GoDaddy service : Suggest I order GoDaddy?? Urgent - check your Godaddy names !!!

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Bought a dropped name at TDNAM back in January - not a great name, didn't think anything else of it. My usual routine is, as soon as it hits my account, I park it. Can't remember or trace having done that on this occasion, but it would be highly unusual if I hadn't done so.

So, today I post the name in appraisals, and it was pointed out 'why don't you park it'? - I check and it's not showing in my account. I do a whois and it shows Godaddys details, and it's displaying a Godaddy lander.

A couple of weeks back I was PM'd by a DNF member who'd bought a name from me, saying that the name showed Godaddy's details. I checked back and found the emails showing that the name had been pushed correctly, so the problem in this case occurred after the push. I've since checked and the whois has now been changed back to the new /img/avatar9.jpgs details.

So, this is the same Godaddy that cancelled someones domain name because it didn't have the correct whois email address - and here they are, holding and profiting from other peoples names...

The problem with my name cannot be anyones fault but theirs, as the name came to me through TDNAM - or rather should've come to me...I'm waiting on their reply.

I would advise anyone who has bought a name from TDNAM, or recieved a name that has been pushed within Godaddy, to check the whois on those names, pronto....

This is just the latest in a growing list of balls-ups from Godaddy.

To be continued:.


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I think this is in the wrong forum, not a legal issue.

GoDaddy was required to cancel the name with invalid whois as it's an ICANN rule. I'm sure every registrar on the planet has done it. And for GoDaddy, I'm certain they've done it hundreds - thousands of times before, given the volume of domains registered there. It's not news and it's not a bad thing. Keep your information accurate or risk losing your name, simple as that.

As for GoDaddy reverting Whois info, i've only ever seen this happen with the nameservers. It does happen, but it's obviously a glitch in their system, so it's not intentional or meant for them to profit. It happened to a parked domain that I had, which had absolutely no traffic or revenue, so it's not like they were trying to make money off of it. For the volume of domains they handle, they do a good job...

Comment #1

How would you feel if you lost the details of your purchases, and couldn't point to the Item ID number, or date of purchase etc - how could you prove it was your name 6 months down the line?.

The same thing occurred under 2 sets of circumstances - a purchase from TDNAM, and after a push within registrar - what if they are also mixing up peoples data?.

And you seem to suggest that due to volume, it's ok to have a few mistakes - well I don't...

I used to stick up for Godaddy when I saw others bashing them, because that was before I had any bad experiences myself. I even convinced an associate to switch to them - he has reg'd over 4,500 names there in the last 6 months and transferred 500 in - how embarrassed am I ?

Comment #2

Strange. I think another thread like this came up today or yesterday. Will have to wait to see how this evolves.


Comment #3

It happens to me all the time to me..

Either I forget to update the DNS when I buy a name, or I never get an email from snapnames partner..

Either way, my names are making money for someone, just not me...

Comment #4

Yes, thats exactly what I'm saying. Any company that deals with millions and millions of domains are going to have a few problems. If you expect perfection, you're in the wrong world my friend. For the amount of volume they handle, they do a great job overall. Unlike places like RegFly who can't seem to tie their own shoes so to speak...

For the volume they handle they probably have alot less problems than other registrars much much smaller. Thats why they are good. You can move to any other registrar you want, but theres always the chance that some glitch or freak incident will occur there as well. Personally, I'm moving all my domains to Moniker as they expire, but my overall experience with GD was good. TDNAM however is a joke IMO...

Comment #5

Well, if they were your names, I wouldn't give a rats ass either, but when it's my names and money, I do...

Comment #6

Are you really sure?.

Read today's issue of


Comment #7

The real problem with GD is their own non-icann rule that if you change whois at any point you have to wait 60 days before you can transfer-out the domain. Now imho that's a real problem since sometimes I buy a name and do want to transfer it out before it expires (possibly within those 60 days). Now if I change whois according to GD I can't transfer-out. And now they say they will cancel domains with false whois. BS imho. Yet another reason why GD stands for "god damn"...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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