VBulletin - can these be hosted on GoDaddy? Can you transfer a vBulletin site from one host to a GoD?

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I got a quick question: VBulletin - can these be hosted on GoDaddy? Can you transfer a vBulletin site from one host to a GoD?.

I also got another question: I've been having problems w/overture past couple of days, and I need to do some keyword analysis...

Are there any other sites similar to overture out there? anything that pulls up keyword search stats/month?..

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Your question was: VBulletin - can these be hosted on GoDaddy? Can you transfer a vBulletin site from one host to a GoD?.

You can also try these.

- Google Adwords Tool -

- Vurr AOL Keyword Tool -

Comment #1

Last time I looked overture was still showing results from January so it's dead.

How does word tracker get their count? Is it yahoo searches?..

Comment #2

Yeah, everybody is having problems with overture the last few days. The stats haven't been updated since Jan, but at least it was returning old data that is useful in some cases.

The Chinese version was operating earlier this morning, now I can't get to it either.

Now I just use, and occasionally some of the things listed above.


Comment #3

It looks like from this page:

That wordtracker only collects data from and and then estimaters based on that.

Keyword discovery has the largest database and is my favorite of all of them...

Comment #4

I would recommend wordtracker. It's the best tool I ever use...

Comment #5

This is a nice tool to conduct research. But it seems there are no names to register in most of the keywords...

Comment #6

What do you mean? It seems to me you put in key words/phrases and it gives you key words/phrases back. Same as Overture, KeywordDiscovery, and WordTracker. It does give you different stats on the keywords, but otherwise seems pretty similar to me.

What I don't get is why anybody (myself included) still bothers with Overture. Until I saw this post I was wasting time trying to get Overture working ~ once again. Thought maybe I had too many tabs open on Firefox, too many apps open at once, etc. The dang thing is unreliable and engimatic. It compounds typos and plurals/singulars in the results, making the findings quite imprecise in many cases. Some days it gives results from January, some days it seems up to date.

Is it coming back for good some day or are we witnessing it's death throes?..

Comment #7

Somebody was saying in another forum that OVT is getting swamped with scripts, which might explain the outages any time of day. It wouldn't explain the stale data from Jan. I was able to at least get to the Chinese OVT interface again but it times out in retrieving calls from users. That means Baidu alone and a few other tools for the most part in guessing value.

In some cases stale data is fine since some topics are timeless. Obviously doesn't work with emerging terms or new developing markets.


Comment #8

Me thinks the trend is moving toward paid memberships for keyword research which really really sucks.

I hope i'm wrong.....

Comment #9

There still seems to be good competition for free tools. I hope that you are wrong too. Check out the Microsoft tool here:

It is the last good one I have to give out. Microsoft has outdone themselves with their tool. It misses a lot, but gives an actual number of visitors, a graph to display it, and an estimate based on whatever...

Comment #10

Uses overture stats but I have noticed it has been working the last few days while overture site has been down. You also have the option to choose different countries to search rather than just the US. Hope it helps...

Comment #11

I use Digital Point's Tool which has OVT & Wordtracker:

Comment #12

Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker are the best. It provides updated stats...

Comment #13

With the loss of Overture, I have been using the external Google Keyword Tool (GKT) more. But I'm finding it's estimates of search volume to be completely worthless. The bar graphs bear virtually no resemblance to the data on WordTracker (WT) or Keyword Discovery (KD) - or on Overture, for that matter, when I can get it running. Keywords that are listed as each having roughly a 50% full bar graph on GKT have 2500 and 6500 OVT, respectively (though the KD and WT are fairly close). Several others in the same list with a third of the bar filled have no OVT, no KD, and no WT. How does that merit a 33% full bar on average search volume?.

I don't get it. Am I missing something?..

Comment #14

That's not good. Better to give me an error than erroneous data.....

Comment #15

"No matches could be found for your query sex.".

I've been getting a lot of these responses as well, on searches I know have at least some volume. Checked a couple of big ones, like "real estate" and "home loan" and got the same "no matches" response...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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