Wanna buy Godaddy domains in bulk - any promo codes?

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My question is: Wanna buy Godaddy domains in bulk - any promo codes?.

My 2nd question is: There was an answer to this question in one of the marketing books I am reading, and thought it is very relevant to HostGator names, because who wouldn't want to own the strongest word in the human language as a HostGator name right?.

Such a powerful word + HostGator must be valuable.

Anyways the answer lies closer than you think.

I wrote a post about it here Strongest Word.

If the value is not immediately evident, it is because it is more valuable than it looks.

Do you think there is a stronger word? why?..

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Your question was: Wanna buy Godaddy domains in bulk - any promo codes?.

Complete nonsense.

The strongest word in marketing is FREE.


Comment #1

Not entirely true ... it may be a strong word but not necessarily the best.

Word to use in marketing in all situations ... people seeking free stuff do not.

Always convert to paying customers ... in fact in some markets, appealing to.

The free seekers is a very very bad idea ... I have some experience in this ...

Also remember too how perfume marketers found that they sold more.

Perfume when they raised the prices ... there is an exception to almost.

Every rule...

Comment #2

All spoons here, it seems 3 letters, starts with s, ends with x (strongest word in any field)..

Comment #3

I didn't buy the article either. Seems to be made-up from someone without enough experience in marketing. I personally hate the sound of my first name. For some reason...I just don't like it. Probably because it's a unisex name (Jesse) and well...we all get teased when we are younger (stopping right there from getting into a psych evaluation). hehe.

But yeah...I agree with Aggro that probably one of the strongest words (if not #1) is FREE.

4.5 BILLION results.

Give me one with higher. "cheap" and "discount" are near 500 million each. Ugh..what else is there?.

God is 600 million but imho has possible negative connotations for certain groups. FREE imho is a fully positive marketing message that just can't be beaten...

Comment #4

Yes you are right it migth be typed in more often, I checked in KD.

It's close, god beats mike and steve,.

God - 38,746.

Mike - 29,964.

Steve - 15,567.

But if you ask MIKE and STEVE which word they hear more often in their life, would it still be god? excellent point cosmicray,.

What do most internet (PPC) marketers do to the word FREE, they put it on the keyword exclude list...

Comment #5

I think S**.

U know what.

Also "money", maybe..

Comment #6

There's no doubt that "Sex" is the strongest word. That's why is the most valuable HostGator name...

Comment #7

Ya and "Free Sex" is even stronger. So start your Sales Letters with.

Dear "Free Sex",.



Comment #8

I am not sure about the strongest word in the human language, but "Sex" is the strongest word on the internet..

Comment #9


One of the strongest since it's a necessity to every human...

Comment #10

My thoughts exactly. Though I think there are other words that are used more, sadly enough...

Comment #11

Yeah free ...

The best 4L word start with F .... hahhaha..

Comment #12

The most emotive word is Home.



Comment #13

Yup, starting any letter in this way would attract everyone`s notice.

Try google trends to find any word stronger then "sex"...

Comment #14

Sex is a pretty strong word. But I can see where you is as well...

Comment #15

The strongest word universally in my opinion is DEATH..

Reasons for my train of thought.

1:It happens to everyone.

2:Everyone thinks about it at some stage or another.

3:It Impacts every one.

Whether you have s*x four times a day or never at all. whether you beleive in god or only in yourself, whether you have money and have no need for it or need for it and have none.

Although I admit people probally do not think of it nearly as much as the other examples provided by the posters above...

Comment #16

I see that sex is on everyones minds today..

Comment #17

SURVIVAL is the strongest word in the human language...

Comment #18




That will get any English speaker's attention.

You know if we asked this question about 3000 years ago, the answer may have been.


Comment #19

It is clear that from the quote in the 1st post that the topic is in relation to marketing:.

"There was an answer to this question in one of the MARKETING books I am reading...".

So most of the comments from posters have missed it.

Some who agree that FREE is the most powerful word in marketing:


If FREE wasn't such a powerful word elicitng powerful emotions in the reader, ad marketers wouldn't use such tried and tested with proven superior response rates.

Examples of ad copy applicable to most products/services:.

"buy one get one FREE".

"FREE delivery".

"FREE trial".

"FREE HostGator with webhosting".

"12 mth Interest-FREE credit.

"FREE gift...".

"FREE membership".

I take it many of you are also (illegally?) downloading or copying stuff (games/movies/software/music/images/content) that is...wait for it...FREE.

No coincidence there.

And since when is the word GOD or SEX used in marketing in general ?

When was the last time you were offered sex, god or love etc with that tube of toothpaste? LMAO..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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