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I bought from a fellow DOtTV here, search him you will find the post, or whats left of it.he deleted his posts.. is my paypal chargeback story to keep things eeasy..

The seller was selling a number of (a) domain names (B) software license and (c) semi dedicated hosting 2 months. (d)Vbulletin Skins I bought this package for 148.86 USD Seller complained of a dial up connection halting the transfer of the hosting, removing his data. Seller complained VBulletin would not let him transfer the license until Jan, so he agreed to refund 50$ and I would pay him that again when I could recieve my license, no refund, no license. VBseo and VB skins I have never recieved although the seller claimed he had started a support ticket requesting the transfer of VBseo, no contact was made from VBseo. The domain names have never been transferred to me, and are still in his possession, along with everything else. The only software I recieved was echoarticles, and I am prepared to accept 30$ less than full price, 30$ due to depreciation of the value of the license.

Seller posted his sale thread at 12-06-2005, 07:53 PM I bought the very same day. he later erased his post to "cover his tracks" I presume. Kind regards Tom.

It goes on to say.

It appears that the seller has already issued a refund to you via PayPal:.

Transaction ID:.

Transaction Date: 1 Jan. 1970.

Transaction Amount: $0.00 USD.

Now that SICKENS me..

Anyway, after lots of email correspondance of it will be done tonight etc etc and if it's not you will get a refund (HAH I did of 0.00 before I was born!).

An email from this fellow..

Ive pretty much settled it with Paypal.

Im sick of this harassment; I gave you everything beyond for VBSEO(B/S) and that is due to the licensing system, what you have now is worth more than you paid. What an echoarticles license..haha.

You want the files as well as the refund? I also made Paypal aware that their own policy states that refunds are not issued for digital goods, due to people trying to get the files and then ask for a refund. I said in dispute I will take less than what I paid as I have the Echo ware.

What are my options here?.

Paypal wont help me I'm sure, I want to ring him but I'm UK and hes US, not too easy for me.

Advise kindly accepted.


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For a start, I'd let the staff know about this fellow NP member. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure where you can go from here with PayPal but I'm sure someone else has had a similar experience and can help guide you along.

I wish you luck getting this resolved as easily and quickly as possible. Keep us posted on your progress...

Comment #1

Paypal sucks, they give no support, your pretty muched screwed like the rest of us..

Comment #2

Thanks Guys, appreciated ill see what happens and keep you updated, anyone else?..

Comment #3

YEAH! It's all paypals fault that this guy is ripping you off. They should be responsible for every transaction made. If I get ripped off for $500 I want them to reimburse me cuz I it ain't my responsibility...

Comment #4

How am I supposed to know this guy is gunna rip me?.

I can't take responsibility for that...

Comment #5

I learned my lesson from Paypal.

I once bought a $500 MMORPG account on ebay. The guy never delivered never corresponded, did nothing after he recieved the payment. I went thru paypal to recover the funds to no avail. I subjected mounds of evidence in the form of instant messages and email correspondence to paypal that even included the seller basically telling me to "get bent.".

Lucky for me I hadn't used my paypal account in awhile and my 'verified address' was linked to a closed checking account. The funds were drawn out of my credit card on file by default....I call the credit card company and let them know what happend. Within a week I recieve an email from paypal telling me that they have reversed their decision and I would be awarded my refund. Incidentally, I recieved another email from paypal telling me to update my checking account or lose my 'verified' status......yea right.

The whole ordeal took about two months. I will NEVER use paypal unless I'm able to draft funds out of my credit card. Drafting out of your bank account leaves you with little to no recourse at all...

Comment #6

I wish I funded it with a cc, sadly, not...

Comment #7

Well good luck and I hope you get your money refunded. sounds like a scumbag that you are dealing with.

Do you have an address?.

Other than that, maybe if you harass paypal enough maybe they will give you your money back...

Comment #8

You can't do much staying in UK, but did you tried to email Paypal ... I would atleast email them it might work it happened to me once I didn't recieved my payment and I emailed them it took them half of a month but I got my payment...

Comment #9

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