Using condiments on Medifast?

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I have been following the "condiment-no condiment" debate and wondering what difference it would make to try my own experiment. Started Sunday, went from 3 a day as allowed by plan and went to zero. I have been a slow loser, getting close to goal and I am pretty short and don't burn more than 1350 calories a day even with a fair amount of exercise. My losses were in 1-1.5 a week range and although that seems fine I wanted to see if I could speed it up a bit by tweaking the plan. SunshineDay had a great blog that sent me in this direction and then a thread started about weight loss stalling. Long story short in the 1st 4 days I am down 2 full pounds.

I am not sure this is all due to the condiments but I have changed my L&G's a little because I don't like to eat some things without parmesan or dressing. Anyone want to join me? I am going to stick with this for another couple of weeks so I get a better sample of time to see weekly averages. It does take a little more work to work the plan this way, I am missing Pam the most in my cooking...

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Did you cut out all condiments? Even salt and pepper? I only really use the spice condiments, like mrs dash on my chicken. If it sped things up, I could stop using them though. The only thing I can't seem to give up is diet pepsi...

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If you're talking about the condiments thread-that was my post-and I am willing to join this experiment. I have had slow progress too-losing anywhere from 3# to nothing per week-mostly 1.5# a week. I too, am vertically challenged lol. I can't wait to see what happens with everyones weekly losses-it will be interesting.

I have a few questions, you don't use Pam anymore-so what are you doing to keep things from sticking? You don't use ANYTHING?no salt, no pepper, no spices, etc?..

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I went hardcore, nothing, nada, zip, zero. For the sticking issue I am using my healthy fat to grease the baking pan for my baked egg beaters with veggies. You have to then choose the lowest fat leans so you can do that. I also have a great non-stick fry pan so I have been pan frying some things instead of baking. Weird thing is my nutritional stats haven't really changed that much, my carbs and fat aren't lower and neither are my calories. FYI I eat 3-4 brownies a day and that hasn't changed although I have stopped eating my pancakes for breakfast cause they are nasty without WF syrup...

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A condiment should have what, 1 carb? Unless you were overdoing it, cutting your condiments should net you 3 carbs and maybe 60 calories?.

I don't think that is as significant as what you might find if you cut out a few of the higher carb Medifast meals and replace them with lower carb ones.

I made that decision and I feel better for it. I try to drink 2-3 meals that are closer to 10g of carbs, and I think it has made a difference in my weight loss..

Plus, I couldn't give up the flavor of the few condiments that I do use But I definitely applaud you for searching for ways to improve your losses!..

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A pound of fat is 3500 calories. So going from 3 condiments to zero has not resulted in a loss of 2 pounds of fat in 4 days. Sounds like it's a loss of water weight from cutting out the salt..

But if it makes you happy, enjoy!..

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I cut condiments in November, except for spices. I didn't lose any different, but I needed to get away from WANTING to go overboard like I had been...

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This is why I cut out the Torani SF syrups. I don't think that they were hurting my losses any, but I didn't like how much I wanted them. All of a sudden a shake without syrup wasn't worth drinking and that seemed like a very slippery slope...

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I can't explain the sudden 2 lb drop in less than a week, maybe it was just time since my losses have slowed down. I am going to keep this up for at least 4 weeks and then compare the averages. Freya may be on to something with the salt theory. I just want to make sure I am giving this 100% and if this helps then I am going for it. It is certainly not going to hurt if I am OP. I have a trip to Florida coming up later this month and I would love to get closer to goal so I can shop for some clothes while I am there. No shortage of petite clothing in the land of little old ladies...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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