Using Frontpage 98 can I successfully create a webpage hosted on Godaddy?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Using Frontpage 98 can I successfully create a webpage hosted on Godaddy?.

My 2nd question is: Submitted a couple hundred of them, I expect at least a few will get in if they like my reserve pricing on them...

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Your question was: Using Frontpage 98 can I successfully create a webpage hosted on Godaddy?.

You have an URL for more info about this auction and how to submit domains?.


Comment #1

Associated Cities Geo HostGator Expo

Submit your list through the email link shown on that page and if they like them they will send you an excel spreadsheet where you have to fill it out with all your domains and reserve pricing, then your rep will submit it for review, then they will contact you with the domains that are approved and a exclusive agreement stating you can't sell them anywhere else for a specific time before and after the auction which you will need to sign and fax back to them, they take a 15% commission fee if anything sells, time is almost up so if considering submitting do it quick ...

Comment #2

The 2007 GeoDomain Expo, presented by Associated Cities, will be held in San Francisco on November 16 & 17 at the W Hotel.

The 2007 GeoDomain Expo is the only time of the year to meet and greet with the owners of more than 90 U.S. major city and destination sites including,,,,, and as well as international strategic leaders of the GeoDomain industry such as and It will be the largest and most important gathering to date of the owners of the most lucrative Geodomain properties on the Web.

For more information about the 2007 Geodomain Expo, please visit: 2007 Geodomain Expo.

The 2007 Geodomain Expo will also feature the first Geodomain Auction presented by Moniker. To submit your Geodomains, please visit Moniker, or send your list of Geodomains to ...

Comment #3

Emailed my list earlier this week. Would be nice to get a reply of yeah or nay...

Comment #4

I'm not one to speculate...........but.

The deadline for submissions on the GEO auction is sept 17th.

You may have to wait up to a month before the auction to find out if your submissions are accepted or not...

Comment #5

I've never tried any of these moniker auctions before..

I have a question.

Let's say that your HostGator has been accepted to the auction, and you get a buyer from the auction, how will the transaction take place?..

Comment #6

I am about to submit some names. Never submitted anything to Moniker auctions before. Has the 15% fee been always standard with them or have they raised it? I think I remember someone mention 10% fee for their auctions before, or am I mistaken?.

Also, if you submit a name for the Geo auction can you submit it to the Casino one in Macau as well? I have a name that could suit both..

Comment #7

I've been trying to find last year's auction results for the Geodomain 2006 expo in Chicago I can't find them anywhere on the net! Does anybody know where these are??..

Comment #8

*bump* Does anyone have a history of last year's names, starting prices and/or results?? I've got some names in this years' event, but I'm going into it a bit blind.....

Comment #9

I went last year and there wasnt an auction last year...

Comment #10

I still haven't heard from Moniker regarding my submissions. Did anyone else hear back? Perhaps it's still too early...

Comment #11

Dunno. I have quite a few..

Keep meaning to develop (shameless plug).

It's for sale if anyone wants to shoot me an offer..

Comment #12

I got a call from my account manager last week. They said that the list would be released a few weeks before the auction start. I suppose the end of this month...?..

Comment #13

My account rep never even acknowledged he got my list..

Comment #14

I, *ahem*, forgot the extension to one of my names on the application. They had to call me to verify.....

Comment #15

I own a couple of HostGator names and one of them through the years, I have been offered from stupid $500 through to $150,000/year on a ten year lease with a $6Mil buyout at the end of the lease. (little regret for not taking that one.) BUT at the same time it is a very large tourism based city and if you consider the fact that we are implementing our own reservation system at 20% commission not only for accommodations but for alternative reservation, such as deep sea fishing (charters commission $10-15/hour reserved), museums, rides, waterparks, restaurants, etc. (averages 20-25% on ticket sales.) is a HUGE money maker. We have a ZERO advertising budget and had over 1mil UNQUIE visitors in a year, we get more direct searches then Google gets per day... we are even in the top 10 on Google. Fact is consumers has been taught WhatDoYouWant plus .com.

Other fact is .com is going to remain the de-facto leader for many years to come, owning a is like being an original founder family member of a city and owning most of the land to this hahaha the CEO even mentioned that they only had 28,000 domains registered and most of those companies simply forward .travel to their .com because they [and the rest of the world] have branded .com. I can tell you this, I wouldn't sell my for less then a few million, especially considering the future with mobile using full internet .com versus .mobi. So I predict that this GeoDomain Auction will be a MAJOR impact on the price to HostGator names.

Of course I am bias with my opinion on this subject. (Pink Floyd playing in the background.)..

Comment #16

I haven't heard anything back from Moniker yet since my original submission. With all of the auctions they are running, they must be busy as heck...

Comment #17

The Geo auction master list is out!!!


Comment #18

Two of my names made the list - YAY!.

Thanks to my account rep !!..

Comment #19

More good news: the proxy is only $299 total for both live and silent proxy.


Comment #20

Thanks for letting us know Marc. I got two in and wish I would have submitted some of my higher-quality geo domains. I didn't submit many because I prefer to hold...but it is exciting to be part of these events. Good luck to everyone who has domains involved here...

Comment #21

How many of these will sell at a good price? I say approximately 10%..

Comment #22

I read on HostGator tools blog that they're having another auction in November - they only charge 10% fee. I hope I get some in their auction too - I really like their system...

Comment #23

Hello Rochemontagne-.

I noticed in your signature you own several domains with FYI added to them. I own more than 50 similar domains (,,,,,, AirTravelFYI, DBAfyi, etc.) and was wondering if you submitted any of them for the GEO auction. I noticed that none were selected. Also, have you had any offers for any of yours? I have some traffic on mine but no offers yet...

Comment #24

They inquired about 31 of mine a few weeks ago and asked for a few reserve reductions to which I agreed on 30 of the 31, looks like 41 are on the silent list currently, subject to change of course, good luck everyone..

Comment #25

Is the list we're seeing the silent list? how can you tell which is silent - which is live?..

Comment #26

Looks like this is the live list currently...

Comment #27

This is the preliminary list for both auctions combined. this list may change slightly. Approx. 250 will be selected to be in the live auction. the rest, of course, will be in the silent...

Comment #28

Hello ABCProductions,.

I submitted almost all of my FYI domains and none were selected. Not sure why because the reserves were low. I haven't had any offers but I do get some traffic but nothing to brag about...

Comment #29

Has anybody received an email from Moniker for their picked names yet?..

Comment #30

Think not - there are some 240+ on that list, two of mine, - "silent" is not out yet. - thought not resaleable?..

Comment #31

I'm speaking of the MASTER AUCTION INVENTORY list that has more than 2800 names on it and it clearly states at the top "This is the tentative list of all domains to be included in the 2007 Moniker/Associated Cities GeoDomains Expo Live and Silent Auctions. SUBJECT TO CHANGE."..

Comment #32

Yeah, i'm aware that's the live list. my post was in reference to the MASTER LIST. (i just happened to post after someone put up a link to the LIVE list but that's not what I was referring to.)..

Comment #33

Everything is subject to change - except death and taxes - that's life...

Comment #34

Any thoughts as to the large number of .us names and how they will do in the auction?..

Comment #35

Unless the reserves are lowered I think they will fail miserably- I have, however, been wrong before on many occassions...

Comment #36

One of my names made it out of about 10 I submitted. Funnily enough, I submitted a 2 keyword name in the .net & .info, the .info made it in but the .net didn't!..

Comment #37

I submitted domains to: TRAFFIC West and Internet Expo..

Comment #38

Since the domains go in the winner Moniker account, does that mean that only domains with a gTLD extension are selected?..

Comment #39

Check my post on this:

You will be amazed .....

Comment #40


Moniker has finalized the Master Auction Inventory List. There have been some nice additions. The final list can be downloaded at the link above.

I got 8 in the silent, none in the live.

Good luck to everyone with domains involved in this event...

Comment #41

Good luck to all -.

3 in live , and I think 7 in Silent , More surprised by what did not get in...

Comment #42

The one thing I am curious about is "how do you know this is the finalized list?".

Just curious, but did your Moniker rep say this? The reason I ask is that during the last TRAFFIC auction there were changes made a couple days before the auction. Anyway, it is good to see things finalized if they are. Changing things days before an auction makes marketing difficult "it's in the auction, now it's out, now it's back in, now out...".

I have 2 in the live auction and 6 in silent.

Good luck everybody!.


Comment #43

Marc, do you care to share how you intend to market your names? TIA and good luck...

Comment #44

Moniker reserves the right to make changes to the list up to the last minute but when they post a spreadsheet with the LIVE and SILENT listings designated and separated, that usually means this is the final version that will be posted on the website. Once again, Moniker reserves the right to make changes to the auction inventory whenever they want...

Comment #45

Well then none of mine got in,.

Maybe next time..

Comment #46

Thanks abc, I was just curious. Moniker did in fact make changes *after* the live/silent decisions were made for the last TRAFFIC auction (I keep copies of the old semi-final spreadsheets). I know they reserve the right to make last minute changes, and as far as I can tell, exercise that right quite liberally!.

Thanks for the clarification,.


Comment #47

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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