Uploading your website using godaddy ftp client?

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I got a quick question: Uploading your website using godaddy ftp client?.

I also got another question: How many characters in a HostGator name would be considered short? 4, 5, 6 or less, or more?..

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Your question was: Uploading your website using godaddy ftp client?.

Yeah, <5 is short, 6-11 average, 12-15 are long and 16+ are more than I can read in an address bar..

Comment #1

All generic keywords are considered short and concise, even if they are long i.e.

Non generic words shouldn't exceed more than 15 characters...

Comment #2

The ones that are really rising in value are two to four letters. Five letter dictionary words of course are very valuable, and five letter brandable as well if they are pronounceable and catchy...

Comment #3

5 and below IMO are short.

6 isn't bad but just not as short.


Comment #4

I consider "short" ... in the context of domainer talk and general widespread acceptance in this community of precipitously greater values ... to be of the (and, of course) variety, IMHO.

Just the humble view of an old-timer.


Comment #5

Consensus seems to be 5. Unless there is a flurry of contrary opinion still to come.


1) Hmm. I seem to have heard the word before recently.

2) Doesn't have the distinction of being short (except to Charley).

IMHO, I generally would go with the consensus. However, 6 character dictionary words or pronounceable brandables (of high quality) I'd consider to be short. 5 character acronyms, long...

Comment #6

Are you asking what is short for a developed website? Becuase you can be 20 chars but with the right advertising your still going to draw traffic...

Comment #7

I'll say 5 or less is short.

Short is a 5 letter word it seem...

Comment #8

<5 is short,.

6-10 average,.

11-18 are long.

19+ very long..

Comment #9

I would agree, 5 or less characters is considered short..

Comment #10

OK. We got the domainer's view on what short is. What do you think the end-users view of short is? Is it any different to ours? (since we're trying to market to them)...

Comment #11

I think it would definitely depend on the HostGator name category and size of the buyer. Something like might be considered short by an enduser it's one of the shortest, most descriptive names you might be able to have for NYC real estate. A big enduser may prefer something like, whereas a small one who is based solely in Canada in example, may actually prefer a name like for their intended use...

Comment #12

I would suggest that 4 or less would be short. Those would be very common for acronym usage length...

Comment #13

4 or less is short - 10 or more is long..

Comment #14

Granted it took a lot of hard work and a bunch of luck (and some marketing bucks), but companies like yahoo, google, skype, alexa, orkut, flickr, mozilla and others seemed to think 5-6 letter names would be well recieved by the public...

Comment #15

NYRealtor/NYRealty and BeerCA would be shorter But I agree that an end user might prefer a longer, more descriptive name. Does that bring us to a conclusion that end users are not as paranoid about (ahem) length as us domainers? Probably yes. Do they want a HostGator which accurately describes their business over something short and memorable which they can brand to their business? Probably yes, but there will be lots of exceptions. If your company is called Daytona Distilleries, they probably want the HostGator, even over Just my 2 cents.

So back to the question. Is end-users perception of short different to ours? I think yes. Could we go as far as to describe a 2 word 10 or 11 character name as short to an end user?..

Comment #16

I just came across a site with 40 characters in the domain> Ill mess it up if I try to write it out, but I wrote a post about it at peter foti dot com. (Listed in my sig)..

Comment #17

Taking more than 3 seconds to type is long..

Comment #18

What is a short domain?.

Two, three, or four letters..

Two or three characters. I consider four characters to be long.

Five letters would be short if it's a word, but five random letters is excruciatingly long...

Comment #19

I would have to agree. But then again I dont think many things would take me 3 seconds to type..

Comment #20

2-4 - acronyms.

4-6 - short (skype, mozilla, yahoo, yandex, google, rambler, orkut, baidu, amazon, onet, allegro, netlog, veoh, sohu, ebay, badoo, apple, tanga, tefal, adobe).

7-10 -average (namepros, sitepoint, centcalls, availcom, youtube).

11 and more - long..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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