Web hosting with godaddy?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Web hosting with godaddy?.

My main question is: Most people know Frank Schilling and Rick Schwartz, but who else would you put in the top 10. Ive seen John Berryhill in the whois for some nice names also. But like to get a complete top 10 list by your guys and gals consensus...

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Your question was: Web hosting with godaddy?.

Awww forget all about Yun Ye, thanks for the reminder...

Comment #1

I heard of him.. he even is on NamePros as MorphMaster... wow.....

Comment #2

Yun ye for sure and maybe me just joking..

Comment #3

The Castello brothers have one helluva nice collection of Geodomains like etc.

I did have a link with a list of some of their geodomains but I can't find it just now, it is posted on NamePros somewhere though.

Here's a great article about them - How Michael and David Castello Morphed from Struggling Musicians to HostGator Millionaires

Probably about 8 years too late to make Millions Kev but never know !.

Names like just don't come around for $90 anymore.


Comment #4

Well, reading the story on Chris Chena some time ago Chris would be in my top ten as a domainer also.

A really inspiring story if you haven't read it already?.

As well as Sahar Sarid's story is as much as inspiring...

Comment #5

Gazzip I would agree those guys are contenders, some very beautiful names they own. Geotargeted names of major places are great things to leverage.

Heard about Chris Chena. Young guy with some premium Spanish language dot coms.

I read the story about Sahar also just wondering what kind of HostGator portfolio he owns...

Comment #6

I found the link > - they have quiet a few with hyphens in too but I guess they work a treat as they are developed.

Take a looky.

Amazing eh, it looks like the sale really got him going, great story.


Comment #7

Damn, you took the 2 people I was going to mention. If it was a top 10 of domainers of Spanish names, Chena would be the whole damn list just about, lol...

Comment #8

Thanks for the link. Some nice names for sure. As a new parent popped out at me...

Comment #9

What about the Guys from Internet REIT? or

Comment #10


Based on this blog entry, maybe add Elliot Noss to the list?.

Also a contender could be Michael Mann, ex CEO of buydomains and also runs campaign...

Comment #11

Michael Mann? I just sold a .com name to him. As Im new to this game, I wish I had knew his name as it would of refelected in the price I sold for.

Could be a different guy, but thats his name. Only sold for 2,000 USD as well...

Comment #12

Thanks, I put all that money back into domains, so time will tell...

Comment #13

I wonder if member AKA "Elequa" might be in the top 10?.

Parsons LOL.... I do like the fact danica patrick is a godaddy girl now though..

Comment #14

Elequa is a serious player no doubt....

Buydomains have many names (800K) but they own a lot of junk like hyphenated and/or hyphened names....

Digimedia owns a limited but top quality set of premium domains....

Comment #15

Not sure of his name, but BonkersTwo, HAS to have a hell of a collection!..

Comment #16

Yeah, ain't no doubt about that one.

Roy Messer would probably be on it too, he sold and I beleive he has many more little Gems.


Comment #17

Looks like MR number 1 may have popped his head up , check this out.

[edit] > I guess we have all heard of Vaxis, it appears to be him.

The article states " Take, for example, the $26,250 Ham paid for, or the $171,250 for "The amount he will pay is crazy,".

I was watching the bid for at snapnames and Vaxis won it after a long bid with aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Xedoc Holding).

"Since 2000 he has quietly cobbled together a portfolio of some 300,000 domains that, combined with several other ventures, generate an estimated $70 million a year in revenue. (Like all his financial details, Ham would neither confirm nor deny this figure.) "


Comment #18

Well all the domainers are the top! cause we share as a community thats what matters in the end right? we cant take the domains to our grave but if we take goodwill that makes a person "Great"..

Comment #19

Gazzip thanks for posting that article. Very nice read. Learned about a few new people...

Comment #20

Personally I don't really put too much credence in the top domainers. Most of them had vision back in the day and picked up some great names that they're riding off of indefinitely. Or they just started with HUGE money and in turn are making a nice ROI. These are the people who are truly successful. That's great for them, but I'd rather see a showcase of people who are really making a difference in the industry/community.

I guess it can very accurately be argued that these high profile sales raise public awareness as to the value of domains and possibly increases the value of domains all around. I won't argue with that, but at the same time are these people actively trying to make a difference or are they just trying to get paid? I really don't know them, so I'm not passing judgment. i'm just saying I'd like to see some inspiring stories of people who aren't living in windfalls from visions of '95, but are trying to come up with new and innovative visions for the industry/community here and now.

I'd put RJ up as a person for my view of Top Domainers, not because of any successful sales he's had, but because he's definitely doing something in the here and now, with this forum, to try to make a difference for the domaining community/industry.

But I'd definitely like to hear more stories of people who are making a difference or who are coming up with innovative ideas in the 21st century.

Welcome to the future!..

Comment #21

Brilliant post, keep making them and you'll be on that list!.

I've heard stories of people going from rags to riches and it is inspiring but I think no less inspiring than someone who takes an inventive approach to sales, marketing or an inventive concept and makes a success of it. You could say the first people into domaining were those such people!.

Great thread..

Comment #22

Here's an interesting article about one contender....

Oops! Looks like Gazzip beat me to it...

Comment #23

AFAIK, Yun Ye (UltSearch), BuyDomains, FMA, People in Cayman, and Rich Schwartz..

Comment #24

Yea Kevin Ham is definitely one of the top few domainers in the world. Possibly even #1...

Comment #25

Looks like we've found out who Vaxis is on SnapNames..

Comment #26

Yeah, a man of many names (in more ways than one !).


Comment #27

Wow so he is the one behind the deal for .cm with Cameroon - that must be a ridiculous amount of traffic. clever, but deceiving...

Comment #28

YOU would be a TOP domainer if YOU were registering names right now rather than posting this thread..

Comment #29

I think I have enough as it is !.


Comment #30

I dont get the bob parsons joke. please inform...

Comment #31

If you guys think Rich Schwartz is one of top 10 domainers.

Than you guys missed about 10 other companies that are much bigger than he is...

Comment #32

His story is still quite inspiring, I just wish I decided to buy domains back in 96 when I first got online instead of trying to be a web designer I did have a few but most never got renewed due to not been aware of what was to come & the high fees by the only register I knew of back then "network solutions"...

Comment #33

I am new to the domaining business but I would have to say the owner of he has some fantastic domains and makes a nice dollar every month.. Around 50K a month...

Comment #34





They own pretty much everything..

Comment #35

Member here "" he owns a couple good domains including and he could be in contention around the #10.

Kevin Ham has to be around the top-spot though -,,, owning the .cm extension and about 300k other names...

Comment #36

He seems to be one of the biggest buyers from reading the article on him. It seems a bit strange that it is allowed for one individual to own a whole country tld, I would hate to think this could happen to all the others too which would mean only a few hundred people would own all the domains in the world one day...

Comment #37

I would think HostGator Finance Inc. would be up there (,, + many lesser gems)...

Comment #38

Who are they? they own very very excellant domains.,, helsinki,com,

They're based in Malaysia?.

Someone know about them?.

Thanks in advance..

Comment #39

Yeah, they have some absolute diamonds - - - - - - - - - - and as mentioned

Loads of their domains are listed here

WN World News Network sites.


Comment #40

Frank Schilling is #1 in my book. Came late to the game and still dominated, and didn't start with a huge bankroll...

Comment #41

Yeah, it's a great story - I see on his blog that he's putting up for sale soon - WOW, what a HUGE name to own

He must have an amazing collection of names considering he also started out around 2000 with nothing but a credit card !.

...If he has names like that, he must be well worthy of being somewhere in the top 10 too.


Comment #42

How do you know without knowing the HostGator name?..

Comment #43

It was easier to pick good domains in 2000 for sure. Saying that, I'm sure that in 2013 people will say there were plenty of opportunities left in 2007..

Comment #44

There were plenty of opportunities in 2007.

Thanks for the link and info guys, I was curious myself what other names HostGator Finance Inc owned... Must be 100mm+ worth of names there..

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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