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Link to Reuters:

I guess the way to bring down Google is to line up major corporations and sue the pants off 'em...

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Viacom has been after Google/YouTube for such a long time. Viacom will win some kind of settlement, but never in such a huge monetary amount. I am sure they would want some kind of deal with Google/YouTube where it will make them more money than the lawsuit itself...

Comment #1

Well this is something Google has been a bit lackadaisical on since they purchased YouTube. I'm not at all suprised by the lawsuit and it's going to set an interesting precedent for sites such as YouTube in the future...

Comment #2

I dont see Viacom getting far with this lawsuit. They will settle with Google outside the court room imo!..

Comment #3

I dont know how far this would go legally, because the DMCA provides protection for this type of thing. Google may definitely settle out of court, but from reading the article they have fought some major players in court and won before. It also sounds like they get sued constantly, so maybe settling would be far more costly in the long run as it would invite even more lawsuits hoping to cash in on the same deal. Definitely interesting.

I just love to see major corporations fighting over billions of dollars for copyright. It's obviously not about the copyright as much as it is about lost users/ad money... So they're essentially fighting over we the people... Just makes you think, whose property are you?..

Comment #4

Google need to hurry their new "system" for combating this sort of crime...

Comment #5

Wow I didnt know google bought YouTube. I hope that viacom looses. Google has done nothing wrong...

Comment #6

Google done nothing wrong... copyright infringement is against the law and they own the site that is doing just that...

Comment #7

You can't overlook the fact that there are specific clauses in the DMCA that protect service providers from liability on the material that their users upload. The fact that they haven't attempted to moderate uploads actually strengthens their position. If they had attempted to moderate uploads, then they would be liable for the copyrighted material that they missed. They've also complied with all requests to remove copyrighted material by the copyright holders under the DMCA. While I agree that they had to know that their users were uploading copyrighted materials, from a legal standpoint, it was better for them to do nothing. And I personally think the law is on their side.

Viacom is claiming that Google's compliance with requests to remove copyrighted material is not enough, that this puts the burden on the copyright holder. Well, correct me if I am wrong, but it is the copyright holder's duty to protect their copyright. If people didn't steal material, there would be no need for copyright in the first place. By copyrighting a work, you should be well aware of the reality of the situation and understand that people will steal your material and that you are the one who bears the burden of protecting it.

Viacom's whole argument is based on the fact that Google hasn't done enough to curtail piracy, but personally I think they will have a hard time proving negligence. Like I said, Google has complied with all take down requests and has showed a good faith effort to comply with the law. If Viacom feels that isn't enough, than their real legal battle will be with changing the require proactive measures, because as it stands now, it isn't required. And if they do go trying to change the law, I think every one of us should take heed, because it could potentially put every webmaster on the net in serious legal mayhem. If we're all suddenly responsible for every single thing our users post or upload, creating sites is no longer going to be about a good idea and a nice design, it's going to be about doling out tons of money to hire people to moderate every single action taken on that website by the users. That may be ok for major corporations, because they probably have the resources for this, but what about you're average small-time webmaster?..

Comment #8

I dont think this lawsuit is fair, to be perfectly honest. If anything, the only damages they should have to pay should be equal to whatever revenue they've 'illegally' earned from displaying them.

In my opinion, it's not YouTube's fault that people abuse their service. When there's not a feasible solution to preventing file production, or detecting a file that contains copyrighted content, it should not be expected of them as part of their duty...

Comment #9

I agree... Viacom will never squeeze that much money out of Google. This will all get settled out of court...

Comment #10

When Google purchased YouTube they knew they'd face lawsuits such as this one. Subsequently they set aside something like $300 million for these cases. I can't remember the exact figure, but it was certainly above $100 million...

Comment #11

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