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I sell PHP scripts on one of my websites and Before 2 days a buyer has bought a copy of it for 299/- Now he or she is denying the recipet of the goods delivered by me to him and asking for a refund and my payments are on hold.

I recieved this letter from paypal.

T has come to our attention that you may be the recipient of potentially unauthorized funds. We have initiated an investigation into this event. In the meantime, we have placed a temporary hold on the funds in question until the investigation is complete. This temporary hold will show as a deduction in your available balance. In the meantime, you are free to continue transacting using your PayPal account.

Transaction Date: Jan. 3, 2006 23:15:49 PST.

Transaction Amount: $299.00 USD.

Payor's Email: with the following information:.

1. The item, service or purpose of the purchase, and the associated value;.

2. The name and address given to you by the sender (if an item was purchased);.

3. If shipped, the company used for shipping, date of shipment, and tracking number for the shipment;.

4. Details of any other transactions related to the transaction(s) in question;.

5. A phone number where you can be reached during the day and evening; and.

6. Insurance information, if applicable.

Any additional information you have regarding this transaction, such as email correspondence, will further help us to expedite our investigation. Solving these cases helps us continue to offer PayPal as a secure and cost-effective payment service. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance.


PayPal Account Review Team.

PayPal Email ID PP231.

__________________________________________________ ___________.

So what should I do. I cannot tell if the buyer has copied the source code for my script as it was in PHP and is now denying the reciept of the goods recieved. I contacted the paypal and explained this to them. I also have the copy of the email that I sent to the buyer and which had the attachment with it.

Thanks let me know. Its Urgent...

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Send paypal a copy of reciept, if you had a TOS then send that to them as well, there really isent much you can do, paypal doesent really help merchants much when it comes to sale of services...

Comment #1

I have a copy of email in my sent folder. And if this kind of things goes on happening then I will be ruined. Each and every member may order something and then deny the reciept of the goods recieved so he or she gets 100% refund...

Comment #2

Get a TOS on your site which states that after purchase is amde you will not offer any refunds under any circumstances, and that if you purchase your product then they agree to your TOS..

Comment #3

Yeah I have that thing on my site. Please take a look at this.

And see the last paragraph. Is it good?..

Comment #4

Unfortunetely PayPal is usually less than helpful in these situations. I've had this happen to me before, only on a smaller scale thankfully.

Just make your case as best you can, and hope for the best.

Good luck!..

Comment #5

They generally do not(or ever) do refunds on non-tangible goods. Tell them you sent it, send what proof you have and then sit back and wait for paypal to do absolutely nothing. The process will take some time but you will get to keep your money and all will be well in the end...

Comment #6

Thanks. I had sent the priduct before even paypal told me.

Now I have that email done CC to my other email address. And I also have a copy in sent items folder.

I wrote all this to paypal. Also I have the terms and conditions from last 8 months on my site that goods once sold will nto be taken back and there will be no refund.

Hoping this would help me. How can I make a case. Should I send a notice to paypal through my lawyer?..

Comment #7

Unfortunately when you use PayPal's service, their terms override yours. And that includes (As you'll see numerous, numerous times throughout this board...) less than adequate protection for sellers,.

Best bet, is to get your buyer on the phone and find out what's up.


Comment #8

He is not a buyer I think so. I checked his yahoo profile. He regged at yahoo on 2nd January2006 and sent me a payment on 3rd January 2006.

Paypal tells me I am in posseion of illegal money...

Comment #9

With online goods, paypal won't really do much if you reply to the complaint.

I got screwed out of some web design stuff and did a Paypal complaint. The guy replyed back with some BS and I got an e-mail about a week later saying they won't refund my money because the item was sent via the internet. So if you reply back in time, will you be able to keep the funds...

Comment #10

I think if you have that email with the attachment, that's probably some good evidence. If you forward that to paypal I'm sure they can check it for illegitimacy such as faking the email or something.

Also with something like a PHP script/code, it's not a solid item so I don't see how a refund could work. He could say he never received it but all you need to do is send it to him again and at the same time send a blind copy to paypal. Let's see if they think you're not really sending it... as for a refund, as long as both parts of the condition were met (he gives you money, you send him the script), the refund should be up to you and none of paypal's business. Their only business is preventing fraud (such as one guy sending money and the other guy not giving him what he paid for)...

Comment #11

One more news. The byer is from elite cracker team. He replied me and said that he will send me the payments as soon as possible. But he would have forgot that he had tickmarked the append signature box. And it was in his sig that it was written "elite cracker team".

I also have that email in which he is saying he has some problems right now with paypal account and I should resend the scripts.

What I usually do it omit some important files from the package.

When the buyer complains I send one file and then the other. So this time this cracker got fooled. He was thinking he got all the files. But I had deleted the .SQL file whcih is the database structure and the functions.php file which holds all the functions for the script. HA HA hA HA HA HA.

So all he has got now is the image files JPG's and GIF's which are also available from my demo page by right clicking and saving it...

Comment #12

I know it costs a lot of money, but in the end it is worth it to Zend your scripts. Not Ioncube - ZEND.

This way, if this situation happens, you code is leaked to the "underground" - but they can't do a damn thing with it.


Comment #13

Yeah you are right but I usually give incomplete files. And I encode it to work for 2 months. If the buyer does not creates problems in that time (Which is the time in which paypal comes in between and tries to refund the buyer then I just post a kind email about an error in code recently found and attah a new file unlocked which runs forever as a security update...

Comment #14

That's really smart, but not very nice for the buyer.....

Comment #15

But I cannot know who is theif stealing from others account and sending me the money that he stole.

If I would have been giving the scripts as usual. Then I would have been folled right now.

Now he is contacting me and telling me that please send the full files I am out of country and will send you the payments as soon as I reach europe...

Comment #16

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