Weighing myself during Medifast

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I joined today (7/12) and I'm expecting my first order today... so being new, I feel uncomfortable confessing that I CANNOT bear to weigh myself. The last time I weighed myself was in March: 225 lbs. I've since put on weight (I can feel it in my stomach area) but I'm avoiding finding out how much. When I weigh myself, I get into these hideous funks that just ruin my outlook for days and make me want to binge. When I signed up here, I just wrote that weight from March.

I've avoided finding out my weight at the doctor's office for a couple of years now. I just tell the nurse to not tell me or one time I even refused to be weighed. Seriously, I'm just a mess, aren't I? I just need someone to tell me it's OK to wait. Once I know how much I really weigh at the doctor's office, I'll plug in whatever number it is and go from there...

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Oh, I wish you would weigh!!! The huge losses in the beginning are the only thing that keep some people going..

If you can't bear to weigh yourself, could you get on the scales backward and have someone else write the number down? Then when you want to measure progress, if you still can't bear to weigh, do the same and have them tell you how much you've lost..

If you absolutely cannot weigh in the beginning, then take measurements:.






Upper Arm.

Lower Arm.



Comment #1

Thank you Jasmine for responding. I'll try to see if I can have a girlfriend weigh me and keep track of the number until the next time I weigh. If the amount lost is significant, maybe I could bear to find out how much my starting weight was... Your progress is so very inspiring!..

Comment #2

I had an extremely hard time weighing myself the first week. What I did was take my camera, shut my eyes, get on the scale, and snap a picture in that direction so I could look at it when I was ready. (I tested it first not standing completely on the scale so I'd know it worked.).

I know that sounds neurotic and like I couldn't face the truth, but I ended up looking at the picture right away, and now, just 18.5 weeks later, I feel like a completely different person and am able to cope with the scale and reality much better. WHATEVER you need to do to get started...

Comment #3

Kurz! That's it! I can do that... what a great suggestion. Thank you so much...

Comment #4

I forgot to say that I was VERY reticent to weigh in the beginning too. I found it so demoralizing to face the truth. I was able to force myself to do it by psyching myself up and telling myself no matter how high the number was, it was about to be smaller..

Kurz has a great idea, too!..

Comment #5

You both have already made me feel waaaay better...

Comment #6

I am on the right thread. My progress was amazing the first 2 mo. Two weeks into my third month, I have not been weighing in each week. From reading your posts, I know that it is not only me. When we don't weigh, it is easier to cheat. I will try to be honest with myself and weigh this week.

Diets are like that, I always try to tip the scale. We can support each other here...

Comment #7

It would be good to know your weight as high or low as it may be. The tickers and graphs are visible progress of your efforts. You know that you are doing it, and that should make you feel proud of yourself..

No one has to know the absolute number but yourself..

Good luck on your journey. I have found a lot of inspiration on these boards!.

2 years ago, I was where you were, I refused to know how much I had gained. Now I would rather know so it doesn't spiral high...

Comment #8

Awesome suggestion! No it doesn't sound nuerotic at all. I used to weigh myself backwards and have my husband record the number...

Comment #9

When I ordered I put down 300 because that was as high as I wanted to admit. The day I started, I actually weighed in at 305 and I went back and fixed it. I agree that I was very glad I knew the real number after I started losing. Each stage here seesm to have it's own motivational factor. Those numbers were pretty important to me in the beginning. There are some good suggestions here though for alternatives...

Comment #10

Maybe check into getting a personal coach for MF? I believe it's free?? They might have some suggestions to make you more comfortable?.

Also, my Dr. lets me just "drop in" for blood pressure checks. Maybe you could do the same once a week for weigh-ins??..

Comment #11

Chiming in late - but I was very scared to step on the scale before I started losing weight.

Funny story :I only did it one day after going to the natural history museum and stepping on one of those "You weigh this much on the moon" scales. It didn;t tell you earth pounds. Then I stepped on the mars one, and the math seemed off. On the way home I was googling on my blackberry to find out the conversion rates, because my boyfriend had stepped on the mars scale after me and I refused to believe the comparision of our two weights in "mars" lbs was right.

So that was the day I decided to step on the scale for the first time in 3 years..

And it wasn't a good day. I cried. I went to my closet and tried on various clothes convincing myself I wasn't that big. But the next day, I started countin calories, and over a month, I lost 5.4 lbs before I decided to do Medifast.

At that time, there is no way I would have taken a before picture - I was too down on myself. And now, I am really bummed I didn't. So please please please find a way to record that starting weight, because you will kick yourself later if you don't!..

Comment #12

I agree with everyone really need to do it for yourself. Like pulling off that it and get it over with. Don't judge yourself for that number, that is not who you are. You are no more that number than you are the car you drive. That number will drop and you really want to know by how can you compaire if you don't know what it is. Just do it. I mean we all started at numbers we didn't like...that's why we are changing those numbers..

Comment #13

I didn't want to and my husband basically dragged me to the scale because he said it was too much work to diet without really knowing how much I'd progressed and he knew I'd regret it later if I didn't..

It was awful and made me a little sick to my stomach, but he was right..

I lost 15 pounds the first week and it gave me the momentum to keep going. I didn't feel like I'd lost that much and seeing that number made all the difference. Now I'm down more than 30 in about a month and that starting number feels like it belonged to a different person.

I hope you weigh in; Medifast is hard at the start and you deserve that little moment when you weigh in the first week and you can see what you achieved...

Comment #14

I have to say, all of you folks were so nice to encourage me; even though I'm like a stubborn child who stomps her foot and insists that NO WAY do I want to see those starting numbers. Each of you makes a good argument; I'm just so terrified. I need to think about this... I appreciate all your support and thanks for letting me know there are some really great people out there who care...

Comment #15

I would offer that you should have someone else record it for you. Have someone record it and just stick to plan. You will loose weight if you follow the plan so that's a given so I guess it really doesn't matter what the number says right now. This is a long journey and the weight is really just a marker of that journey.

You know yourself and if you don't want to know the number, if it will make you feel hopeless or that the task is too great, then don't look. But, you're going to want to know one day so don't cheat yourself out of the opportunity to celebrate your great achievements after a great weightloss.

Good luck on your journey...

Comment #16

I lost 15 lbs the first week....Thank goodness I weighed myself so I knew what I started at!! I am now down 78 lbs. since January.... ;-)..

Comment #17

OK gang, it's been a month. I took a photo of the scale on day one and I looked at the photo today. I'm so relieved now to have all that worry about my starting weight behind me. I've lost 18.5 lbs. Again, thanks to all you wonderful people for your suggestions and support. This weight loss thing might just work for me this time... Good luck to all of us...

Comment #18

Thanks to all for your suggestions. I hate to weight, but I see I am not alone. Thank you for your encouragement!!!.

I Love you, my Medifast weighers..

Comment #19

This is the second time around for me....I was mortified thinking about getting on the scale and even spoke about it to my coach. I couldn't bear to see how much I had gained back! She encouraged me to weigh myself! I'm so glad I did and I'm sure you will be too! I was initially shocked but quickly overcame it because I knew I had the tools to change the numbers on the scale..

Once you get it over will be so excited to weigh each week or how ever often you check to see the results of this wonderful plan!.

Good luck!!..

Comment #20

Yay!!! Aren't you glad you KNOW that starting number now? You are doing a great job - keep it up!..

Comment #21

Weighing myself for the first time and embracing that number was enlightening for me and really opened my eyes as to how much I had put on, and the importance of losing it. It was not a fun or comfortable thing, to be sure, but it was about being able to accept the reality of the situation. I am glad you are going to find out how much you weigh - it will give you a realistic view of where you are and how far you need to go. Once the weight starts going, you'll also be glad you know, because then your achievements will seem that much more real too...

Comment #22

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