Using condiments OK during Medifast?

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Has anyone been 100% OP with everything including condiments. Then threw caution to the wind and watched everything 100% EXCEPT condiments-(using a little baking powder, pumpkin pie spice, splenda) whenever you need to and noticed a significant stall in your weightloss?..

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There is the odd time that I will use an extra tbsp of milk in another cup of tea **IF** my other Medifast meals are lower carbohydrate. I don't do this often and wouldn't recommend it as a routine...

Comment #1

I use way too much splenda and condiments and I'm losing very very slowly. I guess this is how it needs to be for me...

Comment #2

I admit, I don't count condiments. Haven't since I've been on MF..

I don't go overboard and use a lot of them. I just don't count them. Other than that, I am 100% OP. It doesn't seem to have slowed me down any.

*Disclaimer - I am not recommending that anyone use all the condiments they want. This is a personal choice I make and it works for me...

Comment #3

I don't count condiments. Instead, I restrict my available options for both condiments and snacks. No Medifast crisps/crackers, just pickles. And for condiments, I eat only these and no others: dry spices, bouillon, baking powder, hot sauce, green chilis (in my eggs), extracts, PAM. I think that's the list. So, no low fat cream cheese or parmesan, no syrups or splenda/stevia/etc, no salad dressing, no Laughing Cow, no tomato/bbq sauce.

And whenever I find I can live without something, I just keep living without it..

I think, personally, that the most important thing is to decide what *your* plan is and to stick to it 100%. I don't mean deciding that bacon is part of your plan. But I do mean to figure out what your routines are, what works best for you. And then don't deviate from it. Is my plan exactly equal to what's on the sheets from MF? No. But it's exactly what I do, week after week after week, and I keep dropping weight. Works for me...

Comment #4

I am trying a week without condiments, harder than I thought it would be. Had to use part of my healthy fat to oil a pie pan to bake my veggies and egg beaters for dinner. Never really wanted to count that Pam spray as a condiment. Anyway my losses have really slowed down but I am approaching goal so I hear that is normal. I count everything and even have been adding one carb per serving for WF condiments they say they are carb free or less than 1g. I want to see if skipping all of them will make a difference for me, I have been eating 80-85 carbs a day for over a week and only lost one pound last week. Really hoping the extra care this week will show me better losses...

Comment #5

I dont log condiments on MyPlan, but I do track them. These days, I only use Tobasco, salt and pepper...

Comment #6

Never counted condiments but cut way back on sweet n low and salt, so I'm definitely not taking in what I used to before MF. Don't snack at all unless I have pickles with my sirloin burger and that's few and far between. I..

Comment #7

I love to cook and love herbs and spices. I do all kinds of stuff, I enjoy being creative, and adventurous, but I am also a stickler, I do not technically go over my condiment quota. I often use more than three condiments/per day, but it is a 1/16 tsp here, a tsp SF ketchup there, so not "three" altogether. This cooking and planning my meals, and really thinking about what is going in my body is great for me, and a habit I hope will help when I finish losing weight and transition to being on my own. Before I always cooked too much. (I grew up in a big family, and did a lot of the cooking since I was 9 or 10) Now I am learning to cook just for me, and since I like to cook so much, and know how things interact with each other I know a little goes a long way, and how to make what I want to happen in the pot, so this condiment parsing works for me...

Comment #8

I use too many condiments, I'm pretty sure it slows my losses, but I also think it helps me stick with the program. I hope this switch works well for you, let us know!..

Comment #9

Aside from spices, pam, extracts and broth I don't use that many and I don't keep track. (I do add the broth to my calories) I did have a dash of sugar free ketchup on my turkey burger last night, but that's really it so far.

If I need a snack I tend to have a pickle or bite of protein...

Comment #10

I haven't been counting condiments that last month or so but I don't believe I overdo them too much. My losses seem slower now but that's probably because I'm so close to my goal...

Comment #11

I gave up tracking condiments. There's alot of other things I don't track as well as I should. I pretty much eat 5 Medifast Meals a day and one meal of Meat, Vegetables and Salad. And I don't worry about Healthy Fats, however I try to be wise. If I get hungry between Meals I'll eat a piece of LF Cheese, a few nuts or some of the Soy Crisps. But I'm losing...probably not as fast as I would if I was meticulous. I figure there will come a day as I get closer to goal that I'll have to really focus on all the little rules...

Comment #12

I like your approach but I admit to being confused about condiments in general. If sweeteners are "zero calorie", how the heck do they matter?..

Comment #13

I go over 3 condiments a day, but I track all of them to ensure I am not exceeding my carbs or calories...

Comment #14

On WW, I tweaked the program eventually, and my losses sank like the Titanic. On MF, my current approach is let's do it the way they prescribe and see what happens. So far, they seem to know what they are talking about. I use condiments, and do so religiously. The only time I strayed was when I unwittingly did something wrong as part of my learning curve..


Comment #15

They can have 1/2 or 1 gram of carbs even when listed as zero calorie. So they add up..

I also like letting my taste buds settle down, and not expect everything to have so much flavor. I don't need extra sweetener in anything, just like I don't need salad dressing on my salad. So I skip them..

Sources of salt, though? These you shall not pry out of my grasp...

Comment #16

I noticed I was getting heavy-handed with my spices. I just loved my flavor-packed dishes. So I did an honest log of them one day and *gulp* the darned oregano, garlic, pepper, etc. had added something like 8-ish grams of carbs to my dish. A half teaspoon here, a teaspoon adds up I'm now adding condiments, whenever possible, to the food once it's already on my plate. I'm finding that I'm able to keep my condiments down to where they should be.

It takes some finessing to get my carbs in the 80-85g/day range; I can't say that I was happy about the news, but I can see why they say to limit it to 3 per day...

Comment #17

The FDA does not require manufacturer's to list calories <5 or carbs<1. Most packets of sweetener average 5 calories and .9 carbs per packet, so they can really add up. Some of the newer sweeteners out there are even worse. Truvia and Purvia can average 2-3 carbs per packet because of the erythritol (which is a sugar alcohol)...

Comment #18

I use Walden Farm stuff and don't count it...

Comment #19

So far I haven't really been counting my condiments. But, I really don't use much, if any. The only thing I use on a regular basis is the healthy fats. I use a tsp. of olive oil here, or there to marinate meats, or dress a salad. I use 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee every am {just something I am not willing to give up}.

The only herbs/flavorings I use are a pinch of fresh rosemary, thyme, or garlic...all of which are negligible.

A month in & it seems to be working for me!..

Comment #20

My usual condiments are an occasional 1T SF syrup in pancakes, 1/4t cinnamon in oatmeal or dash of Spike (a multi-seasoning blend) in soup. Oh, and I occasionally use 1T of PB2 in a brownie (1/2 an optional snack)..

I don't really count these, but I don't think I've ever used more than 3 choices in a day. If there was a day I had an extra condiment I wouldn't worry about it though, because my carbs are usually on the low side due to using the cold drinks and cream of chicken soup quite often. (Both only have 10 carbs.).

Did you know that preliminary studies on cinnamon show that it helps to lower/control blood sugar levels?..

Comment #21

That's really interesting. I would not have known that. Thanks for the info..

So much is genuinely confusing about food/the food industry. I'm glad there are people on here who know more than I do...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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