The only possible goldrush I foresee could be in IDNs (it should already be nearly over actually), to some extent..

As usual, only a few enlightened people will benefit.

There are still plenty of opportunities but million dollar sales are pretty much out of reach right now.

But patience + sound investments = possible nice reward..

Comment #8

Perhaps I am being a little too optimistic, but I don't think it's impossible. New technologies and newly coined terms still will provide opportunities. I always think back to Sahar Sarid hand registering in 2000. That was a term most were unfamiliar with at the time. However, now most use software to safeguard against it. Sahar has said he is making over a thousand dollars a day just parking that domain.

I definitely think anyone who tries to stay ahead of the curve by learning about these new trends, has the chance to stumble upon another type of name. Technology has not reached it's peak by any stretch.

That's just an opinion...

Comment #9

Interesting how Sahar, one of the biggest proponents of development has his top generics just parked. Kind of proves my point that top generics just cannot make the same money through development unless you are going the whole hog and building a business.

What does he actually develop? Well, actually a whole load of brandables,,,

Comment #10

Here is the list of all domains (listed on NameBio) that have ever sold for $1m or more, and the year they were registered. 1995 - $14m 1994 - $10m 1993 - $7m 1997 - $5.5m 1997 - $5m 1995 - $5m 1994 - $3.5m 1994 - $3.3m 1998 - $3.25m 1993 - $3.2m 1994 - $3m 1999 - $3m 1994 - $2.9m 1995 - $2.75m 1994 - $2.6m 1995 - $2.5m 1994 - $2.2m 1994 - $2.2m 1998 - $2m 1994 - $2m 1994 - $2m 1994 - $1.9m 1999 - $1.8m 1996 - $1.65m 1995 - $1.6..

Comment #11

Seem to be a few obvious ones missing, but I think we get the point...

Comment #12

Which names?.

Ill get them on the list..

Comment #13

Didn't sell a while ago? Actually there were 9 last year and you don't seem to have any of them!.

You are missing a!.

As for, I think perhaps you should scratch that one for now.

Comment #14

Thats the HostGator lottery though. Sarhar said the term hadn't even been used when he regged it so the fact that he did was nothing but pure luck or regging tons of random domains and having the one hit the jackpot. Really, the chance of someone hand regging something and having *that* HostGator be "the one", you probably have better chances of getting hit by lightning unless maybe you hand reg 300,000 domains...

Comment #15

What I am saying Jasonn, is that anything is still possible. There is no such thing as luck. People have success for a reason.

I'll give you personal example:.

Three months ago I read about, what most stock analyst agree, is the next hot stock to emerge in the coming years called Greenhouse Stocks. As soon as I read it, I went to check it's availability and found it untaken. So I registered it, and it's singular. Not a week later, Forbes Magazine published this talking about this very stock.

No idea how it will do in the future, but all I know is that I was the first one to register this term. Anyone who stays up in the news has this chance. Surely there are still great opportunities for almost anyone.

Sahar was more than just lucky. His hard work positioned him for all the success he has had...

Comment #16

A case in point: new MT9 file format is set to replace MP3's.. pretty soon we may all have MT9 players and MP3's may be a thing of the past.

Comment #17

I feel you can only look forwards ...... yep new technology seems to be the way ??.

I have jumped into the 3d tv thing !!!!! wish me luck , it's a changing world..

Comment #18

Thanks for that research, Jake. It gives a good idea of when the million dollar hand regs were taking place.

We'd probably have to pull the price back to $500k or even $100k before we see any post '99 hand reg's...

Comment #19

Thanks, interesting list, few doubftful ones on it though (not genuine bidding),

Comment #20

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