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First question I got is Verisign SSL certificate that allows Paypal Checkout? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. For some reason it seemed that my subcategories were 'bold' but when I did a FIND AND REPLACE ALL on my stylesheet from 'bold' to 'normal' and I made sure that all was normal, I went back to my Verisign website and still saw that it seemed like it was still bold..

I changed everything back to normal again, so the ones that should be bold are bold again..

I am led to think that it only appears bold but that it is actually just a larger font size..

Could someone please tell me where to change my subcategory fonts as opposed to my category font?.

I am referring to the text inside my Category menu infobox..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Verisign as they probably could give you help..

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Thanks, but:.

As you can see from the site, there is a definite difference between the Category and the Subcategory..

What you are saying may be true, and I don't doubt it but then why is the subcategories for my Verisign site in a darker more bold looking font?.

Id' like them both to be just the same appearance...

Comment #2

The style doesn't change from category to sub-category..

From your HTML source:.

<td class="boxText">.

(Category links).

<a href="">Apologetics</a><br>.

<a href="">Biography / History</a><br>.

<a href="">Children</a><br>.

<a href="">Christian Life</a><br>.

<a href="">Church</a><br>.

<a href="">Confessions / Catechisms</a><br>.

<a href="">Contemporary Issues</a><br>.

<a href="">Devotionals</a><br>.

<a href=""><b>Doctrine/Theology</b></a><br>.

(Sub-category links start here).

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Anthropology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Bibliology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Eschatology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">General Theology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Pastoral Theology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Pneumatology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Soteriology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Systematic Theology</a><br>.

&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://yourstore/bookstore/index.php?cPath=34_58">Theology Proper</a><br>.

The only diff being when you click a category, the main category link becomes bold..

I haven't figured that one out yet..

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: 11 January 2009, 20:31..

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Yes, it is a strange one..

The Category and the Subcategory both turn what appears to be bold when you click them even thought the stylesheet get all 'bold' designations removed..

Personally I think it is not bold but instead some sort of < h5 > or perhaps a font size change of some kind..

If someone knows the answer, please post..

Meanwhile, I'm going to go back and check for a font-weight numeric instead of "normal, bold, bolder,".

I understand that font-weight can have a numeral like 500, 600, 700, etcc instead of a word...

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If you don't want either top level categories or subcategories to be bold do this..

In catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php find.

If (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array)) {.

$categories_string .= '<b>';.


Change to.

//if (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array)) {.

//$categories_string .= '<b>';.



If (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array)) {.

$categories_string .= '</b>';.


Change to.

//if (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array)) {.

//$categories_string .= '</b>';.


If you want the top levels to be bold but not the subcats change the above to.

If (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array) && ($tree[$counter]['parent'] == 0)) {.

$categories_string .= '<b>';.



If (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array) && ($tree[$counter]['parent'] == 0)) {.

$categories_string .= '</b>';.


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Worked like a charm, thanks so much bktrain, I really do appreciate your help in this...

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Frank, I'm glad it works for you, and kudo's to Brian, but in both my browsers (IE7 and Firefox 3.0.5) nothing changed..

The main categories still go.


When clicked..

Maybe I'm just missing the boat on the problem you were having....

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: 12 January 2009, 03:21..

Comment #7

I just looked at his Verisign site and looks like he left the top level cats bold. The subcats are not..

I know he originally said he wants them both the same. I guess he changed his mind. Just like a woman!..

Comment #8

Er...... I'm not a woman..

But yeah, I did not realize that the top could be bold and maintain the subs as normals..

When he suggested it as an aside, I tried it and liked it..

I tried taking both off of bold but then noticed that the bold acts somewhat like a "visited-link" where it turns your click to bold..

Aethetically, it seems more user-friendly to keep the Top as bold...

Comment #9

Don't feel bad. We all do things multiple times before we decide on what we like. I guess we're all women in that regaurd. It just happens to be worst when you're actually doing a Verisign site for a woman like I am! Never satisfied...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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