Using for testing purposes?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Using for testing purposes?.

My main question is: I have just seen this listing in eBay:

The seller is actually selling a single letter .com IDN name, but he using the title: 1 Letter Number Character .com RARE HostGator Name.

There is no indication in the title that the HostGator name is an IDN...

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Your question was: Using for testing purposes?.

Its not

The seller tricking the potential buyers.

The character is , the sixth letter of the Georgian alphabet.

The seller not even disclosed this information...

Comment #1

It happens often. Always check seller rating and in doubt, look at whois record and copy HostGator name in Notepad to see what it looks like in different fonts. "If it looks too good to be true it probably is"...

Comment #2

Did anyone notify ebay about this? I believe it is against their terms..

Comment #3

He stated clearly in the description body that it is an IDN.

(He shouldn't use the number "3" in the title and some parts of the text though).


Comment #4

There are no 1 character .coms lmao. If someone doesn't know that, he shouldn't be in this industry anyways...

Comment #5

Actually eBay itself owns (got it when they bought out X bank). They are using it for Paypal labs.

Qwest Communications has, Nissan has for their Z Car, Inet Corp. has but they are not using it, The X.Org foundation has There might be one more .net or .org...

Comment #6

I HATE misleading HostGator name titles on ebay.

I filter most of them out on my website, so if someone does have a misleading title, hopefully they are just loosing exposure on people's sites who list ebay sales.

PLEASE, everyone, report misleading HostGator names sales on Ebay. If we all keep reporting these domainers who lie than the number of people doing so should go down.

All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to report someone..


If image code were not off on this forum I would post a few screenshots to go through the process of how to report someone! Infact, I will do it on my website and have it up by tomorrow morning.. This type of scamming and spamming needs to stop!..

Comment #7

That's incorrect. As already mentioned, & are examples, but most likely will never be sold..

Comment #8

Well said. Reprted the misleading HostGator sale to ebay trust & safety team...

Comment #9

Is this the first time you have witnessed a misleading auction on ebay?.

Reporting to the trust and safety dept. is equivalent to standing in a DMV line. You will have a painful wait, and when it does finally come to their attention that something is wrong, they will side with whatever is in their favor(which is the seller in this case). If you are not making ebay money and just pestering them with complaints they will most likely dismiss it sending you a "concerned" email explaining that they take cases like this very seriously.

As a powerseller and few years experience with the trust and safety goons I can unfortunately state that while valiant, your efforts are ineffectual to the ebay machine...

Comment #10

It doesn't matter how often it happens, what matters is that we take a stand!!!!!.

I've sold about 65 items, equalling over 10k in sales. But I don't think that even matters. What matters is if many people report the same guys..

And what email are you reffering to? I've been reporting posts for a while now and have never, once recieved an email from ebay.. And yes. I have noticed some of my reported sales posts be removed, as I add all my reports to my watch list. REPORTING MISLEADING AND KEYWORD SPAMMING AUCTION WORKS !!! PLEASE REPORT ALL MISLEADING AUCTIONS !!!.

Just because they are not all removed does not mean it doesn't work, if we all report the keyword spammers ebay will take notice...

Comment #11

I have taken a stand. I still do constantly when I find a misleading/illegal listing. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't. I am not trying to encourage anyone from not reporting auctions like this, and yes if everyone starts to report I think they will get the idea.

My post was more in disappointment with the trust and safety team. I will report non-selling sellers, non-paying bidders, misleading listings, and so on and I will get the standard email saying that they are concerned. I have even been cursed out, having someone constantly call me a 'fag' on their dispute console and they didn't do anything about it. They didn't even remove the seller or give me an explanation. I think that is when I lost a good deal of respect for them.

Anyway, my post was a personal rant, please continue to report sitings of this crap, I hate it just as much as you do...

Comment #12


I have received an email from the trust and safety team: We often rely on members like you to bring such violations to our attention.

In light of the eBay Privacy Policy, we cannot share with you any action.

Taken by eBay with respect to this listing. If we determine that the listing violates eBay policy, we will remove the listing or suspend the seller. Account suspensions are usually reserved for those sellers that repeatedly disregard policy...

Comment #13

Don't EEEEEVEN get me started on these idiots! WolfMother's statement above is the God's honest truth...

I honestly believe that a snow ball in hell has a better chance of staying frozen than eBay's trust & safety clowns have of actually making their operations even 90% safe and trustworthy for legitimate buyers and sellers.

Sorry to jump in on this thread but eBay's "Safety Team" is an absolute joke and I have to vent anytime the subject comes up!!!..

Comment #14

Thanks for posting that .tv. I wonder why I have never received that message before. Maybe they don't send it out for "keyword spamming" reports? I'm not sure but I am glad you posted that so I can see what it looks like...

Comment #15

Hate to be devil's advocate here, but if someone bids on that name thinking they're getting they should be banned from internet, from owning a computer, possessing a credit card, or a paypal account, seriously.

When browsing Ebay, one should know they must read everything thouroughly, including the small print.

If you don't then, Caveat emptor...

Comment #16

Yes, you are correct.. And yes.. BUYER BEWARE..

Or course, anyone buying anything from ebay should read every last detail in the description. They should check seller feedback and history and ever sometimes run a quick SE search for the sellers screen name to see if he/she has been talked about in a forum somewhere.

However I still think it is really annoying and misleading and needs to stop. It throws off search results and causes people to have to spend time reading over a decription that they should never of had to read in the first place had the title been direct and to the point...

Comment #17

Wish you could take that one back? lol Sashas...

Comment #18

Currently at $127.50.

Auction will end in 30 mins!!!.

Poor bidders.... Most probably they know nothing about IDNs.

Sorry for the one who is unknowingly going to throw a mid to high $xxx for an useless crap...

Comment #19

Beware: The sky is blue!!!.

Beware: Cows eat grass!!!.

Sorry to make a joke out of it but is there really another other kind of HostGator auction on Sedo apart from misleading?..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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