Web site is being sold on godaddy. Do you think this kind of site should exist?

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I got a quick question: Web site is being sold on godaddy. Do you think this kind of site should exist?.

I also got another question: I never sent letters to some annonymous people. I always ensure that I get the direct contact to see my email...

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Your question was: Web site is being sold on godaddy. Do you think this kind of site should exist?.

If it only where that easy, to get your email noticed by the decision maker right away Charley..

The bigger the company, the more complicated to get that direct contact.

But not only that, according to the linked study your email even when it reaches your direct contact, it's not even being read!.

It's being deleted right away - because they're to busy to read their email and it's evidently much easier to get rid of it..

It wouldn't matter who was the sender, they don't care, it's just being deleted...

Comment #1

Looks like a major problem.

This looks like a good tool to let you know if it's been read or not, which would be far better than been left wondering.

I have'nt used it yet - I think it was posted here recently by Sashas


Comment #2

Yeah, I've tried it - it's not bulletproof.

I used it a couple of times and on times when I actually used it for end users it didn't work..

Some where registered as opened and some weren't.

But I guess that is something you can't prevent and every software/solution has that problem...

Comment #3

Very interesting read.

And I also found some software like that before, but I can't recall where exactly. Most probably on SourceForgeShould take a look again, and post it here if I can find anything...

Comment #4

It's all about networking with people. The more networks you have the easier it is to get through your emails to the right people. End Users will read email and reply if you have a proper subject and description.

When I started out, the responses were very limited as my emails looked unprofessional. After months of research, I am moving along successfuly...

Comment #5

Its an amazing tool, IMO.

And I'll let you guys in on a little secret: if the person you've sent the email to reads it more than once, but still doesn't respond to your mail, there is a very high chance he's tossing the idea back and forth in his head, and if you send another follow up email, more often than not, he'll respond...

Comment #6

I know that when I check emails through Outlook Express, the unsolicited emails that are received oftentimes ask for me to allow a "read receipt" to be sent to the original person that sent the email. If I'm not at all interested in what they're selling, I check the box to not send a read receipt, as I don't want my inbox to become infested with spam.

Don't know if this service allows for that option, but it may be why it's not fail proof...

Comment #7

Not all mail clients have implemented the read receipt protocol you are talking about. Outlook has, some of my webmail clients have, but this is hardly universal. While I have not looked into this particular site-based read-receipt utility, my *guess* is that they are not using the read-receipt protocol.

Funny: I have read-receipt turned on with my outgoing mail by default. Also by default I reject all requests for read-receipt in my incoming mail... boy am I a hypocrite sometimes...


Comment #8

There is a way to track emaiils opened in HTML - you put a 1X1 pixel image and track when it is downloaded. I have HTML turned off for that reason. Don't know if this is something different, but a lot of people turn off HTML in their emails...

Comment #9

Excellent point accentnepal! This is different than the read-receipt protocol, and *perhaps* different than that site you are talking about. I also leave html turned off for that reason. (I really should go to that site Sasha linked earlier and check it out).

You can still receive attached images when you turn off html, but it does not download images located on the other servers, where the image tag in the mail links to an external server which can be monitored by the sender. This image-download within mail is the way *most* low life spammers can see that you opened your mail.


Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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