Weight watchers,Nutrisystem,L.A Weight Loss,etc. do these programs REALLY work long term?Any success

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Weight watchers,Nutrisystem,L.A Weight Loss,etc. do these programs REALLY work long term?Any success Hoping for any comment. My other question... So here's the deal..

First Nutrisystem weigh-in was April 7th, in which I lost 4 pounds. This is starting at 303..

Today, some 10 weeks later, I'm only down a total of 8 pounds. Should be at least 20..

Have I been exercising? Not really. Maybe a 40 minute walk twice a week. That's about it; I am sedentary, obviously..

Did I follow Nutrisystem religiously? No. My first two weeks was a real Nutrisystem order; then a lady on here gave me a lot of Nutrisystem food - mostly dinners and lunches, and I had to wing the rest, using guidelines people on here gave me, for instance, using the Quaker Oats Weight Control packets for breakfast, or the Kellog's High Protein snack bars for a snack. Seemed appropriate, and had the comparatively same carbs and calories. I was low on money, and couldn't swing the $300 for a real I limped along for a good month. Then, about 3 weeks ago, I received a full Nutrisystem order, and was back on with all Nutrisystem products. Doing pretty good on water, too..

Have I cheated? Here and there, but not way off the deep end. I have kept pretty good track on my iPod with the Nutrisystem program as to what I eat; I would find it hard to believe that I took in, on average, more than 1800 calories a day, whereas before NS, when I was maintaining the 303 lbs, I was in the 3,000+ range. I.


Be losing weight, mathematically, but I'm not..

Here's my diagnosis: My body, after a week or two, just "turned back the thermostat" on my metabolism to work with my new caloric income. Not getting in some cardio-vascular workout each day only helps to keep that thermostat low - though it's been my understanding that exercise really doesn't help that much with weight loss anyway, unless your doing.


Of it, ala.

Biggest Loser..

At this point, I'm just wasting my money, and time, which is not what I want to do; if I'm going to be on a diet, I want to lose weight!.

I would be fine with 2-3 pounds a week..

Can anyone bestow some guidance upon me!!??..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Haven't we already gone over this? Yep .... we did..

You keep making excuses and you defeat yourself. You cheat. You don't want it and you over-analyze this program and from what I recall, alot of other things in your life..

Why don't you do what I told you to do last time you wimped out? Just do it. Just follow the plan. If you don't have the $$ (again ... excuse #28) then follow the program to the letter on your own..

This is about the easiest way to lose weight on the planet!! If you don't lose on this plan, you're not following it - plain and simple..

You will never get any more advice from me again. you let me down once...

Comment #2

I'm with the other guys here. Nutrisystem works, if you follow the program. I'm not going to say that I haven't had my slips ups here and there but overall I've followed the plan. I'm down 55lbs in 5 months with only 1.5 to go until goal. If you get up off the sofa and get moving and follow the plan, you will lose weight. It is really that simple...

Comment #3

Bullsh!t. You say you want your ass kicked, but you are still making whiney excuses, just like you've done the whole time I've seen you..

And the lack of loss has nothing to do with whose products you buy. It's the cheats, Sherlock..

I'm not sure I buy the money thing either. What did you spend on the cheats? Ever buy coffees?..

Comment #4

Biggest issue: You eat more calories than you burn. You aren't eating the right stuff. You need to move..

It looks as if you are looking for an excuse somewhere. Look in the mirror. You can do this...

Comment #5

You'll never see this in the wild, why would it work any better in the mirror..

Get your ass in gear and follow the plan..

Comment #6

Just see the thread by comer2032 "100 pound milestone". He lost over 100 in about 5 months this year. That makes it pretty obvious that the problem isn't with NS, it's with you..

Suck it up, follow the plan. It works...

Comment #7

If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes..

Keep Doing What You Always Did, Keep Getting What You Always Got!.

Been There, Done That, No More!..

Comment #8

Man up and stick with it, if you are going to pay the program, you got to do it right. Any exercise will help as well, if nothing else than to get your metabolism sped up. I don't have much more before I've been on the program for one solid year and I'll be at least 175 to 180 down. I haven't been entirely on Nutrisystem food either, I'll go out for meals or go days on normal food to delay my AD, but I'll work it into the plan so that I still lose..

My thinking is if I can do it, anyone can do it,including you, you just need to work the program while it works you...

Comment #9

Guys, I'm sure the plan works, but something.


Doing (or not doing) is the issue. Yes, you have to stick to the plan; I'm owning that one. Exercise, yes, but it has to be the right kind - something really aerobic, for at least a 1/2 hour. Walking, unless all uphill, hardly fits the bill. I have been so tired lately, it's unbelievable; I'm thinking it's due to lack of vigorous exercise, so my cardio vascular system's output has been much lowered, delivering less oxygen, and therefore, I get tired more easy. That, and less calories..

Yes, I analyze, sorry; I'm just trying to get a grasp on the issue. It's my personality to analyze, observe, correct. I really believe Nutrisystem is THE best WL system, at least for me...

Comment #10

I don't really give a red hairy rodents rump what you think about walking. I've already proven you wrong. I lost my first 100 pounds only with walking. So why not listen to someone who's actually lost a 100 pounds? Walking does work..

Go snack on that fact for awhile...

Comment #11

Read some of my posts, if you do you could tell I can tend to be a neurotic over analizing mess when I get fustrated with something. I can understand fustration. but in my opinion theres things that are harder to come to terms with then others, theres a difference between the things we have control over and the things we do not have control over. What we eat and how we exercise are a couple of the things that we do have control over. those arent things that can be thought through too much really, theres a way to be healthy and there is a way to not be healthy, if you do what you should then results will follow, if you dont then only more fustration will follow, if you can call it that at that point...

Im not one for being told by others what to do and I'm not one to tell others what to do.. but when something is self explanitory what needs to be said? if you have issues within yourself, that block you from being able to do what you have to do then address them. otherwise I dont understand what the question is...

There is a point where you have to stop planning and start practicing...

Those are just my thoughts...

Also I concur with the walking thats BS anything that is physically exerting will help.. I walk for an hour at 3 mph because that is what I can handle right now.. eventually I will get better and faster, but I have noticed a great difference in my phyisical well being since starting walking, when I first started I couldnt even hit 3 mph if my life depended on it.. my resting speed also became faster.. and while I may be losing a little at a time I am losing.. as I said...

I dont see the logic in overanalzing something thats pretty much self explainitory..

Comment #12

I'll chime on agreement with that, this past month I have switched my exercise to just walking and it hasn't hurt my loss rate at all, it might have even upped it some as well. I dn't do uphill walking either, just around the grocery store or inside to Walk It Out. It all helps...

Comment #13

I did very little to no exercise what so ever the first 100 lbs I lost. Walking has worked fine for me since then. It has to be what you're eating. Measure everything, check the book again to make sure you're eating the right things. Also if you have 100 lbs to lose add in the extra carb servings and fruit. If all that fails call a Nutrisystem counselor for help..

The cheating kills your progress though. Its amazing how a little excess can slow you down. Its also amazing how easy it is to gain it back. If you fall off get back on the horse, bike, diet, what have you...

Comment #14

Apparently you do care, LOL!.

Look, my point is, I think you need to have aerobic exercise in order to lose weight. For you, that may have been aerobic; for me, I don't think it would be, unless, I was doing a circuit walking up and down hills, which I can, and should, do..

Boy, you guys are a bunch of hard-asses...LOL...

Comment #15

Now see what you've done? You've done.


Jonah! Never seen you like this Jonah. I like it!!.

Glad to see we men can all agree on one thing: Pashley's pretty much full a sh*t!.

Hell I'm on maintenance and I'm still having trouble keeping the weight.


!! Why???? Because I'm still watching what I eat .... at all 6 meals each day - still following the Nutrisystem principles..

Just so we're clear on something - I'm not typing this for you pashley .... I've had with with your crap. I'm typing this for the rest of the MEN in here that are serious about losing weight and keeping it off for good..


Stick with the plan and you'll lose weight. You're all going through the "hard" part now - not that it's really hard .... There's a light at the end of the tunnel, men! maintenance is a freaking BREEZE my brothers!!!.


Comment #16

Why not research those exercises on the internet or go to an gym? I'm sure either can help you find something to do...

Comment #17

If you follow the plan 100% you will lose weight. Saying you can only lose weight on Nutrisystem if you exercise is BS! It's calories in vs. Calories out. I have not been physically able to exercise and I have lost weight. There is one lady on here confined to a wheel chair and she has met goal and she could not exercise..

Why over analyze if it's going to keep you away from your goal?.

If you want to lose weight, GREAT follow the program. If you don't then why waste your time and ours?.

How can we support someone who truly doesn't want to lose the weight?..

Comment #18

Damn right! I had to cut back on my lifting (from 4-5 heavy to 3-4 days/week with lighter weights higher reps), totally cut out cardio, and increase my protein intake by about 300 cals. This diet is made specifically for sedentary lifestyles - that said, you'll lose a ton of weight very quickly if you exercise..

And yes, pashly. I think you're full of it...

Comment #19

Pashly, you are a 300#er. That weight should be dropping off of you like crazy. You are cheating and eating too much. End of story..

And the behavior here is unmanly. At this point, you don't even deserve my time in kicking your ass. Sayanora...

Comment #20

Ive lost 70 lbs and the only cardio I do is just moderate walking 6-7 days a week...

Comment #21

I disagree about the aerobic exercise. I am very new to Nutrisystem and I wasn't sure if I could lose anything because I am unable to exercise at all. I have an open ulcer on the bottom of my foot and I am under strict doctor's order "no weight bearing". I am literally more of a couch potato than I ever have been!.

I am down ten pounds in about 2 weeks. I have been 100% commited to the program since day one. It works!.

Good luck to you!..

Comment #22

How much do you want to lose weight? And be completely honest with yourself and us. To be honest, to me, it doesn't sound like you want it much or at all or else you wouldn't be talking like you are..

So if you aren't completely 100% wanting it, then you might as well jusr stop wasting your money on Nutrisystem and our time on you. Time to take off those 300 pound panties and put on your 200 pound big boy underoos...

Comment #23

To throw in my 10-50 cents worth..

I can't agree more as well - you do the physical exercise you're capable of doing. but any sort of exercise after being sedentary is going to increase your heart rate - which is going to increase your metabolism - and this metabolism increase lasts for the day..

Anything that increases your heart rate - and yes walking increases your heart rate, no matter how slow or uphill, downhill, any ****ing way - will do this for you..


Now, as for everything else, yeah I'm in my first few weeks, I've lost almost 20 pounds and it could have been a lot more if I hadn't cheated. I did cheat, but from now on out all I can do is make a renewed commitment not to cheat. And this happens EVERY time I cheat..

But at some point, you need to realize that cheating doesn't get you where you want to go. And where you want to go isn't to maintain, and it isn't to get larger, right?.

So...that more cheating. And exercise - if you can. But you don't need to on this plan. It isn't required...

Comment #24

Pashley you sound like keep making excuses and over analyzing everything. You feel tired cause you're fat, and you're fat cause you feel tired. I like when you say walking won't help and you are to lazy to even walk. LOL that is great. Plus you're an admitted cheater there is always a special occasion or this one time thing that will keep coming up and sabotaging your efforts. I feel you brutha'.

Which is much easier than doing what most of these guys have done and that's actually lose weight. I've only put on just over 70 more pounds while being such a whiner with no discipline..

I am you, you are me. We will forever be fat because we lack discipline and resolve. I come here to admire what I can't find within me. It's good not to be alone anymore, you are me. Keep climbing that ladder little brutha' you'll soon be up to the 400 club like me...

Comment #25

And to add to this........

WATER. Seriously, I lost more weight on Nutrisystem when drinking the right amount of water than I did when I stopped..

It's important...

Comment #26

Not to bash a dead horse, but I'd like to interject something here... The whole point on exercise that you are trying to make is pure B.S. I started January 15th and dropped 40 pounds in about 4 months. During that 4 months I pretty much sat on my butt the whole time. Other than just the standard walking around I did or whatever, thats pretty much all the exercise I did (and since I'm a computer geek, I literally sat on my butt 12+ hours a day for the most part). BUT...

So during that time of sitting on my Butt, I lost 40 pounds. Was it easy? In one sense, yes it was because I followed what the book said and took advice from people in this forum. Was it easy (I ask again)? In the other sense, no, but.

I Wanted This!.


I'll be really honest with you and tell you that 9 months ago I went to a class on doing Lap-Band / Gastro-Bypass surgery. Pretty much scared the crap out of me when I realized, the surgery isn't what "Fixes" you, it's the fact you get physically sick when you overeat due to the changes they do to your body. All of the complications and crap that go with it (not to mention, if you don't change your behavior you will just get fat again even with a completely modified stomach). That conviced me then, that.


We have made the bad choices and learned and lived with bad habits and created the overweight monsters that we are..


Have to want this....


Have to own this....


Have to do what it takes to right the sinking ship (and believe me, your ship / body is going to sink in one horrible way or another eventually. I'm 46 and was watching my body starting to collapse under the weight and other issues that goes with obesiety....

So you want an ass kicking? Fine, you are getting one here by many people (and then you question Sean's comment after you asked for it)... But I have to say, from the very first thread you started, I commented to a few people that I talk to that you had not made a commitment to the program since from Day 1 (actually I believe it was before your order even arrived) you were already coming up with excuses (Afraid you wife will leave you, or you are going to cheat on her if you become skinny). You got your ass kicked back then, and it didn't seem to change things as you are now posting another thread....

Here's my suggestions to you....

1) Seriously go look into Gastro-Bypass and/or Lap Band - You'll either decide this will FORCE you to eat properly (at least initially) or the classes you have to go to may scare you and wake you up (like it did for me)..

2) Read the success stories here of all the guys that have made it to goal (or have dropped 100+ pounds) and then really think about whether this program is the problem..

3) This is a Low Glycemic diet... Just having one piece of white bread for a carb, or indulging in Rice will screw things up (sure, maybe it's only 100 calories, just like whole wheat, but the chemistry is different and it will stop the fat burning and matabolizing that happens when you eat.


Yeah, I go out to eat, but even then, I try to only eat things that are in the booklet and (for the most part) I've continued to lose weight..



At NS. You are paying for this. Whine to them and let them analyze what you are doing. Being some anonymous poster in a forum is easy, and there is no direct feedback. But get on the phone and try to physically talk to someone. Tell them the problems you are having.

Ok, I'm done. I have a lot more thoughts, but I've already written more than I told myself I would. I'll read the thread, but have no more interest at this point in participating unless there is change on your part (you haven't posted enough for me to comment on, but the posts you have done here, all seem to be similar as I recall.)..

Comment #27

Why did you wait 10 weeks to ask for help? If you really wanted this, you'd have been here week 2..

If you don't want it, you won't lose. Follow the plan, and the weight will come off, whether you exercise or not. You can come up with all the "theories" you want, but in the end, if you follow the men's plan you'll be in caloric deficit and lose weight..

It's math, not magic...

Comment #28

Pashley after reading most peoples responses I think the below picture best explains how everyone truly feels about you..

You don't even have to buy a vowel to get that clue...

Comment #29

Actually, you don't need to go all that wild on exercise..

Most days? My exercise has been:.

A) to deliberately take the worst parking spot at work where I have to walk the farthest to the entrance. Then walking to and from my car..

B) walking back and forth down the hall at work about 5 times a day to refill a 12 oz coffee mug with either pure H2O or green tea, and a good 6+ times a day to hit the restroom to get rid of that water. fluid intake/fluid output..

C) 2-3 times a week, I walk up and down several aisles in the grocery store after work. I cover most of the store. I don't buy anything I shouldn't be buying... but I walk up and down the whole store anyway. Time spent walking is still time spent walking..

D) 3 times a week, I'll play drums on Rock Band 2..

E) about twice a week, I guilt myself into using some dumbbells for 15 minutes..

This is hardly strenuous amounts of excercise. I've stayed away from some threads on the topic because I've been slacking off what I.


Do. Badly. And I know it. (Sean, this is your cue, lol).

What I do have for strengths, is discipline enough to not cheat. Foodwise, I am absolutely 100%. I eat my veggies whether I want them or not. I drink my water even if I really want a Guiness or a Sam Adams. I see bad things in the store I really want, and I KEEP MOVING. Where do I, a sedentary programmer gamer, get strength of will for that? Partly, from desire to be in shape.

I'm DONE with that..

But very light (some would say sad) amounts of excercise have still lost me 85 lbs in 8.5 months. I'm now at the point where I'm ready to buy a BICYCLE, for the first time since I had a.

Paper route.

I used to love riding around growing up, and I'm looking forward to starting up again..

You CAN do this. You don't need to go super wild on excercise (though it would help, and I don't doubt I've cost myself some progress because I've skimped). Stick to the food properly, get moving a bit each day, and you will see the scale move in the good direction. What you do need to do, is get real with yourself. You need to decide what is more important to you. Being fit and healthy? Or not having to change your habits?..

Comment #30

Coffeebuzz, you are working your program hard. Have seen you around being 100%. Get the bike. Will be so much fun. Even just running a few errands on it. Kudos. Shake your manly hand...

Comment #31


You're a troll, that hangs out on a weight-loss website..

You're fat. We get it...

Comment #32

I know a lot of people preach exercise, but I believe you can still lose a decent amount of weight from diet alone..

Drink more than enough water and stay ON the plan. You'll lose weight..

Some days at work I walk three or four miles per day. According to Nutrisystem that should be burning up a LOT of calories. So I'm not doing any more working out when I get home. And the weight is still coming off..

And you've got to stay away from caffeine. The whole idea is not to screw up your blood sugar, and caffeine will do it. Water, fruits, vegetables and Nutrisystem food tend not to do it...

Comment #33

You really don't have a clue about exercise..

You can lose weight without exercise, or with it. Your choice, but no more of the whiney excuses..

You need to eat less than you burn..

Energy is neither created or destroyed. Thermodynamics applies as your body is a big biochemical reaction...

Comment #34

Thanks for all the help, guys. I really appreciate it...

Comment #35

Not to keep pushing the issue, but that feels like you are blowing us off. I mean,you aren't responding to questions being asked and you aren't telling us about any resolve to fix your issue and get your weight moving in the right way again. I gauarantee you'll be back here complaining soon if you don't get a plan together or make some sort of resolve to fix your situation...

Comment #36


I think you can answer your own question here by working this experiment. If you're analytical like me, you'll appreciate the simplicity. I am a newbie so I have zero credibility by the way..

Pick a date. Monday....July 1st..

Eat what you want until that date..

When your date arrives, begin the Nutrisystem program for FOUR weeks..

100% food for four weeks. No dupes, only Nutrisystem food and approved add-ins. Absolutely not one calorie of anything extra. Measure your food with measuring cups. Record your calorie intake on the online journal to ensure you are UNDER daily calorie recommendations for your plan. (If you are a diabetic, you should be on D plan)..

Drink 150 ounces of water daily...that's 1/2 ounce for every pound of body weight, the recommendation..

Exercise moderately, or not. Your choice..

Do not weigh until the four weeks are concluded..

I'd love to know if you try this and what your result is. Good luck!!..

Comment #37

Do yourself a favor:.

Look at HAZELANGELEYES...wheelchair bound since age 4 and lost 100 pounds on NutriSystem..

Look at PIGGSTY...he's lost 99 pounds in 47 weeks...and can't even walk, much less exercise..

Excuses don't cut it, not here...

Comment #38

I said I wasn't going to post in this thread again, but I am anyway....

Pashley... Maybe you should do a search on your own posts... Read them, and head the words you wrote in the past. I'm not saying this to throw it in your face, I'm saying it as it seemed in April this stuff meant things to you. Read your own advice and right the ship before it's too late....



BTW: This is the second thread in the men's forum that you started with the words: Coming clean. Right there alone indicates a pattern you need to see, own, and figure out how to change...

Comment #39

Just finished an session of walking with Walk It Out, indoors and with no incline, posting my results to show Pashley how good regular walking can be..

Time: 2 hours 21 minutes.

Distance: 9 miles.

Calories burned: 1,133.

Now, not saying I trust that cals burned total, but I wouldn't be surprised if I burned off at least 1,000. Don't do this every day either, mainly on days I have off and if not hurting from night before. There is no use in discounting walking, it can be great for you...

Comment #40

Mmm...good times. Breeze into the forums for a look-see and walk face-first into a sh!tstorm, lol. Ok, I'll play. But once, only..

I've been on Nutrisystem for 125 days now. I achieved 50 lbs lost on the 120-day mark. I did not begin an exercise regimen until day 63, at which point I had already lost more than 30 lbs. The following is excerpted from one of my blogs (90 day). It's all you need to know...take it or leave it:.

Make a 100% commitment in your mind before you start the program. The fight is won or lost right then and there..

Distribute your meals out evenly across your day (about 2 hours apart), and get each one in, including add-ins. This both keeps you satisfied and elevates your metabolism to an optimal level. While you are at it, log every thing you eat! Get into the habit early..

Drink plenty of water. When you feel you've had enough, drink more. The cells in your body need water as a catalyst to metabolize fat. The more water you drink, the more fat you burn..

Get moving. Get active somehow. This speaks for itself..

Don't cheat. Not ever. No excuses. "Cheat" with vegetables, water, "free" stuff. If you do fail, come here and immediately blab it to everyone. Be accountable.

Be active on the Nutrisystem boards and blogs. Involvement in the group promotes success. Isolation breeds boredom, depression, apathy, etc., and eventually, failure..

Don't quit until you get to where you are going! If you've set a goal, reach it. 100%, every day, that's the way..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

6/18: 191.2.

125/63/66 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #41

I think of the plight of Pashley and this song comes to mind..

Jimmy Crack Corn and...(I think you know the rest)..

Comment #42

Well, well, well .... too tough on ya??!!.

Check out some of the sections outside the mens room. They'll cuddle and hug you up top .... I think that's what you really want..

If you can't take getting your "a$$ kicked", Nancy don't ask for it...

Comment #43

WOW!!!!!! You guys are brutal.... I love it. I've only been here a few days and I won't dare cheat, get lazy or anything else that riles you guys up!!!!..

Comment #44

Actually, Kantus, lazy is okay. (as long as you don't whine about it).

Just no cheating..

I imagine the kicking ass part comes from the fact that they lost all the weight and know it can be done..

Just gotta do it. That's what it comes down to...

Comment #45

So this clown tells us to kick his (__|__), then whines about it when we do..

Here is a "Private Message" he sent me concerning a previous post in this thread..

LittleRichie: "Pashley after reading most peoples responses I think the below picture best explains how everyone truly feels about you.".

Pashley: Hey, thanks so much for the encouragement..



Comment #46

I guess Pashley doesn't want to face the a$$ kicking he requested. Don't know why it was requested then. Hope you can get your act together and get to losing weight, if nothing else you could do an challenge. lol..

Comment #47


1. That's a punk move, to show his PM..

2. You'd do a lot more good for others if you demonstrated actions vice wordds...

Comment #48

Yep. I also recieved a PM from him a few days ago ... I'll keep it to myself but I'm sure you can imagine what he wrote..

I get it - I'm a d*ck...

Comment #49

I have been on the plan for 6 months. First of all - there has been no cheating and I have followed the instructions contained in the Meal Planner. I think this is important. I do go to the gym periodically and walk most all the time when I play golf which is 3 times a week. I am not a youngster like most of you. My 71st birthday is coming up pretty soon.

Believe me, I am no superman, just a normal senior and I can tell anyone this: If you follow the Nutrisystem plan, there is no way that you won't lose weight!..

Comment #50

Punk Move? Says you..

I didn't ask him to private message me, nor did I say I would keep anything private between us..

He tries to hide using private messages, and I exposed him. If you don't like it, let that be a lesson to you. Don't private message me..

I got nothing to hide, so if you have something to say, say it in an open forum. I will show you the same courtesy..

In closing let me just say...."People with fat faces shouldn't throw jelly donuts"..

Comment #51

OMG! I feel off my chair laughing at this picture.

Thanks for the chuckle..

Comment #52

Damn it! Lost another one!.

Let this be a reminder to all who enter here: If you can't take the heat - stay outta the kitchen!.

Good Luck Patrick..

I hope you get your head screwed on straight and find what you're looking for...

Comment #53

Haha, Sean, you can't lose something that was lost already..

Just put on a light, he'll come back when he's ready to. And hopefully this time around he'll come to the realization that this isn't something you do until it gets hard, it's something you do because it's rewarding..

If being skinny isn't enough of a reward yet, maybe someday it will be..

It's taken me what, 32 years to realize this?..

Comment #54

Men are wonderful! I love the way you talk to each other. If a woman tried to do that... well, you know. You probably all have women in your lives..

Thanks for putting a big smile on my face...

Comment #55

Sorry, I am lurking but I LOVE IT. Wish us women could do that. Now I thought the exact same thoughts when I first read this but there would be a serious cat fight. I think this is the exact response he wanted. You guys have inspired me though. WTG on your success.

Really it is not that hard. If you like to analyize then analyize what you are putting in your mouth. OK I am out. Back to lurking...

Comment #56

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