Week 4 of Medifast: Scale not moving?

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I have posted on many threads and no one has answered me.... feeling lonely and discouraged. I started 6/28 at 171... yesterday was end of week 4 and I am at 159.. yes I lost 12 lbs and am very happy about that.. I am down 1 1/2 pant sizes too.....

I don't cheat... I do not put anything in my mouth except Medifast and lean & green. My friend started a week before me, cheats A LOT and eats a salad and normal food and sometimes dessert and lost 5 lbs last week... ?????????????????.

I have not started working out yet.. will start in two weeks when my 18 mo starts school. I am coming off surgery and can't until then anyway.....

I was bulemic when I was younger.. haven't acted out in 15 years and just want to drop the rest of my preg weight, but I am getting scared at how many times I am getting on the scale, as I used to weigh myself at least 7 times a day with the bulemia and I don't want to start old behavior again. My husband keeps telling me to eat something like pizza for dinner to shock my system again... but.. I can't. I am determined to do this...

16th when I turn 40...

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Can you get your husband to hide to scale somewhere and give it to you once a week for weigh in? 12 pounds in 4 weeks is great!..

Comment #1

I read some of your other posts. Check the fat free half and half and see what that carb count is. I think it has more carbs than the regular half and half which you can have 2 T of for your healthy fat. But the fat free stuff isn't really on plan Idon't think. Also, you might want to check and see how much Crystal Light you are drinking because it does have some calories and carbs as well...

Comment #2

I'd bet your measurements have gotten smaller. Don't always go by the scale. There are several threads concerning the scale and measurements. 12 pounds is great! Especially since you just had surgery too. I found my pregnancy weight very hard to lose, took me over a year to lose 25 pounds and I was only 17. So you are really doing great...

Comment #3

12 pounds in 4 weeks is better than I did and I started 35 pounds heavier than you..

It really sounds like you may need to talk to someone with experience in eating disorders. Please keep in mind that everyone here are just strangers on a discussion board and you may receive some bad advice considering your history. However, the pizza (shock) idea is not how Medifast works. It is steady and for some of us slower than others. Try not to be so freaked out. Your last 24 pounds in the next almost 4 months sounds very doable...

Comment #4

Don't be discouraged, stick with it. To meet your goal you only need to lose 2 lbs a week and you'll get there. You have been averaging 3 lbs a week. Just because right now your body is plateauing a little bit, don't let it get you down. You will be back on track before you know it as long as you stick with the plan. Do not "shock" your body with pizza, it will just mess up all of the levels that the Medifast plan has been working so hard in stabilizing in your body.

Have you watched the Biggest Loser on tv? They are working out for hours a day with trainers and eating really well and sometimes they have off weeks even though they stuck to the plan, it just means next week your numbers will be that much bigger! Congratulations on your weight loss so far and good luck on the rest of your journey!..

Comment #5

Give it time. Your rate of loss to date is within the promised range of 3-5 days. For me inches always show up before weight loss does. So since it has been a month, check your measurements. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised..

Also even though the scale hasn't moved in 5 days, you might be surprised that in a day or two a couple lbs seem to mysteriously disappear. That's the way weight loss goes. Saturday I was 240, Sunday I was 238. Just like that. In my first week I lost 8 lbs, the second just 1 but so far this week I have lost 6. I am also 80 lbs heavier than you.

Just be patient. Trust the plan and the lbs and inches will come off in time...

Comment #6

I think you are doing great! I can't wait to be down 12 pounds! Stick with it!..

Comment #7

I really screwed up this weekend but still exercised and this morning I decided to forgive myself for the weekend. I am tired of not doing this at a 100%..

I want this to be a good week, so I am going to not weigh in until this Saturday. I am going to take one day at a time. I am going to fight hard until I get to my goal. I have fallen down a lot like a baby learning how to walk on my two feet. I will eventually walk a healthy walk again. The benefits will be able to get back into my clothes.

This eating disorder has become so out of balance. I am an food addict, all the time I get into these vicious cycles where I just go off and have to have the food no matter what. My awareness goes out the window and I find myself in a trance. I get in my car and drive to the store and spend money on ice cream,pizza,donuts, chips and I end up eating all of it. When I eat I taste the food but feel a numbness feeling.

This is really scary to be in this state of mind. It takes awhile to snap out of this trance. During the weekend I went to the store and bought a whole Dutch apple pie and Saturday night I ate half of the pie. For breakfast I ate almost the rest except one piece. I then decide to make pancakes even though I was full from the apple pie.

I am so pathic as I am realizing this was so crazyI am really a sick person. I have gone to other blogs and hear that everyone is having a hard time right now. Is it the season or the moon or something. Why do we have such a hard time with temptation. On the other site they had a article about forgiving yourself and I think that was there for me to print and read.

I really want to be successful. The other night I had a dream that I gained like tons and tons of weight. I felt that this dream was so real and woke very upset. My hips are starting to hurt from all the extra weight and I can feel it all over. I don't know how to change my ticker because I am up to 145 pounds now.

The fat is not filtering out like it should, so when I binge all the fat just stays in my body. Now, I will have to but exbile pills to process the food the right way. I have gone around bloated and feeling 3 months pregant. I was very angry with the surgeon and the doctors. All this pain and suffering that could of been avoided..

This helps me not to overeat and more. I have to wait until Friday to get the pills because of money issues. Thanks for letting me to blog so much. BY the way I worked out this morning and feel better. With God all things are possible. We all just have to keep trying even when times are tough.


Comment #8

Thank you all for your replies... it was nice to see when I got home.

I cut out the Crystal Light 2 days ago.... I have been drinking All American from Walmart which has ZERO everything and tastes great... no carbs, calories, sugar, etc. I know this sounds funny but water has made me literally throw up... I don't know why I am such a freak, but I tried drinking all water and I got sick.........

I cut out the FF 1/2 & 1/2 as well.. I cannot tell you how much I hate it, but I have been mixing my first shake into my coffee... tastes like crap to me, but with my two little ones I need the caffeine in the morning or I am dead..

I am going to tell hubby to hide the scale NOW!!! Thanks again (hugs)..

Comment #9

Hi, just one other thought, when you said that about mixing the shake into your coffee. I do that sometimes also, but do you have Medifast Hot Cocoa? That seems to come out way better mixed with coffee than the shakes do. First, mix the cocoa with a bit of cool or cold water, just enough to make it into a paste. Then add your coffee.

I had to try this due to my weight stagnating and I wanted to remove some condiments. I had been going way over, thinking it could not really matter. So this got rid of the 2 Splendas and 1T. of sf creamer I was using in my morning coffee. And that, with other condiments cut, seemed to get my weight moving again. That and upping my water consumption so I don't know if it was the condiments, the water, or just time to start losing again.

Good luck to you!!!!.


Comment #10

I had to cut out the crystal light too. I switched to the Medifast infusers and love them!..

Comment #11

Whenever I get discouraged, I look at fellow MF'ers before and after photos. Now THAT is inspiring. As long as the scale is moving down - I can't complain. I'm hoping to reach my goal by Thanksgiving - but if it turns out to be Xmas - great! I know that I will get there eventually, and I'm enjoying the ride! Be patient, distract yourself when you are discouraged or tempted to cheat, enjoy time with your little one, and before you know it - you will be where you want to be! Best of Luck!..

Comment #12


Be sure you are eating all you need to when it comes to your L&G. Invest in a good digital scale. Some of us started by eyeballing our portions to discover we were short changing ourselves. Be patient with your self - you didn't gain the weight overnight, it won't disappear over night either. Good Luck to you!..

Comment #13

Have you tried the Essential Calorie Burn Cappaccino instead of your morning coffee? It has caffeine. It is really sweet so if you don't like sweet, it probably wouldn't be a good replacement for you. In my former life, I took my coffee loaded with half and half and sweetener so the Cappaccino works great for me as my morning meal and caffeine fix...

Comment #14

Glad your sounding more upbeat. And yes weighing yourself once per week is probably best. And still there will be weeks we don't lose oh well, press on. There will be other weeks with larger drops. I think Medifast is more like being on a mission than on a diet. Good luck to you...

Comment #15

Thank you for the cappuccino idea... I will miss my kona for a while, but what the hell.... I miss pizza too.

I have to look at the infusers... thank you for the info!! I got a bunch of the diff drinks that are meals and I did get the Hot Cocoa in my two weeks free, so I will try that until I get the capp & infusers..

I do measure all my L & G.... and even times when 3 servings of G is way too much I get it down.... I am determined to do this.. no 1/2 measures.... I just have to go to a customer golf outing next weekend in NH and I was hoping to lose a bit more by then.

Thank you again everyone.. I know this is just a message board... just like AA are just a bunch of people trying to help each other.. no experts... but it helps when everyone shares their experiences.. I wouldn't have known about some of the above!!..

Comment #16

Yelloeyes, we started at about the same weight, you 171, me 170.4. I started a week before you and today I am down 13.6. The first week I was really upset that I "only" lost 4.8 pounds, and the second week I was devastated to only lose 1.6. But overall in 5 weeks I lost 13.6. It's going a lot slower than I had initially hoped, but it IS working. I only weigh on Mondays.

However by the next monday, 2.2 more came off. Please stop weighing every day, you will drive yourself crazy! Some of us just have to accept that we have less to lose, and therefore are unfortunately slow losers. Hang in there!..

Comment #17

Please don't compare yourself with others - it's never good. Find success off the scale. Notice how your clothes fit better. Realize it's not the end of the world if the number doesn't go down dramatically or at all each week. Easier said than done, I know. Try not to obsess or you might throw yourself back into the bulimia =(..

Comment #18

You all are great!! The encouragement & support provided is the BEST:-)..

Comment #19


Have you tried the Medifast cappucino with your coffee and ice, in a blender? That is how I start my day everyday...tastes like a frappucino..yum! Good Luck! You will meet your goal!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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