Uploading domain (subdirectory) to website with godaddy?

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My first question is: Uploading domain (subdirectory) to website with godaddy?.

My next question is: I Won A HostGator @ Tonights NP Auction And...

The Seller decided not to sell because it was a sellers choice auction - so I had an option of accepting $8 or 400NP$ for his non acceptance as per Auction rules for sellers choice - so anyway, we managed to negotiate a deal as I am stubborn and motivated buyer when I want I ended up paying $130 more than my winning auction bid and... I got no complaints!!!..

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Your question was: Uploading domain (subdirectory) to website with godaddy?.


What nam was it? the suspence is excrutiating..

Comment #1

Looking in the Auction results....

It's defaulters[dot]com. chenzen is the seller ... check! and mainstream is the winning bidder ... check! It was bid up to $150 at auction, seller opted for buyout, and mainstream offered $130 on top of the $150 to close the deal... still an extremely good deal for you, mainstream! It's not often you can get a 1-word .com HostGator that makes sense AND has use in the business world at this price. At the right venue or to a motivated end-user buyer, I can envision this HostGator selling for thousands of dollars.

Congratulations mainstream, you got a STEAL, should I say, the HostGator Buy of the Month? It still pays to scan the forums for prospective domains, everyone!..

Comment #2

Please stop praising him or I will cry about my loss!!!!..

Comment #3

Yup I agree it's a lovely lovely great beautiful outstanding name you got there *looks at chenzen*..

Comment #4

Compared to previous auctions it was quieter and there were quite a few bargains to be had for potential buyers (I was a seller)..

Comment #5

I will stand up for you Chenzen! I don't like the HostGator and I think you made a good sale!.

The real word is Default. So if you have a loan and you fail to make payment, the loan is in default. Being the person who took out the loan would be considered the Defaulter. Notice no S. If you wanted the term to be plural the HostGator should be Defaults.

Defaulters is pretty much a made up word and probally the same reason why the .net/.org/.info are all parking pages.... and the reason behind the 0 daily searches for the matching term on wordtracker and the 0 advertisers for the term on Google...

Comment #6

I will appreciate you in Japanese "Arigato!" But honestly I believe the plural form fits the niche of the domain...

Comment #7

But the plural is Defaults.

The english dictionary shows the following:.






Comment #8

Have never participated in an auction here yet.. will have to take a look sometime!..

Comment #9

So I'm guessing by that would not register: since "domainer" is not a dictionary word - but you certainly must be willing to pay top dollar for words which are in the dictionary like "bling bling".

LOL, I'm pretty sure you weren't pointing out anythin new - everyone who posted here Im sure knows that it is simply a popularly used misnomer - I mean when almost all major newspapers use the word as to CNN and other news anchors in phrases like "Loan Defaulters can now breathe a sigh of relief..." we'll I wont pass it up. I don't know what you were trying to prove there.....

Comment #10

I would buy "Bling Bling" because 401 people a day search for the term and you could use it for selling jewelry!.

I would buy "Domainer" just because I am one and it's a growing industry, but Domaining to me is better.

I wasn't trying to "prove" anything, other then IMO that I don't like the HostGator for $280 or whatever you paid for it. Defaulters doesn't roll off the tongue well, Nobody searches for the term and it's hard to build a business off of it...

Comment #11

Seems like a fair price for both parties.

Defaulters will still match a few of the real word variations for SEO plus it makes sense as a word even if it technically isn't...

Comment #12

Name made sense. Price is okay. Congrats to both buyer and seller...

Comment #13

Win/Win transaction IMO..

Normally, I wouldn't pay $280 for this name, however....

Current economy shows lots of foreclosures and this HostGator make sense to me atm.

Mainstream, create resource site ASAP about how many people are filing bankruptcy,.

Foreclosures, how to prevent foreclosures...

You may just gotten golden goose..

Comment #14

I agree with Yofie on this matter.

Well, appraised this HostGator for $900, and domainers pricing is usually around 10% - 30% of it.

But I guess for a 1 word dictionary .com, Its a good buy anyway. Congrats to both Seller and Buyer...

Comment #15

Its alright chen, weve all got to let our good ones go eventually..

Comment #16

Fair sale, no need to let your satisfaction with the sail bend with the wind of public opinion about that sale.

$280 on what was probably a hand registration is a great profit; take your money, buy something that makes you happy, and reinvest the rest somehow.

Good show to all.


Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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