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Today is my weigh-in day... I had a .8 lb loss last week.Lost some in the inches department so that was good at least. But I'm not feeling well at all about this, this week is not getting off to a great start ..

TOM is here and I also exercised pretty hard a couple of days this week. Could be reasons for SUCH a small loss. But it makes me feel sad. I was 100% OP like I have been since I started Medifast and I'm not really seeing big numbers. My clothes aren't fitting differently that I can tell, either, even though I have lost some inches. The scale was lower midweek when I peeked then it is today...

Has anyone else out there experienced such a LOW loss (less than a pound) when staying 100% OP and drinking all their water?..

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I'm sorry you are having a rough time right now. DON'T GIVE UP!! Sometimes our bodies like to be stubborn and hang on to that extra weight for dear life! The good news is that it will eventually let it go. Stick to the plan, like you have been. It will happen..

You have listed 2 pretty big reasons that may be affecting your loss. TOM is a B*^*ch when it comes to weight loss(and everything else, for that matter). And exercise may be helping you to gain more muscle and muscle does weigh more than fat. So, maybe, between to the two, that is the reason..

All I know is, hang in there. Stay on plan, drink your water and you will lose the weight.

We're here for ya Good Luck!!..

Comment #1

For the biggest part of 7 months I averaged .5-1 lb weekly losses doing the program strictly as written. A loss is a loss and we should celebrate each one regardless of how small. As you said, you're losing inches so that's a good thing. I have known many people who had very small or no losses one week, but dropped inches. Sometimes you body just needs to "rest" for a week or 2 and [play catch up. It's a perfectly normal part of the weight loss program..

Another big factor is how much weight you have to lose. You don't really give us any info. People with less to lose tend to not see the bigger numbers that those with a lot generally have..

Keep doing the plan and eventually it will get you to the weight you want to be. Some people just naturally lose slower than others...

Comment #2

Thanks for the encouragement. @deherschberg, I just added a weight loss ticker to my signature... I've still got a long way to go :-/...

Comment #3

If you've lost over 20 pounds in five weeks you are losing much more quickly than a pound a week! From your page, it looks like you are doing an awesome job. Here's a few things that can hide a loss of fat on the scale:.

1) Constipation - a big one for the Medifast crew!.

2) Water retention - eating a salty meal before your weigh in, among other things, can cause water retention.

3) TOM - you've mentioned this one.

Many folks on Medifast (me included) experience a slow week during their first few weeks on the program, then things pick up again. Also, it's common to have a small loss week (or even a small gain week) or two, followed by a big loss. Overall, if you stick to the program the weight will come off!.

About slow losses, one clever person once said "The time will pass either way, would you rather be losing, or staying the same?" This mantra helped me on the slow weeks!.

About not being able to see the changes - sometimes it can be hard to gauge your own appearance. If you have some before photos, it might be good to compare them to where you're at now.

I've also noticed that for a lot of people, weight loss seems to have a (not sure of how to phrase this) compound interest sort of effect. Meaning, as a person loses more weight, the effects of each pound become more visible. This metaphor is imperfect, but imagine a person carrying their weight in layers like an onion. If a five pound layer is spread over a, say, 400 pound body, it is spread pretty thin and doesn't look like much when it peels off. Imagine that same layer on a 150 pound body - it's much thicker and more noticeable when it comes off. Each layer that peels off shrinks you exponentially more! Again, it's not the best metaphor but I think it works to an extent..

I know it is frustrating to work so hard and not see that work rewarded on the scale. But it will be if you keep at it! It can be so tough to decide to make a change and stick with it, but you ARE doing this, and for that, you rock...

Comment #4

Hang in there fabulous. If you stay on program, as you have been doing, you will lose the way your body is designed to lose. You might try what others have suggested and shake things up a bit by eating at the top of the calorie range (1000) for a few days. There are lots of people here who have done that and say it makes them lose more/faster. Hopefully, someone who has some experience with that will post how it worked for them. If you are already doing that, maybe try eating at the lower end of the calorie range (800) for a few days.

Try not to get too discouraged. Keep us posted and thanks for adding your ticker...

Comment #5

You're doing GREAT!!!! Just don't let the scale play games with you. Ultimately, it's your tape measure that is 100% honest with you. That scale is a fickle, lying beast!..

Comment #6

Hang in there and watch the monthly averages as opposed to the weekly or daily weights. I've kept my weekly weights listed on my signature. Even little bitty bits add up!!! It took me nearly FIFTY pounds for people to start noticing and saying things! Now EVERYONE is noticing.

It will happen, it is happening. The program is going to get you there!!..

Comment #7

Hahah thanks Deherschberg... It REALLY is a fickle, lying beast!!!!! I just went to the restroom and tried to scale again (I haven't eaten anything yet) and it had me DOWN 2.4 this week now... I guess I had to reason to be so sad... I'll try to remember in the future to be a little more patient and keep things in perspective and realize the scale is just crazy. THANKS FRIENDS for your comments, I was having a rough morning and you all really helped and encouraged me a lot. Wishing you a great day!..

Comment #8

Hey girl! Hang in there! We are going to have to adjust our eating habits for the rest of our lives to maintain good health. I know you want the weight off RIGHT NOW, but just know that this is a lifelong commitment to yourself. I console myself with the fact that since it took SO LONG for me to lose, I have a great chance of keeping it off. I had to adjust my head around the fact that this is a lifelong road. I can never eat what I want. I will always have to think about food.

If you get a chance to peek at them, just know it took me almost 10 months to lose 60lbs. Some folks knock that out in 3 or 4 months. So I completely understand.

You are doing AMAZING. Blessings to you...

Comment #9

You are doing great and TOM can be a huge factor in slower losses, as can exercising harder than usual..

Your results will start to show soon. I'm down to 238.5 from 286 and it's really just recently that I can see a noticeable difference in my clothes. More people are noticing my loss, too. Took over 45 pounds! People in higher weight ranges have reported that is pretty normal. It takes bigger losses to see a difference. I think it becomes more and more visible as we continue losing, as Dharma illustrated so eloquently...

Comment #10

Yes, many of us have a love/hate relationship with our scale Sometimes I want to throw the thing off the side of a bridge, sometimes it makes me want to do the happy dance. Just keep on keeping on and you'll get to goal!..

Comment #11

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