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Hey I am having problems with a buyer on ebay.

The domain was sold 3 days before expiry and pushed 2 days before expiry.

Now the buyer let the domain expire and now wants a full refund claiming he didn't see the expiry and the item to be damaged. The amount is around low $xx.

What should I do?.

I have decided to escalate the case and let ebay decide.

Anything that I should do in particular or send?.

Please tell me what to do now as I have to respond today itself.


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Did you make the expiry date clear in your auction listing?..

Comment #1

No. But now the weirdest thing happened. After escalating the claim ebay closed the case, refunded the buyer and told me that I wont be charged anything. Has this ever happened to anyone else?..

Comment #2

How did ebay refund the buyer ??.

And you say you did not make the expiry date clear.. Did you add it at all, hide it ????..

Comment #3


If you didn't make the expiry date clear, then ebay made the right decision. You're just lucky that ebay decided to make it a wash.

Always disclose everything about what you're selling. While checking the expiry date is common knowledge to and practice among domainers, it may not be to newb buyers.

Lesson learned, I hope.


Comment #4

That's normal.

In the world of eBay, intangible goods (domain name) plus Significantly Not As Described claim (domain was expired; "damaged") equals automatic refund for buyer who paid using PayPal.

Did eBay delete the item listing?.

If they did, that's good - you got all your fees back, including insertion fees, and the buyer can't leave a Neg nor ding your DSRs (the 1-5 stars ratings); disappear with the listing.


Comment #5

What am I missing .. If he didnt make the expiry date clear .. or include it at all *Yes I know buyer has to check*...

Why should this be ok?.

If OP did not set out to deliberately mislead then ok but.. if this vital information was left out because it was all about the sale then............

Comment #6

So whose account is the domain name in now though?.

And PayPal routinely dismisses any claims involving "intangible goods" because they cannot certify any "damage" or "not as described" so their reversal on this one is unusual, to say the least...

Comment #7

The domain is in my account and is in expiry.

No what I am asking is that ebay refunded the buyer and also said that they wont charge the money back from me. So it's ebay's loss. I was wondering why they did so.

And yes I didn't deliberately not include the expiry date. I had to list many domains for auction at once so just went ahead with a common format without the expiry.

Though I want to know if I add it in the terms of my auction that buyer must check the expiry before bidding, will that do in case I do bulk listings?.

Btw it's a and it's pretty decent one, so if someone is interested let me know.....

Comment #8

Would you not renew if it is decent?.

And I would count yourself lucky ebay have let this go......

Comment #9

What eBay likely told you is that they would credit you the FEES that you normally would have been charged for the auction... PayPal will take the original payment back for sure, they are not that nice......

Comment #10

I know that, but I want to know if this happens as ebay is basically paying for me.

Though in their mail they made it clear that my only mistake was that I listed in the wrong category and it should be in classified ad format.

It was I that escalated the case. So they mailed me back that as a one time courtesy for the buyer who is new(he had just registered a day or two back).

This is the mail that I got after escalating the case- Post added at 09:27 PM Previous post was at 09:20 PM They said I wont be charged anything. My listing fee was zero as it was .99$ auction...

Comment #11

Firstly, cartoonz is right about the intangible aspect - I was mixed up on that one. Though what muddies the waters is that sometimes eBay will cover intangible goods, as they appear to have done in your case, because it was "listed in the wrong category".

You really lucked out on this one - so you got to keep the 99 cents (or whatever relatively small amount it was), and you still have the domain too! Rarely does eBay eat the loss. Though admittedly it was a very small one in your case.


Comment #12

Even listing mass names you want to take the time to list expiry dates as a common curtesy. if the buyer knew it was gonna lapse in a couple of days then they may not have placed a bid as the extra $10 to renew may have pushed the cost of the name past it's value...

Comment #13

No the auction starting was .99 so I had no insertion fee. The name went for low xx which they covered for.....

Comment #14

Well it is fair. Selling a domain name just before it expires it is like selling a pack of nearly rotten cheese. You would not like the latter of course...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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