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Fresh after, now this:

Oh boy...

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They keep referring to enom as having "shut down [his] site", when enom is the domain registrar, not the hosting company. looks like there's still a general misunderstanding about registrars.

Secondly duh, your registrar is based in the united states. the fact that you like english muffins, own a german sheppard, and drink columbian coffee are irrelevant.

All in all, despite this incident, i'm still not sure that having an overseas registrar is any "safer" than one in the united states. home of the free? maybe not, but home of the freer?.....

Comment #1

Don't buy from american based registrars, it is becoming ridiculous the power than can be wielded without consequence to the perpetrators- the american government or their lackeys?..

Comment #2

I think this is an example of what can happen if Snowe Bill passes, correct me if I am wrong!!!.

If so, doesnt that mean ccTLDs will become stronger than ever?..

Comment #3

You nailed it with that last comment. Except .us..

Comment #4

Just having a muffin and cursing my german shepherd.

Not sure what advantage a CCLTD would have with the Snowe Bill if you regged it with a US company...

Comment #5

Some cctlds won't become strong for a very long time because of the governments that run them.

Ie, you could probably register but try getting something like

Comment #6

This shows even more HOW BIG AND SERIOUS IS THE INCOMPETENCE of many people and how little (pretty close to nothing) the ICANN is doing.

Only when Internet will be controlled by an International Organisation like ONU, something good will happen.

No matter where you reg your .com, since the Registry (Verisign) is in Usa.

This shows that domain industry is still just a little corner and media coverage can play good or bad role depending on the words they use, totally manovrable and totally unacceptable...

Comment #7

Dave Zan posted another interesting link recently... where the registry itself (Verisign, on US soil) was subpoenaed. With the Chinese on board ? Big fans of state-sponsored Internet censorship. Be careful what you wish for..

Comment #8

This is why I like living in Europe, much more freedom online.

Though most of my names are at American registrars [scared]..

Comment #9

A registrar controls DNS. They can effectively cut ANY site off they want. The host has NOTHING to do with Nameserver entries...that's the registrar of record.

This story is rather disturbing...

Comment #10

This kind of stuff reeks of other ugly government intrusions without due process or's like an evil mixture of McCarthyism and the Patriot Act being administered and enforced by arrogant, shadowy bookburners...

Comment #11

Mccarthy did end up catching suspect spies didn't he?..

Comment #12

Court ordered, to be exact:

Imagine if someone at the U.S. government figures that out. Boy, oh boy...

Comment #13

Just an update. The link in the OP doesn't work anymore, well it requires a NYTimes account... It did work this morning though, unfortunately I didn't have enough time to read it..

Comment #14

Still works for me right now. But here's one gist: On hindsight, one thing I recall from my previous life is what's called the Office.

Of Foreign Assets Control. Essentially there's a law kinda preventing US-based.

Providers from catering to those whose countries are in their blacklist or so, or.

Possibly face stiff penalties.

The article said 80 of the travel agent's sites are regarding Cuba, which is part.

Of the blacklist. And since eNom's doing business under U.S. law, they're rather.

Obligated to follow that...or else.

I'm not completely sure, but commerce isn't necessarily included in first amend.

And all that? Not to mention there apparently are specific laws addressing this.

Sort of thing.

And since eNom's agreement practically gives them the power to zap a domain.

Name anytime, coupled with it's users agreeing to hold them harmless, well...

Edit: just remembered the attachment feature. So see if the article works...

Comment #15

I hope the title isn't too long lol

When people ask, what can they do? I am not on US soil, the answer is... alot..

Comment #16


How far does the US government's reach extend? Now it's started to get domains killed for European sites that broke no laws in Europe. Steven Marshall, owner of sites such as, is a British travel agent with an interest in Cuban culture who sells tours. Not now since the US government got eNom to put a "hold" on his domains..

Comment #17

If I were Steven I would be pissed, was his site getting a lot of daily visitors?.

Edit, I checked Alexa, seems that it did..

Comment #18

Thanks, but there is another thread about this already..

The domains were not deleted, they were confiscated (I think).

It is a very important, and disturbing story...

Comment #19

I would choose Cuba every time over the US for a holiday..

Whats scary is the US probably logs every visitor to Cuba , so if you visit the US, you are on their 'list'.

You know what, more and more , the irony is it's the US that is becoming a 'rogue state'.

I'm a Brit and we are an age old ally, if 'we' feel like this you Guys are gonna end up friendless.

This was just a relatively minor thang, not for the poor guy involved, but this sort of nonsense is spreading like a disease..

Comment #20

Really is crazy... I don't know what's wrong with the American government but I've never had nothing but good times with American people (I'm Canadian).

The American government really seems to be going out of their way lately to **** off other countries... Did they honestly think doing something like this wouldn't get them a load of bad press? And for what...

Let's hope the next U.S. presidential election brings about a much needed change..

Comment #21

My TV says we (Americans) are helping to spread freedom and fight evil dictators.


Comment #22 and are acceptable names, he should register them...

BTW: U.S. gov. site links to Cuban culture websites!!! Is that legal? (in the U.S.)

(including. CUBANCULTURE.COM)..

Comment #23

Agreed, but this is the tip of an iceberg that includes illegal cia torture flights, guantanemo blah blah.

I have a lot of US friends and more often than not American people are awesome.

In fact , to get away from the stereotype people often unfairly paint of US tourists, they are amongst the politest I ever came across while working in London, always, and too cheerful lol.

I don't reserve criticism for just America, my own Government has been a friggin disaster for past 10 years too.

I'm not a wishy washy liberal, or a conspiracist theory lover either.

I come from working class stock and I know right and wrong, I was a firefighter for 15 years in the roughest parts of London and it disgusts me to see what a so called 'Labour' government has done to Britain..

The scary thing is there are no other options. Thats what makes it so bad. The other options are 10 times worse politoically speaking at least in the UK..

Comment #24

The most shocking part is eNom didn't even give any warning/notice to Steven about it before putting his domains on hold...

Comment #25

I would imagine the government wouldn't want Enom giving the guy a heads up so he could copy all his html files and put them on another domain...

Comment #26


They were suspended, to be exact...

Comment #27

Unfortunately from what I have seen from US TV it does not seem to be quite forthcoming with the truth. It seems to be quite heavily influenced by government...

Comment #28

Oh really? Try running a pro-nazi or holocaust denier website in most European countries, and let us know how that works out for you.

This situation was a pretty simple one. The Cuba embargo is IMHO silly. However, you simply can't conduct commerce with Cuba using a domain name registered with a US registrar.

And you won't find a country on earth that doesn't have it's peculiar laws relating to activity conducted in it's borders.

Europe bans numerous forms of "hate speech".

In Canada, you can't post information about pending criminal prosecutions.

And, as Dave points out, we don't even want to start with speech restrictions in China, any of a number of Arab countries, or assorted authoritarian countries.

If "international" control is so desirable, then I take it that we'd be fine with, say, WIPO running the show, eh?.

The action taken was a commercial regulation, and if the domain names weren't registered with a US registrar, the sites would still be running.

No, it doesn't apply at the level of ICANN generally or the registry, because neither ICANN nor the registry were directly engaged in commerce with this guy. The registrar was, and that was enough to shut down the domains.

"As the eBay community expands around the globe, we are encountering different laws and different points of view as to what constitutes illegal, offensive or inappropriate items," said Mike Jacobson, eBay General Counsel. "Given our expansion, as well as feedback we've received from our users, we reviewed our policy and concluded that these changes are appropriate.".

EBay is not the only auction site to suffer from public ire raised over the trade in Nazi-related items. Yahoo!'s Yahoo Auction site was sued in a French court over "alleged justification of war crimes."..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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